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refuse refund

This company would not refund an item and claimed that it had "no value" because I exchanged it. Trying to explain that I paid for the item to begin with and that I am still out the money went on deaf ears. I will never purchase from this company again. Beware if you don't get the right item when purchasing on line you might be stuck with it.

baby sunscreen doesnt work!

I ordere ABC spf 30+. Both time i used it my kids wernt outside for more then an hour and fried! I have never had a problem with neutrogena, and i am definatly switching back to it. I cant believe I fell for this product. I tried contacting them twice and both times my complaint was left unanswered. You think with all the networking site they woulf have atleast contacted me back. but nope. got nothing. I Will never ever order or reccomend Arbonne to anyone, Espically the Arbonne Baby Care Products! oh, and i also would never even consider selling the crap!

  • Cl
    Claudia Kiernan May 10, 2012

    I use the baby care products and love the sunscreen! With an SPF of 30 it provides great protection. It is very unusual that your complaint went unanswered. Sounds like you need a new consultant! Call 1-800-ARBONNE and share your experience. They will take care of you.

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  • Ca
    Carole Conatser Jul 27, 2012

    ALL sunscreens, including Arbonne's ABC, should be applied 30 minutes prior to going out in the sun. THen, , it should be re-applied periodically. We use this on our 2 1/2 year old grandson and his skin has never burned. He goes to the pool for swim lesson and to the beach, as well. Carole Conatser

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rip off-awful & overpriced

Purchased Arbonne product at a friend's party because I felt like I had to due to friendship. The rep was an ***-couldn't answer basic questions about the line even though she was a full time rep for ten plus years and had to read notes about the 'benefits' of the line. I should have known better. The product I ordered stinks but I thought I'd give it a try. I had to endure the smell of it all day long. I couldn't wait to get home and wash the stink off my face. And of course it broke my face out terribly and I have never had breakouts even when I was a teen. Stay away from this overpriced stinky crap who's reps are uninformed and ***! I should have known-the rep's skin looked like pitted and wrinkled!


Arbonne International is a cosmetics company based in Irvine California. Their main product line contains more than 300 products, such as skin care products, anti-aging therapy, hair care products and weight loss supplements, all supposedly formulated with100% natural herbal and botanical products.
Would-be Arbonne salesmen and women purchase starter kits from distributors for between $29 to $65, relatively small amounts of money compared to most of the major MLM companies.
Many people are convinced there is an Arbonne scam, but the fact is that like most Multi Level Marketing businesses, its business practices are completely legal, though arguably ethically questionable. There are those who have made money participating in the program as well as those who found that the profits, if any, that they made did not match the expectations fostered by the company. The claims Arbonne International makes about their beauty and weight-loss products have not been verified.

  • Nc
    ncrochester Mar 21, 2011

    I am not an Arbonne rep, but do buy from one. I love their products and never had any problem. The woman I buy from has been doing this for a while and has 2 kids, She seems to do well and enjoy it.
    Maybe some people have had bad situations depending on who their other uplines are or something . But as a customer and not a rep, I will continue to buy their products. They give a great discount on my birthday month.

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bogus claims

I just went to my first (and last) Arbonne get-together. What a waste of my time! A friend is being suckered into selling this overpriced line by a rep who made dishonest claims. She actually said that all the products were MADE in Switzerland. They are supposedly "formulated there...)

The rep went so far as to have us imagine the Alps, and said even the water in the formula was from the Alps in Switzerlad and that all the organic plants used were grown there, and were better because the air there is not polluted. She repeatedly said,"We only use pure and natural vegan ingredients."

Since all of her claims were untrue, I have to guess that she is either dishonest, gullible, or plain *. I checked things out and found that through cleverly worded marketing ads, one might assume part of her claims were true.

For some reason, they claim all their products are"Swiss Formulated"and mean nothing more than the formulas for these toxic products were invented in Switzerland. They are not imported, so the meaning of"formulated"is debatable and misleading.

Saying all their natural products are pure, means absolutely nothing! One look at the crazy-long ingredient list tells you most are NOT natural, so their purity is moot. The precense of several known carcinigens is enough for me to never consider investing in their products. Even if they vigorously explain that they are trying to eliminate any toxic ingredients and find healthy replacements.

For me, that is unacceptable.

Also, their"direct"marketing certainly does NOT save the consumer any money. Their comparison to outrageous"premium brands" is silly! And yet apparently women fall for it. Sad.

  • Re
    reiemher Jan 25, 2011

    You're an idiot. So what if the products are formulated in Switzerland, yet made in the U.S? What is the big deal? Would you rather have them made in a sweat shop by a group of 6 year olds in Thailand? Some American you are. Eek.
    And as far as the ingredients, Arbonne can back up every ingredient (which is available to the public - it's no secret) as to what plant, fruit, flower or vegetable they are derived from. And bottom line, this is why the products are more expensive - because they take the time and spend money on resources to formulate safe products. Any smart human being knows that it's cheaper to formulate ingredients from chemicals and/or by-products. It's why taco bell is under fire for saying they used ground beef when it's actually textured vegetable protein. It's cheaper than real meat. You probably think your perfume is actually made from real flowers. Sorry honey, it's just a chemical that is made to smell like it. Come on, educate yourself.

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  • Lo
    lovesmakeup Jul 31, 2011

    Do you know which carcinogens are used in the products? Is it in all the skincare, or just a couple of products? Their line is approved by some modeling company.

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  • Wa
    walkingwithhim Jul 25, 2013

    I agree with reiemher ! Sounds like the rep jumped in and didn't do her homework on the company which led her to misslead you . I suggest you try another party with different rep and actually use the product.They are formulated in Switzerland but are made in the USA !!! I can sleep a night knowing a 6 year old in a sweat shop is not making anything I use with Arbonne. For this and the fact they make great products, I will gladly pay a higher price. Remember, you get what you pay for so you might think about actually using some of their products before you knock them! I did alot of research on the company 7 years ago when I was introduced to it before I used the products at that time I choose to just use the products and not sell wish I had back then. Several people that was just starting out then are still there and are doing better than you can imagine all because it truely is the best. Sorry you feel that way about them, maybe you will think about what I said and give them a chance . I suggest the Re9, thats what I started on 7 years ago and I am 42 but everyone tells me I look 28-30. Thank You Arbonne!

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  • Mf
    MF4 Apr 24, 2019

    You can tell that all these comments are fake and ridiculous! Find something better to do with your time. None of your efforts have slowed done or impacted Arbonne.

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bad experience

I have been using arbonne "re9" face products for five years. Recently, I they did away with the old and now have the "revised" re9 product. I do not like the way it makes my skin feel. I am not sure what they did to make it supposedly better, but wish they would change it back.

The other thing that upsets me is there is no way of knowing when you are running low a product because you cannot see through the "new" type of bottles that they package them in, even when you hold it up to the light!!!

  • Sa
    savvyone Nov 17, 2010

    I was given some Arbonne products and read the ingredients before I used them. They are NOT the 'holistic, free of parabens and mineral oils, dyes and chemical fragrances, pure Swiss skin care" they claim to be!

    The best skin care products are not the most expensive ones, but rather gentle ones that are effective - those with the highest-quality ingredients, not the highest price.

    Here's a review of Arbonne Skin Care to help you decide about the claims for yourself.

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  • Totally true about the 'new' product, I do not like how it makes my skin feel and look. I REALLY liked the previous product. If you also notice, the package or bottles are of smaller size, so you don't get as much for the same amount of money, if not more money. I'm in the process of seaching for a new facial system for cleansing, moisturizing and wrinkle care!

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  • Ha
    Harriett Meeks Jan 09, 2011

    Why did Arbonne change a wonderful skin care program like NutriMin C RE9? It made my skin look and feel youthful. Their replacemment products do nothing for my skin. Please, Arbonne, don't discontinue the old line that I loved!!!

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  • Re
    Redyorkie1012000 Jan 22, 2012

    I'm not going to waste much time responding to the poster who claims Arbonne uses mineral oil, dyes and fragrances...I can read, too (since age 4), and um...she's obviously not reading the same ingredient lists I am reading. But anyway...

    To the rest of you...I agree, sometimes some of the new products don't perform the same on some people as the old ones did, myself included. I have been a consultant for probably 12+ years now, and love most of the products, but not all. I also realize that each person and their skin/bodies/chemical makeup are not all the same, no matter how pure a product is. Many people are allergic to natural ingredients ie certain herbs, etc., so that is not really a fair assessment of a product. We all have to figure out what works for us and go from there. I'm a little mad about some stuff being discontinued, too, believe me!! I guess I am lucky I have been with Arbonne for so long...I can go back to using some of the "old faithfuls" when something new doesn't sit so well with me. (Things that have been around for years and haven't changed yet!!)

    Anyway, I hope you guys have a good consultant who will work with you if you are not consultants yourself, until you find something that fits for you. Yep, it's frustrating, I know that. But things change and as much as we hate it sometimes, we have to "deal with it", sigh. The good thing is...if you complain about it on Arbonne's website, they actually WILL listen if enough people say something. You can't just be mad and keep it to yourself!! I have seen them change things when enough people make themselves heard. Just be specific about what you don't like. Don't just say "I liked the old stuff better" and be done with it. Tell them it makes your skin feel greasy; you aren't getting the same results (whatever they may be), etc.

    For instance, their mascara formulas have changed a LOT lately because people (myself included!!) have had "issues" with some of the latest new stuff. Not every product is going to be right for everybody, that's just a given, but you WILL be heard from corporate, even if the wheels move a bit slowly sometimes!!

    If you guys want to message me about other suggestions on what to use (if your consultant isn't helping), please feel free to do so. I will not ask you to buy from me or bug you in any other way...I don't mind helping "for free"!!

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  • Re
    Redyorkie1012000 Jan 22, 2012

    I forgot to say, Anna, that I also agree about not being able to hold them up to the light to see how much you have left!! That's funny!! I thought I was the only one who did that!! I haven't lodged that particular complaint yet, but I will if you will!!

    And to the person who complained about the sizes being smaller for the same price or more...well yes, everything else is like that, too, including the supermarket, in this economy. For the most part, Arbonne is an awesome company, but they are, afterall, in business to make money as well!! They have families to feed, too!! (And overhead to pay, and employees to pay, and suppliers to pay, etc...all overhead...). My husband is a jeweler and we owned a jewelry store for years...when gold skyrocketed, we HAD to raise prices in order to stay in business, and believe me, we are not rich from that. We live in a small town and hubby would never charge people that he knew didn't have much money, which is nice, but it sure didn't help us pay the bills!! I like to eat, and so does he, and also our five little doggies!! Sometimes people think that a certain kind of business just makes people rich and that we don't care, but nothing is further from the truth with a lot of us!! Depends on the people...

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  • Be
    Benzblonde Feb 13, 2012

    I also have used Arbonne for 8 years and loved it till they changed the formula. My face has been breaking out badly around the nose area. I am 63 years old and take very good care of my skin. I don't think I ever had more than 6 pimples in my life till now. With the new RE9 I had 8 zits all in the same area and I could never seem to get them to go away without more coming. I finally stopped the product and you guessed it. My face has cleared up and back to great skin again. I was so embarrassed when people would ask me what happened to your nose...OMG! Thank God I stopped. DO NOT BUY THIS LINE!!! It is horrible to your skin.

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The Corporate Head office of Arbonne have made legal agreements with e-bay that their products not be sold by anyone on e-bay - whether that that be in U.S.A.; U.K; Australia and S, Africa. It is totally detrimental to all Arbonne Consultants who are building a legitimate business with Arbonne. Yes, there are many stupid people out there who over stock( or are just money-grabbing opportunists ) - but to off-load products onto e-bay is ILLEGAL. Please lookinto this and you will find that such a policy exists.

  • Re
    Redyorkie1012000 Jan 22, 2012

    I wouldn't call it "cheating the system" so much as I would call it "cheating your clients", actually. Arbonne is a direct sales company for a reason...all of the complaints that I have read here (some legitimate, some not) have a right to be heard, which means their Consultants should have tended to their problem, whether it's a problem with a product or building their business. I am ashamed of all the Uplines and Consultants who have apparently not done so for these complainants.

    It is not fair to clients who buy from eBay, which is why Arbonne doesn't allow it. It has nothing to do with "stifling our business". Those clients have the right to personal attention from you in all manners. Not doing so results in complaints such as I have been reading about on answers to their problems or complaints. And that is what gives Arbonne a bad name to these people, which is a shame.

    If I just wanted a skincare product, I could go grab one off any shelf at any store. I prefer knowing exactly what is going on (and in) my skin, which means education, which means a personal consultant, which does not mean eBay or a lame consultant who ignores their clients' complaints. My health is not "up for Bids" on eBay or anywhere else.

    All that said, I realize that the internet is ONE of the best ways to "get your point across" these days, and actually Arbonne realizes it, too. You can get your own website (professionally done) through Arbonne...yes, it takes some effort to promote it (this is still a "job", afterall, not a free ride), but it doesn't cheapen the product or yourself by putting both up for bids with no follow-through for someone who wants more than a product full of chemicals and crap that they can buy anywhere. They deserve more than that, and that is the basic premise of Arbonne.

    If you sell on eBay (or anywhere else that is basically impersonal), you will probably make a lot of sales, yes, but I can guarantee you that you won't have many loyal repeat customers, which is how you make money in this business if that is all you are wanting. They will just move on to the next good deal that they can bid on. I am not preaching...I know this from experience when I was new to the company...I thought if I could just get everyone to TRY it, they would "fall in love" and that would be it. Nope. Some did, of course, but the vast majority weren't using it for the right reasons, which is being educated on WHY you don't want all those harmful ingredients in and on your skin.

    You will be doing yourself and your clients a greater service by making a personal connection with them, even if it is just through the internet, but eBay is not the effective, long-run way to do it, for either of you!! It makes our products look cheap, actually, and that is not what we want to portray, right??

    Much success to you!!

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  • Cl
    Client2014 Sep 16, 2014

    I understand the rationale in purchasing products from an intelligent and knowledgeable consultant. What I don't understand from your response is why Arbonne products continue to be posted on EBay if it is "illegal". Saying or authoring a statement is not addressing the "real" challenge in this specific comment. If the Arbonne company does not take legal action to stop the illegal selling of products on EBay; how is the company supporting both its consultants and clients?

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This consultant asked me to have sex with her and her husband at a facial party and I told her no! She...

annual fee

Arbonne has a $15/year fee to continue to be a "sales consultant." I have been one since November 2004, using the product primarily for my own use. I would usually pay the fee around the time it is due, or since I don't often place orders (I wait until I have a larger order), I pay it with the order nearest to the time it is due. This year, at the time I usually place an order, I needed to take an emergency trip to China (my daughter was in critical condition in a hospital - unconscious, on dialysis at times). I was called to bring her back to the United States for medical care. When I tried to place an order LESS THAN ONE MONTH after the renewwal fee was due, I was informed that I would have to re-enroll as a consultant, paying exorbitant up-front fees!!! This company has no compassion! No dedication to its employees!! It's only concern is money - even during these difficult economic times it does not care!!! My family and all of my contacts and my friends will now be leaving Arbonne and they will be losing business for WHAT - being TOO CHEAP & TOO INFLEXIBLE over a $15 fee! Not good business sense to me!

  • Me
    MeganRC Jan 10, 2010

    To sign yourself up again, you would only need to pay $29. Our business plan has changed, and we now have 2 signup levels. Preferred Client and Consultant. Preferred Clients are discount buyers. There is no minimum order requirements, quotas, etc. Consultants have to place an order of $150 under their own ID each month. Preferred Clients receive 20% off and Consultants receive 35% off. To be a consultant, the signup is $109. The consultant level is for those individuals who are interested in building a business under our new business plan. Anyone who was signed up before this business plan (Feb 2009) were grandfathered in and will continue to receive their 35% off with no requirements so long as they renew each year for the $15. If someone misses their renewal, they must signup again. They can choose to signup for $29 as a Preferred Client (20%) or $109 as a Consultant (35%). I'm sorry that you missed out on your renewal deadline. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me and I will try to explain further. megancurtis at myarbonne . com

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  • Co
    coststoomuch Dec 25, 2015

    Only $29, in addition to the initial $75! I love how arbonne consultants put a shiny bow on everything to make it sound like your getting such a great deal. No I have to agree with you here, arbonne doesnt do anything for their consultants. They only care about making their next penny. This one was by far my favorite... "get your ticket for vegas conference for ONLY $99*... *offer valid after $300 purchase." I JUST signed up as a consultant in October and I am so peeved that I have to pay a renewal fee now, and not in october. Such bs. My up line also tried to tell me I'd pay $15 and have a $15 account credit for my next purchase. Another pile of bs. I just went to renew and had to pay $30. Way to go arbonne, another one bites the dust. And to the person who commented here, you just made her point even more valid. And she was already a consultant, your not telling her anything she didn't know. All you did was put a shiny bow on it.

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  • Da
    Daphne Jane Chance Jan 26, 2016

    I have been unable to get into my arbonne account for the past 2 or 3 months . My ID Number is 15839406, my pin is 8654 . I need help in ordering products.

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  • Ro
    RotoS May 22, 2016

    I got suckered info paying $350 to be a "consultant", and to have the samples I was told I needed to be successful in this company. I was also told that the products are all natural, which they are not, they are made with botanical additives, big difference, and literally didn't use any of it, because I wanted natural baby products, and Arbonne has carcinogenic additives to things like their sunscreen. Not impressed at all!!!

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  • Ca
    Carin Dowling-Ingraham Mar 07, 2018

    To start as a consultant in 2018 there is a $79.00 fee plus shipping and taxes. It equals out to be about $93.00
    What you get - 10 catalogs (these are $9 to order later), 10 Samples of the RE9 skin set (these are $28 to order later), your own unique log in and website with reporting tools.
    To renew your consultant membership (yearly) it is $30.00 - no additional items are included.

    If your Upline is truly committed, she will set you up with samples and loan you their products for your first three-four shows. The point of this business it to make money - not go into debt.

    I have had two consultants who signed up under me for the $93. I GAVE both of them tons of different samples, a few hostess gift to get them started, and have loaned them my products to share with others.

    When going into a MLM business ALWAYS "test drive" your UPLINE Sponser.

    There is a right way to do this business.

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sales rep demands ssi#&all credit card info.&birthdate as well

I was helping a friend who was in a new business selling specialized cosmetics and when orders were taken she...

11 comments Bainbridge Island Cosmetics

allergic reaction

I have a question if anyone can answer it. I tried a hand lotion from Arbonne and was told that it was "all...


I was pretty high up in Arbonne and got out after all the lies and scams! This is 100% a business you should...

sneaky reps!

My complaint is no support system, ladies don't know what they are doing to help you get your busine...



I went to an Arbonne party; there I was told about the wonderful Swiss formulations. It is Swiss law that...

requires social security number

My biggest complaint is that they require Social Security Numbers to buy product as a "consultant." At home parties, people are encouraged to sign up as consultants to get 35% off the products they buy. What a deal. And nothing else is required except paying $29 to be a consultant. I'm not complaining here about the pyramid-scheme structure of the company (and please don't argue with this, because if you think that's not what's going on, you've got your head in the sand OR you're benefiting from it), nor am I complaining about the overpriced mediocre products, nor am I complaining about the fact that in order to succeed recruits have to *exploit* their familial and friend relationships (and this last point is the most morally egregious facet of the organization). I am complaining that they require people's social security numbers to sign up as a "consultant." In theory, if a consultant ever makes money (the vast majority don't...they just want to buy the products), the company by law is required to file an IRS form 1099. That's no big deal. However, the company ensures that new business owners gently COERCE their family and friends into becoming "consultants" and thereby providing social security numbers. How can a sister/daughter/mother say no to her family member's efforts to begin a new business? The crux of the matter is that Arbonne has set up a company that exploits family and friends to benefit people up the chain of command. It's disgusting and immoral. But what really irks me is that they require social security numbers, which put people at risk for identity theft FOR NO GOOD REASON. Arbonne could easily restructure the program so that SSN are not needed to keep the business going.

  • Am
    Amber Cripe Aug 31, 2009

    The consultant sign up is $109 NOT $29, this is preferred client price. Get it right.

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  • Bg
    bgoat17 Oct 01, 2009

    I agree about the SSN and an MLM is a nice way of sugar coating a pyramid scheme. They call the $29 a Preferred client price and consultants will TELL you it is just to get the discount, however if you read the print, you are signing yourself into the clan. Please not #4 on your Preferred Client/Consultant Application and Agreegment..."If I fail to annually renew my Arbonne business, or if it is canceled or terminated for any reason, I will permanently lose all rights as an Arbonne Independent Consultant." Everything is grouped together. The difference with the higher fee is that you get an extra 15% discount to put toward your profit.

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    Mickey71 Feb 23, 2010

    Actually you are only required to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN or SIN as it is called in Canada here. I don't think anyone can do anything nefarious with just the last 4 digits and you can just put down any old 4 dig. it doesn't even have to be your SSN, as long as you remember what 4 dig they are.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    jobeau Apr 04, 2010

    You go gals...Lynne and bgoat17 you don't have a Amber said - get it right! Thanks gals who are actually in the know...calm down everyone else...and stop being so paranoid... this is a reputable company of 30 years...send in some claims of stealing someones identity via Arbonne...

    1 Votes

fraud and cheating

I joined Arbonne as a consultant in December '06. By March '07 I was a District Manager with much support from my upline. However, after becoming a DM, it was as if I had dropped off the planet. All my upline was interested in was WHO I signed beneath me. If I signed someone they felt could help them, that is who they focused their attention upon. In my case, it meant that our Regional Vice President and Area Manager (her daughter!), jumped down FOUR levels to work individually with a person I had personally signed. I may as well not have existed to them. I and all of those above me were completely left out of the loop with the explanation that 'they could talk to whomever they pleased'. REALLY?? I thought this company was about EVERYONE being given an equal opportunity to succeed! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Without support and guidance from your upline, you don't have a prayer!

This particular RVP and her daughter actually came to our area and could not be bothered to even meet with the three other District Manager's in their downline, but instead decided to focus ALL of their attention on one consultant to the extent of making phone calls to salons and doing numerous parties on her behalf only. I guess to help the rest of us was just too much trouble. We were all stunned! What a bunch of crap!

I have to say that I think the products are pretty good, but so are many others. I would STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT participate in this as a business unless you know for a fact that your upline will support you! Beware that they may appear to support you until you make District Manager because they stand to benefit greatly by your promotion. It is definitely what happens AFTER your promotion that counts. Our upline completely abandoned us and we have all since dropped out. I don't think all RVPs are like the one we had; ours was just plain greedy.

As far as the business aspect goes, you are MOST DEFINITELY encouraged to invest upwards of $3000 to get to the DM level quickly with all the various and sundry promises that go along with that. Problem is that they will not give you the information you must have to MAINTAIN that position. In the meantime, if you get demoted, guess what happens?? You got it - all of your downline immediately goes up and up and up until those who wanted you out of the way financially benefit directly from your hard work and efforts!!!

SUCKS, DOESN'T IT??? Think about it hard before becoming a Business Builder. It will not be as presented; that I can assure you. Good luck if you decide to 'work' for this organization in spite of all of the reports you have seen. At least we tried.

If you want to try some other great products, try Hydroxytone or DHC. I'm not a consultant, just a happy user who has also used Arbonne.

  • Ni
    NikiR Jun 04, 2009

    HI there, I'm terribly sorry you had such a terrible experience with your upline - I am a current DM with Arbonne and have actually experienced MORE support and training and guidance (i reached out and asked for it) from my ENVP - I realize at this point that you may no longer be an Arbonne consultant and that you let your membership lapse - but I am sure you are aware that everyone benefits from your promotions - you do, your upline does and your downline (are motivated to do the same) do as well - infact with Arbonne, the higher you go, the bigger your % of bonus checks - believe me I have checked out a lot of network marketing companies in my life time, Arbonne is by far the most ethical one out there with the most generous compensation structure.

    Again, I'm so sorry about your experience - if you'd like to talk more about it, i'd love to hear from you via private message through this site.

    A very happy, motivated and DM on the fast track to success with tremendous support and training from her upline

    -1 Votes
  • Da
    Daleen Apr 12, 2011

    Your first red flag should have been when you were asked, or encouraged, to invest $3, 000 (or any money) into becoming a DM. It all takes WORK, as in netWORKING. Fabulous products and extraordinary business plan for those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity without investing in inventory. If this upline is still in business, let me encourage you to contact Arbonne and file a complaint. It is not how Arbonne does business. Unfortunately, there are unethical individuals in life, sounds like you got connected to them.

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they left me hanging

Initially teased with the small investment package, then came the bomb. You wouldn't make a dime with that package, just buy the product at a different price. Told one thing, then another after investing $1500, left hanging with little or no support-when I complained, no one returned calls. When a client was chemically burned and wrote a letter to the "company" she never heard a word! What kind of company lets this go on? Also, now that I have personally used the product going on 3 years, guess what??? it's not that great!!! Department store equivalent!

  • DarkHottie May 18, 2009

    I don't know. Perhaps Avon and Arbonne are department store equivalent. Mary Kay's selling point is the customer service, and the lower cost over time for MK customers. I think Mary Kay is great, but that's just me and my skin. I'm really sorry that you invested so much.

    I also would think that the company would take care of your customer, but it is your responsibility if you sold the product to get someone to help her and/or refund her. You are an "independent representative", right? So, do you guys buy it back and then send it to the company for a refund?

    I do Mary Kay and it's a simple sheet that you ship with the item. You just write the reason why you want to return it and they credit you for it. No problem.

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  • Ne
    NewYorker May 19, 2009

    I don't know if this is why i am seeing sudden rash type of things around my skin, yes i was using cheap colognes and now i am afraid that they may be chemical burns as well. how do i tell the difference? and seems like i have too much around my upper body and i am waiting to see a doc soon. Keep us informed.

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  • DarkHottie May 25, 2009

    I doubt you have any serious chemical burns. They'll probably heal. Yeah. Cheap colognes are not a good thing. I would check to make sure that the products you buy are noncomedogenic and/or safe for sensitive skin.

    Safe for sensitive skin is actually a higher rating (more pure product) than noncomedogenic. All Mary Kay products are safe for sensitive skin. You can also look on the labels of products in the drug store. ;)

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  • Ca
    Caowe1 Feb 09, 2011

    Not everyone can use every product. For some it is wonderful and not as expensive as some leading high end brands. Do what is good for your skin. The products are made in the USA. Look on the site for product lists and chemical names and see what they do in the product. Over the counter products have no fruits or vegatables and have tons of unpronouncable ingredients. Some science must be put in products. It is what percentage which is harmful. I have a 30 yr. resin manufacturing company, some ingredients are harmful at specific amounts only.

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unprofessional procedures

When I was placing my first order the rep at the end of placing my order asked for my social security number...

terrible experience!

So I started arbonne in 2004... I really didn't do much but pay my $29 join fee... I let my membership run...

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