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T Jan 08, 2019
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I plead guilty to stupidity. Anyone that offers a loan with no payments and interest free for 6 months, falls into the Too Good To Be True Category.

The problem is this loan with aqua finance is married with a presumed sales position with Kangen water----Enagic.

For starters, Enagic is Not a direct sales company but a pyramid scheme. Their reps run ads on Craigslist, which is against Craigslist TOS. They prohibit these kinds of ads. But Enagic reps run them anyway. Naive people see these ads, assume it is a reputable direct sales company and get sucked in thinking they have hit the mother load with a grand opportunity. Aqua Finance knows full well that Enagic is a scam but finances them anyway

Aqua Finance purports to be a lending org. Others feel that Aqua Finance is really a service org. that puts prospective distributors for the Enagic product together with Enagic----Kangen water.

They charge enormous interest rates and their customer service is horrible. And if you are even one day late, these use high pressure collection tactics, calling you from 8am to 9pm, send letters, emails and texts ad infinitum.

Obviously, if you took out a loan with these guys, you are responsible to pay it back. The scam is how it is presented. Both parties make it sound so easy. The "medical devices" which are overpriced water filters sell like hot cakes Reps have sold 42 units and made $37, 000 in 3-4 months. Its so easy. Top celebrities endorse it. They tell prospective reps.

Aqua Finance tells you "don't worry" if you get into trouble, just call us and we will work with you." Yeah right. If your late 8 seconds" they come after you like loan sharks and practilly threaten your first born.

They will add late fees, raise your interest rates and waste no time turning you over to multiple collection agencies. And if that doesn't work, They will sue you and you will be ordered to appear in court and now court, legal and attorney fees will be added on.

What happened to I thought you were going to work with us? You ask. That went out the window and was only in play when we were getting you to register for the loan. Now we got you.

They may not say that, but that is what they are thinking. You will find the overpriced water purifiers do not sell like hotcakes. The guy who was supposedly earning $37, 000 in three months has moved on and doing something else. You realize you've been had, do the right thing and try to work out an agreement. And they will. But after they add extra costs, administrative fees and higher interest, you end up paying 30%-50% more than initially which was already inflated by at least 50%-75%. Aqua Finance will give you help and keep adding more and fees.

The best way to handle Aqua Finance is to NOT do business with them. If you really want the over priced unit, get a loan from a reputable bank or credit union. Or pay cash. And here lies the problem. Aqua Finance and Enagic prey on the naive and the broke. Prospective reps see this like a lottery. And that is a good analogy. Enagic is a pyramid while Aqua Finance is like modern day loan sharks.

Stay away from Enagic and Aqua Finance. You'll be far better off.

  • Updated by Tony DeFrancisco · Jan 08, 2019

    Aqua Finance only offers a 3 day right to cancel while the industry standard is 30-60 days. They don't want to give you a chance to change your mind. There are low cost reputable ways to earn money. Stay away from Aqua Finance.

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