Ashley Furniture Homestorecustomer service/delivery

K Aug 06, 2018

I have had nothing but bad contacts with Ashely furniture in va beach. I first went into Ashley furniture on 7/8/18. We were looking for a bedroom set for myself and my daughter. It was right at closing. We decided on two sets and verified they were available (was even told they had my king bed there in the warehouse). As it was right at closing we didn't want to hold them up so we agreed to come back another day to get all the prices and paper work straight. I emailed back and forth with my Ashley Finnigan and arranged a date and time to come back to Finalize my purchases. She was aware i was driving an hour away and had a 30 dollar tolls to get there. I went back in on 7/12/18 as that was the date she suggested for me to return. Upon arrival i was made away my sleigh bed that i was told was in the warehouse was a mistake as that bed was d/c. I was very upset and had to settle with another bed. Some pieces to the bedroom set i had to purchase the floor model and had to arrange my own pick up. Those pieces i was told to come back anytime within 7 days to have it picked up. I asked if i needed to call ahead i was advised no that they would have it packaged and ready. Two days later i show up with a truck and trailer and Ashley tells me that they didn't packaged the furniture yet and I'd have to come back another time for one of the delievery guys to package it. Thankfully one of the billing ladies was sitting there and said no we never tell people they have to come back another day and told us that it was Ashely's job to make sure it was packaged. So we had to wait but were able to get the floor models then . Ashley was made aware i was moving in on 8/1/18 to my new home. In my area they only deliever on Thursday, so we were all set for delivery for 8/2/18. I was called the weekend prior reminding me of my delivery date. Then i confirmed my delivery on 8/1/18 at noon for delivery on 8/2/18 between 10-1. Ashley Finnigan then called me around 3pm and left a voicemail stating my bed head board got a hole in it while they were preparing for delievery so instead of making two trips to deliver my daughters bed on 8/2 and my bed the following Thursday (as they needed to order a new one). She had decided to just deliever it all the following Thursday. Once i got the message i called her right back i explained that i had already taken off of work and this was extremely disappointing and she told me well it's not my fault. I told her well it certainly isn't my fault. She not once try to resolve anything for me. Today 8/6/18 she called me and told me my bed was in and she would schedule mine and my daughters bed to be delivered on 8/16/18. I said that is almost two weeks away she had told me just on 8/1/18 that i could get it this Thursday. She said Well they are already booked up for this Thursday. I then asked what about my daughters bed that was moved to this Thursday she said actually no i never scheduled it because i was waiting for your bed to come in to make one trip. Seems to me she was trying to make everything easy on her and was not willing to work with me at all. Still no resolution was offered to me for any of this. She just gave me a "not my problem" attitude. I asked to speak with the manager and she said I'm the manager today. I told her i needed to speak with someone over her. She claims to be having someone call me tomorrow. Meanwhile she has already receive her
Commission and myself and my daughter are sleeping on the floor after we have spent almost 3000 on new furniture and broken promises.

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