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Aqua Finance review: False representation of product

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Aquakleen promised a service for my home that they did not fulfilled. They offered my household a clean filtration system that would not harm but help my family with drinking water and soft irrigation system for my pipes. However, the system that was placed in the back of my house never worked. It was placed in the hot sun weather outside where it kept drying the system due to the heat. I complained many times but they said I had to contact the representative that installed it. Now Im stuck with a system that Im paying for, for nothing to show for because it does not work. It needs maintenance but I should not have to pay for something that never worked. I called and they basically said Im at fault because its my responsibility to report the agent, which I have many times but they always have a way to spin things and blame the me, the consumer. From day one, the representative (Jesus) offered many things with the service, like free detergent and soap, yearly checkups for a low cost and maintenance. Ive had this since 2018 and I cannot wait until Im done paying off this company. Im basically throwing money in the dumpster, because I cannot use it. I have a septic system and Jesus mentioned that it would not disrupt the system but it actually will have a negative effect on it. Please help me put the word out for this door to door selling scam. They dont care about you, they only care about getting paid.

Claimed loss: $6,000

Desired outcome: Would like my money back.

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