Aqua Finance Complaints & Reviews

Aqua Finance / aqua finance lending

Jan 08, 2019

I plead guilty to stupidity. Anyone that offers a loan with no payments and interest free for 6 months, falls into the Too Good To Be True Category. The problem is this loan with aqua finance is married with a presumed sales position with Kangen water----Enagic. For starters, Enagic i...

Aqua Finance / kangen water

Nov 19, 2018

2 years ago, I entered into an agreement with Aqua Finance in association with a business arrangement with Enagic and Kangen Water. Due to a lot of personal reasons, as well as the inability to sell the over priced Enagic-Kangen "Medical Devices" I defaulted on my loan with Aqua...

Aqua Finance / carolina improvements

Nov 18, 2018

This home improvement company is located at 312 Orville Wright Dr Greensboro, NC 27409. It was recently made aware that this business is solely owned by Charles Franklin Hargett, Jr. This man is a convicted felon whose public records are attached. Your financial and business ties to thi...

Aqua Finance / rainsoft water softener system

Jul 17, 2018

After being told by a sales rep that came to my door from Discovery Marketing that my new born would get cancer if she was raised on the tap water, and assuring that with the free items, and 1 year of salt refills that the system would pay for itself and I would not pay anything out of...

Aqua Finance / violating terms of agreement

Jun 08, 2018

I just got off the phone with a representative at Aqua Finance. I would like to pay more than my monthly payment with a Visa Card and they stated that I cannot do that. I asked where in my Terms of Agreement that is and I was told, "It is Policy", so I asked to have the policy emailed to...

Aqua Finance / Aquasoft water softener

Jun 03, 2016

5 years ago, 2011 I purchased a water softener from aqua soft. They installed it outside in the direct sun, the processor board immediately failed. I called Aqua soft in Fresno and complained. The service man said it hooked up ok but needed us to pay a high maintenance fee to have it...

Aqua Finance / finance

May 06, 2016

about a year and a half ago I sent in a water sample to home depot few months later a lady with aqua finance shows up at my door she gives this extended presentation on the product in which I like at the time I worked off so my wife liked what the benefits were or what she was told she...

Aqua Finance, Inc. / Website Payments - Don't be fooled

Oct 05, 2015

The whole purpose of having a feature on your website to make payments is for direct payments to be applied to your account. I was informed today (10/5/15) that when you are making a payment online, Aqua Finance's billing/payment system is not capable of this feature. What happens in the...

Aqua Finance Company / they pulled out of a loan they contractually agreed to

Sep 17, 2013

I and a solar panel company financed with Aqua Finance Company. The agreed to the loan. So then the work was completed. We then completed the phone exit interview and informed them all the work was completed. At that time they stated we now decided to not finance the loan. Leaving the...

Aqua Finance Inc. / Usury

Jun 17, 2011

We purchased a water softening system for our home and financed it through Aqua Finance, Inc. We hadn't asked, which was stupid, how much the finance charges would be and when we got the first bill and saw how high it was, we immediately decided to pay it off. We payed what they...

Aqua Finance / Terrible experience


3 years ago, we purchased a water softener system and receiving financing through Aqua Finance. Approximately 2 years ago, we defaulted on our contract and were sued. Judgment was entered against us 1.5 years ago. From the month that judgment was entered against us, we submitted to Aqua...

Aqua Finance / changing of contract


Last year a salesman arrived on my door. Stating he had the newest in water purification. I listened to a 3 hour demo. by the end he promised that I would be showering in Aquafina quality water (after finding out my wife drinks aquafina). Also stated the system was used by Coca Cola. He...