Arwyp Medical CentreI had a car accident and then got sent to a government hospital even when my medical aid still had funds

A Nov 28, 2019

I was involved in a car accident, and went to Arwyp private hospital. They took my blood test and did a head scan and later was told that my nose was damaged and needed surgery.

I spent plus minus 9hours in casualty ward, had blood on my nose that was never attended too. I was told that i am waiting for a bed to be admitted .I waited in pain agony and had to ask for pain tablets as no one gave me that.

After the long wait i am now told that my medical aid doesn't cover me and sent to Tembisa government hospital .

The disturbing fact is that my medical aid covers R17 000 for casualty in a car accident and R350 000 for admission caused by an accident . My medical aid then informed me that the hospital did not call them or communicate to get authorization for admission.

The hospital also claimed to have called my medical aid and therefore received a reference number for that.

I later gave my medical aid the reference number that the hospital gave me and my medical aid informed me that the sequence of numbers I was given by the hospital was wrong and they do not even use such sequence numbers as reference.

I have not got any surgery done on my nose till today. I struggle to breath .

I wanted to take legal action against my medical aid because I blamed them for everything till I got information and all evidence point that the hospital negligence is to blame for my suffering and embarrassment.

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