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H Aug 15, 2019 Review updated:

Good Morning,

I was offered a free sample from this company, paying only for the cost of posting, but They have started to send me beauty products very month that I have not requested and are charging my credit card.

I wish this to stop immediately and to have the refund deposited back into my account. Value $USD126.82

There is no contact number or clear address or company name, no invoice.

The product is "Zutrelle Eye Serum"
Sender: : ASENDIA SIN SG16090001
Ref: 5D [protected]

Thank you for any help,

“zutrelle eye serum”
“zutrelle eye serum”


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    AngeB97 Oct 14, 2019

    Hi! I have fell for the same scam. I am incredibly upset and need one advice. Do you think you can just cancel your credit card info?

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