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Arbonneterrible experience!

So I started arbonne in 2004... I really didn't do much but pay my $29 join fee... I let my membership run out I became pregnant and needed to be at home for my child so I had a team of arbonne ppl want to help me be a successful member... Well I did make it to district that was with the help of my mom cousin and grandmother each spending 1,000 out of there pocket along with myself spending that much and then the next month I was trying to be better was anyone there to help me??? Nope sure was not!!! So I tried by myself and did I make it no... I lost all the money we made and then some?!?!? I like how my up line was wanting to run a christian base business and I was in a fraud and lost more money than I should have ever put into this and my mother this is what makes me mad she works 40 hours a week and had my brother in physical therapy for surgery that he had to have on his leg tendon lenghing and they still pressured her to come to meetings when she had a child at home in a body cast... And then my cousin was doing good with her down line and my upline decides she is not moving fast enough?!?! And calls her downline to pressure them one girl just had a mis carriage told them this and the still pressured her to do as much as possible?!?! Excuse me for worrying about my downlines feelings over your money!!! No offense against arbonne I love the products still use them will never put any effort toward my up line ever again!!! Thanks for nothing.


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    Consultant Jul 20, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am sooo sorry that you had a reaction to the product and that the reps were not helpfull. I can speak from experience being I just recently stopped selling the product. You can return the product and get your money back. If you wanted to exchange the product for something else that is sooo easy too. I did it for my sister, it just takes a bit of time for the consultant to put in the figures. But it is really easy. As for the reaction there are some people that have a reaction to the "C" in the product. If this is what happened then your rep should have exchanged it for the other anti aging product that does not have any citrus in it. Again sorry you had a bad experience, maybe call Arbonne them selves or log on to the website and find another rep to deal with.

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  • Sm
    Smudgy Jul 12, 2010

    My Arbone rep has been terrible. I had a beyond sevre reaction the night cream. I got flack when I was returning it. I thought I would return it for a brush set, but apparently I am not allowed as the bursh set is a promo item. I don't understand, I payed for my night cream in the first place why can I not choose what I want. After dealing with her upline about it I was told I could just call the head of arbonne if I didn't like it.

    Wow, it is not my fault I reacted to your product when you claimed the prodect would not make me react and spewed all this fancy flim flam about how good and natural the product is.

    I wish I could just ask for my money back, but unfrotunetly it looks like the cash back policy I was told existed doesn't exist!

    Plus I have to say I ordered the fizzy drink tabs, half of them don't even work, they just don't fizz, they sit in my cup and do nothing. I have gotten better fizz tabs from the drug store. There is nothing superior that I can see with my own eyes about those tabs.

    Really I am disapointed in Arbonne and its reps at this point, especially since i dealth with 2 of them and the upline rep was out right snobby and snippy. I didn't ask for this expensive great to make me break out in a rash and make my skin peel...goodness...well folks, pray it doesn't happen to you, they make it really hard to return their products, their easy return policy is not what they state.

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  • Gl
    gladysHHH May 07, 2010

    In any business you OPEN as a BUSINESS owner you HAVE to do your own reaserch!! When i Opened my Salon, I worked like a dog with a $100, 000 investment...when i struggled and nobody was walking ..did i quit & blamed in on the distrub. or the ones i paid to help and set it up..NO! You are responsible for your own business..u didnt feel u had the right upline...guess what ..reach up or do it on your own. Anything u want bad enough in life u will achieve ..BUT ONLY if u stick top it long enough! My salon has been open now for 9 years... because of STICKING IT OUT! MLM companies is no different...bottom line its your business, u get Amazing quality products for $ ( any MLM company) Its just another genius way of DISTRUBUTION. When u refer ..u get paid. I rather have 100 people talking about my buz/products then paid adv or a billboard!!!
    Just get very frustrated when someone ignorant blame everyone else for their failures in life!!! Btw.. DIDNT u get your products for the $ spend?? u speak like u paid with no return & loss. BTW i am not YET involved In MLM... but anyone smart knows MLM is the wave of future, and Arbonne is one of the TOP ones!!!

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  • Ar
    arbonnebeauty4u Apr 11, 2010

    Well of course you didnt make it you had a customer base of three people, reaching the next level means that you worked hard developing and selling to gain this level of sales. How could you expect maintain or go any further no downline and no customer base???? Arbonne is not a get rich quick scheme, the levels of promtoion are there for a reason to comepnsate those who have worked for it. You cannot buy your success. I am sorry you were not told this or discouraged from taking the easy way out.

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  • Da
    darleneLanzarone Mar 28, 2010

    I signed up to buy the product for a full cleanse weight loss and I became constipated, I called and emailed the consultant and told her that I wasnt sent the fiber and should I still continue and she said yes to go ahead and I did and still was constapated and feeling worst so stoped the arbone product and I contacted her several times again and tried to contact the company and no onw got back to me. I had to go to the doctor who sent me for an xray and it showed that my food was backined up past my colan and that I could soon become toxic if I didnt have a bowel movement and my liver and kidneys would fail. I had to go to the emergency room and see a doctor and have tests and a barium enema and several hundred dollars in debt later and missing work, I still havent heard from anyone at Arbonne that cares and I could have died. I am disgusted with Arbonne and I am in Debt with doctor and hospital bills because of them.
    D.L Hailey Idaho

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  • Da
    darleneLanzarone Mar 28, 2010

    The Arbonne consultants that sign you up leave you hanging and if you try to communicate with the company through email in response to one of theirs, they ignore it.
    Arbonne is not a good company and dosent care about human beings.

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  • Mi
    Mickey71 Feb 23, 2010

    Response to Consultant - I am agreeing with you about the meetings - that's why I stopped going too. I never had anyone to bring to them so I didn't think it was worth it as I had heard it all before. Same stories, same hype, and didnt' want to leave my kids home on a school night as my hubby had the same night out also.

    I unfortunately invested a substantial amount more than you, and feel really bad for people who buy a 'full demo line' as they like to call it in Arbonne to 'get you to District' so you can 'start making a real paycheck' which in reality it helps them more than it helps you.

    I keep going back and forth about Arbonne even after 2 years and attending many meetings and events and selling much product and doing many home parties. I still have a room full of stuff that I have to get rid of before it expires. It all adds up to more work than is worth it for me. Some people have great success, but it is definitely not easy. After I went to my upline's Mercedes presentation and had to listen to all of the Arbonne people drone on and on how wonderful everything is, and my husband could not wait to get out of there and just thought it was all so fake sounding, that was the turning point for me. I feel they charge way too much for their products botanical or not. there are so many products even in the stores with better ingredients for cheaper, because they don't have to pay a whole corporate staff and all the VPs. All that takes a lot of money you know! Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand. I agree is it quite cult-like at least that is my observation. I thought I had made friends in Arbonne, but the ones higher than me don't call me on a personal level any more since I have not been 'actively selling' probably cause they are too busy calling all the people who are making money for them! So, yeah, watch out for fake people!

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    Consultant Feb 04, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I am a consultant and when I signed up I was excited and my upline manager gave me lots of tools to get started. I purchased 1200 worth of products not the full amount she was tring to get me to buy. I went to some meetings and my upline was there for me when I had questions in the begining. But now when I email her I get no response and I have stopped going to the meetings. The meetings that I attended were the same thing over and over again. I got tired of hearing them. Part of it was about the new sale items for the new month, but I don't see the point because I can look those up online myself. So in the end I am selling all of my excess products and restructuring my business to work the way I want to build it. I don't have to may bad feelings but I wish that it would have worked out better for me because I love the products and still use them.


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  • Th
    thegrammarcop Aug 24, 2009

    That's all you need to see.

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  • Au
    Auntie Godmother Jun 13, 2009


    I think in any company where you sign up below an upline, you have to look at how that person operates as an individual and not blame the whole company.

    So overall I will tell you that I have had similar experiences with other companies and I figured out it was the person that I dealing with rather than the "company policy". I had the same thing happen with Mary Kay by the way. It's called front loading. That way the person above you gets credit and you and invested in products which some people ten to think will motivate you to sell and be successful but the real motivation has to come from within you and if you are not ready to do the business, no matter what product or what company it is then you are just not ready or the timing in your life does not permit it right now.

    The products are great, your experience was awful. So maybe you should find a nice consultant that will buy out your inventory or else if you don't want to sell anymore try to sell if off on someplace like ebay, yard sale(that's free) or Amazon.

    Just make the decision about what you want to do and move forward on that so you can get on with your life and not carry negative feelings on your back because that will weigh you down and keep you from being happy and life is just too short for that.

    If you do like the products and are thinking about trying to buy again, you can always let your account expire and then sign up again under someone else. Just interview uplines first. Or just keep the account and ignore the upline you have now. That person should have had more compassion for your situation but they didn't, it's done and now you have to make changes in how you deal with the situation.

    So decide, react and move forward as great blessings await you somewhere! Peace!

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  • DarkHottie May 19, 2009

    I'm sorry. I agree with Trish. You were not forced to spend your own money to purchase yourself into a higher line. This is like buying a pile of products that you can't resell in ANY business. (My friend had an aromatherapy store and she did this too.)

    I sell Mary Kay and I only buy what people have purchased or what I know I can sell off right away. I do not owe money out and I never did the "mass inventory investment" that MLMs push.

    You can be successful without having much product on hand. I hate that they tell you that you are supposed to have inventory. That's stupid. You don't. However how much inventory you purchase is a personal choice and you can not really blame the company for that.

    I would check eBay to see what you can sell out. You'll lose money, but it's more important to get rid of stuff before it expires.

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    Trish Charron Mar 08, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hi Arbonne in Nashville,

    I can feel for you with your Arbonne situation. Sometimes we hear what sounds too good to be true and we jump on it. Then we want to make it so we look outside ourselves for the help.

    I think that the first trouble with what you states was that you and your immediately family purchased you into district position. Unless they purchased those products because they wanted to use all of them and would repurchase them, that was the first place that trouble began. Arbonne and most well defined MLM's do not encourage this and actually will disqualify you if they find out you are doing this. This is to prevent exactly what happened to you from happening. If you purchased your consultant package and then followed their well planned system, you would have succeeded or not based on your efforts but you would not have lost the money that your family lost in total. There are many ways to seek help if your immediate upline is not supporting you to your satisfaction.

    I am guessing that the pressure to go to a meeting was made because your upline wanted you to succeed and this is the proven best way, attend meetings and learn. If your mother felt pressured by this, she should have just told them so. It is up to her. How you or your mother work the business is all up to you all, it is your choice. They can't make you do anything. . And your title is Independent Consultant, not Dependent Consultant.

    In the end, Arbonne products are pretty good, as are many botanically based products, and their compensation plan is really good.. The rest is up to us and our internal voice that allows us to succeed or not..

    I hope you find peace in your future endeavors and that your brother is doing well and succeeding himself.

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