Ashley Furniturebedroom set

C Aug 17, 2018

hi my name is chelsea pye, I took and Ashley furniture bedroom set out from your carbonear nl location, at the time of trying to take it out the last kerri tried to make me pay for an extra week I which I wouldn't have the bed so I left came back another time a delt with Elizabeth and got my bedroom set at what I was supposed to pay not being scammed. then when the men delivered my bedroom set there was a dolly waiting at my house for them to bring it in with but instead the rolled it end over end into my house and beat the crap out of my dresser, I missed one payment because of a timesheet for work getting in late so I had to pay next time well kerri left an ignorant message on my phone basically saying that they know I'm not going to pay them and they know it will be nothing but problems so therefore I have told them I will NOT make another payment until o speak to their manager not of that store but their head over manager, I've been fighting for weeks now trying to get their manager they have harassed me at work after being told my work hours and being told that I cannot contact them during my work hours enough is enough. I've had it with you guys and I will be making a complaint to the better buisness bureau. kerri has done nothing but torture me since I got my bedroom set I'm done with you guys and I will have something done about this and for the love of God can someone please get the manager to call me this is ridiculous.

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