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late flight

I have taken 5 Apple Vacations and have had problems with at least 3 of them. My husband & I were going to an...

2 comments Rochelle Airlines

dishonest to customer

I recently booked a Korea tour through Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd / Apple Holiday to Korea. The trip was scheduled for 22 December 2009. I paid a deposit of 4 persons on November and full payment was made in full before 3 weeks for the departure date.
Two days after the full payment have been made, Apple holiday staff was calling me and informed me that Korea airline is fully booked and all 35 tours member are advisable to change to Thailand airline and we need to make transit at Thailand for 5-6 hours waiting at airport. At first they didn’t offer any discount or refund for us until I open my mount and asked them. Afterward they agreed to payback RM200 person to offset for the change flight and keep pursing us don’t cancel trip. It’s was so un-happy things sound like we got no choice and we got to follow what whether has been arranged by them.
Three day before the departure date, now they called and informed me. We will meet up with another tour group at Korea total we will have 36 peoples in one group with “big bus” provided. And I found out that other 16 peoples are actually taking Korea airline. Is such as un-honest travel agent. If I disagreed to go with Thailand airline they will give us korea air.
SORRY TO SAID NO NEXT TIME WITH Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd. Really Bad services and the tour fares is actually much higher than other travel agency.

  • Al
    allyslin Dec 19, 2009

    same experince here with this travel agent in malaysia...lot of people given a good commet really don;t understand why...cos my friends also have same experince with them for Taiwan trip.

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  • Cy
    cyinthia Jan 05, 2010

    I got problem with my korea trip as well..

    We were suppose to join the 7 days 6 night tour, that will be leaving on the 21th jan 2010.
    At first everything was ok, the staff told us, that the tour already got 8 person, plus me and my hubby it will be a full tour, ready to go.
    And we asked for deviation, extend another 4 days.
    Then she said ok.. Everything seems ok..

    But last month, i received a call from another stuff.
    She told me, that 7 days 6 night tour had cancel!!!
    So i asked her, what shall we do now?
    And i asked to talk to the previous staff, but the previous staff not around anymore!!!
    Then very rudely, she told me, they cannot do anything, because the tour cancel,
    they will return our deposit RM1000!!!
    What kinda answer is that?

    Then nevermind, i told her that my hotel for the extend 4 days already booked,
    what kinda solution can she give me?
    Guess what she said?
    They cannot do anything also, because they never asked me to book the hotel so early..

    So in the end, the girl asked me to join the japan tour or the korea 8 days 7 night tours.
    And until today they never give me any reply yet..
    I called up, but all the agent are engaged..

    Im so regret to join their tour, wont introduce friends to apple vacations!!

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  • Ho
    homunkheng Jan 15, 2012

    @allysin - that was a nasty arrangement

    @cyinthia - Is there any mis-communication when u decided to boo the trip bcos usually they will ask you which date is your preferable date for your deviation before everything is confirmed, it appears that u didnt not consult them bout the deviation details and yet you reserved and paid via online hotel reservation on your own will.

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  • Bl
    Blogspot Feb 05, 2012

    I've follow apple vacation to Korea as well...the food has nothing to shout about, most of the famous Korea food are not included in our tour. We were told 5stars hotel however the hotel are far from town area. Besides, the last day in Seoul city our hotel is 40 mins from town and the hotel towels are dirty, with blood stains or hole on it. Meanwhile, there prostitution provision in the hotel. The pricing for the tour is not worthwhile. They failed to meet their over rated reputation.

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  • Ev
    Evon Chong Nov 02, 2012

    Fully agreed on the bad services given. My friend & I just came back from Taiwan Tour organised by Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd. The tour guide "Sky Yong" was very rude & no experience at all. Whatever you asked her, she always said don't know yet or give you the wrong info. For example: Is the hotel provide Internet service. She answered " don;t know yet wait we reach the hotel, then we will know." If we reached the hotel I don't have to ask you. the hotel staff will know better than you. Is today hotel near downtown or near night market. She will answer: Don't know yet, when we reach there, we will tell you. My godness, what kind of tour leader &%$#&. She said all the Taiwan hotel don't provide language services, If you ask for bell boy service, the hotel manager will personally to send you language to your room. Stupid answer! Even 4 * hotel provide bell boy services. She thinks that all of us never stay in the hotel before. Always claimed that "this tour is not premium tour, Apple actually have an premium tour to offer 5 star hotel." 5 star hotel is it mean you have an 5 * service provided? When we make the booking, nobody told us that our tour is "cheap tour & provide cheap service" The staff not even told us that they have premium tour. The fare we paid is actually more expensive that others agency. Due to the name of "Apple" we don't mind to pay more, now I understand that we pay more just for for their advertisement... very disappointed.

    The funny things is one of the tour members called to Apple to make an complaint. The supervisor not even border by saying " u can't call here to just make complaint..." Not only the tour leader, the office staff speak the same language... This is my first time to join Apple vacation & the last time.

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  • Au
    audrey liew May 17, 2015

    Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2014 10:01 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Pathetic

    To whom concern,

    I hope you are the honour reader to share the message I intended to convey. Not long ago, my husband and I joined your apple vacation tour to Japan and we were looking forward to have a fabulous vacation since from word of mouth Apple vacation is best known for attractive itinerary and its remarkable services.
    However, I do believe there is a certain degree of truth behind this statement especially when I spoke to your other decent staffs but WENDY PHANG and NGAN SWEE CHING exclude from in the LIST. During the trip these two idiots behaved hostile towards me and my husband and I wondered why and at last I got the answer they two ‘BUKI GATAL’. Please be not caught with surprise with these two awful as they two used to mark a statement that my boss daughter a General Manager married an engineer earning RM 2, 500 whereby she as a GM earning RM25, 000. Guess what, they made such statement for times as if you are the issue of that FIVE DAYS TRIP. Along the trip idiot Wendy phang kept on questioning my husband what’s the hotel name we been staying in KL exceeded for 5 times. My husband commended her as 8 Po none of her business. Besides, she been caught for giving me hostile glared for 3 time in a row. What an idiot image that a senior tour consultant was projecting on behalf of Apple vacation. Worse still, while I was queuing up for buffet dinner that hooligan ngan hao po made an disgusting pose towards me and with unpleasant rotten face asking for quarrel with me.
    In short, certainly I can understand why two idiots are daring enough to boycott me and my husband since you as a GM they two also making full use of you as topic of jokes throughout that trip with no respect to their own boss who bestow them a bowl of rice and poor me I pay for 10K in reward for these two idiots monkey face! Lastly, Calvin 8 gong I advise him to have talked and backstabbed right in front of me but not towards wendy phang! If I ever seen you two 8 po again I will come forward and slash your face! Trouble maker ngan swee ching behave yourself and I say WHAT ARE YOU IDIOT!

    Enquiry <[email protected]>

    to me, Tracy, Gwen

    Dear Sir and Madam

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

    We refer to your email on dated 14 June 2014 which i received today in respect to the captioned.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me your contact number so that I can make a call to you regarding the below matter.

    thanks in advance

    Dear All,
    I got cheated by your staff Lavence Lee when she making phone call to me for clarification.
    Initially she kicked start with ' Hey your words very rude audrey you quoted my colleagues as 8 po'.
    Actually my mother will correct me if she finds me behaving rude but need not she Lavence Lee
    to predict things for me. Then she told me that actually Ngan swee ching has been banned for
    years for leading tours ever since after the incident. Lavence Lee also alleged that Ngan swee ching
    is now suffering chronic cancer and added that she visited her at Hospital Thong San while Ngan having her medication
    there. At that moment I heard that news I felt nothing and I chose to believe Lavence Lee but I still pointed out
    the issue that Ngan san severely bothering me till today even her sickness is another issue of her own. Besides,
    I knew if Ngan san has been banned for leading tour and is now enduring illness it means I cannot expect any outcome.
    But at least a single apologies on behalf of ngan san and wendy phang by Lavence Lee to portray her sincerity and intention to solve the issue with me and more importantly admits the truth that ngan san and wendy phang misconduct attitude and promise to change for better. Never had an apologize nor admitting ngan san and wendy phang trouble maker's attitude. Notably, Lavence Lee was trying to protect wendy phang as she told me she don't believe that wendy
    behaved in such way and to her wendy is very cute. To me Lavence failed to act as a negotiator and try to solve
    the case of the statement she made. It turned out to be apparent when yesterday I browsed through apple webpage photo
    gallery and spotted that 1st June 2014 Ngan San was touring group to Hokaido. I still remain compose and conclude that
    Lavence Lee all the while attending me like running a one man show. Have you guys ever think why I still
    lamenting of the issue because no one admits that ngan san and wendy phang wrongdoing but indirectly or
    directly signalling me that am the one who create problems. Obviously they sided Ngan san and wendy.
    Lastly, if you all want me to let go the issue but why at first these two idiots don't let go me while
    I was queuing up for dinner Ngan san stood there asking for quarrel with me. I told Lavence Lee all that she just kept
    mum and why so hard for her to admit ngan san is wrong besides making efforts to brain wash me and twisting
    the truth. I felt humiliating and what makes her Lavence Lee so confidence that able to cover the issue
    by deceiving me that Ngan san having cancer ailment and she already got her karma commented Lavence Lee!

    Hi Tracy,
    I have been seriously thinking that two ### women (Ngan Swee Ching and Wendy Phang)
    apparently owing me a word of apologies. As such you also mentioned to me that they
    two are willing to apologize to me and I would choose to have each of they two write me
    a formal letter for apologizing.

    After all even the incidence happened to be three years ago
    but their akin to dog expression did to me was utterly unforgivable and at moments I still
    feel being humiliated and extremely angry towards their attitudes even they respectively
    earned their tipping RM 150 each. It was outraging when I paid RM 300 to eat KOBE beef
    that itchy Ngan San allured me like a dog before serving the beef on the table. She profited from the
    Kobe beef and at the same time wanted to humiliate me. What a jerk!
    They two never really valued me as a customer who had paid and seeking
    for a simple yet memorable vacation nor did they treat me like human being with virtue.
    I wish to read their apologize letters in which written by themselves with their own languages and please
    be sincere otherwise it does not bear a meaningful solution.
    What do you think, approprite?

    Dear Audrey,

    Happy day to you.
    Thank you for giving an opportunity to serve you.

    On behalf of Apple Vacations, We sincerely apologize for our Tour Guide Ngan san & Tour Leader Ms Wendy Phang that failed to fulfill the expected services and his professionalism performances during the tour. We will try to prevent encountering the same problem like this in future.

    We do appreciate hearing from you as feedbacks are vital for us to improving our service levels.

    However you will receive an apologize letter in hand writing from them (15 working days) from the date of this email.

    Once again, we are very sorry about this cause happened make you and your husband have an unpleasant holiday.
    Best regards,
    TRACY TAN | Executive (Asia)

    Dear Audrey,

    Good day to you.

    So sorry for our late reply in responding to your email dated 22 Apr 2015.

    As you have also requested for apology letters from both Ngan San and Wendy Phang, we have asked them to personally write to you their apology in their own words as per the 2 attachments herewith. We hope that by these apology letters, we will be able to help you close this chapter of unhappy experiences and memories with Apple.

    We deeply regret that our services did not meet up to your expectations and that our staff did not show forth the expected professionalism during the tour.

    Before signing off, I do hope that we will be able to have the opportunity to serve your future travel needs again, as we would like the opportunity to provide you the level of service that Apple Vacations is well known for.
    Best regards,
    TRACY TAN | Executive (Asia)

    Hi Tracy,
    Please refer to my email dated 22nd April 2015 which I have clearly expressed my request that they two each
    have to write me a formal apology letter separately and I thought you have accepted my request since your last email dated
    3rd May 2015 also indicate that they have prepared 2 letters because from your sentence ' personally write to you their apology in their own words as per the 2 attachments herewith'. If they have prepared only one combined letter then why
    are you saying as per the 2 attachments? I was searching everywhere the 2nd letter and only found 1 attachment.
    I doubt that if they are really sincere as to what you been telling me for uncountable times they are willing to
    apologize to me personally. Then, why Wendy is not composing the letter instead of using Ngan san's
    letter. Is she lazy to write or she is illiterate!

    Each of they two consider 2 distinct solo individual or entity and how would you
    interpret that they are the same since they two done different idiot things to me.
    If you insist that they two have done their best and being utterly sincere for that
    letter you sent to me then you go ahead with it need not write to me anymore.
    You been telling me that you wish to close the case since been dragging
    for 3 years and please pause and ponder what went wrong.
    At this point, I perceive all the call I received is just a drama show!


    Dear Audrey,

    Greetings from Apple Vacations!

    Once again, we would like to thank you for bringing up this situation to us as indeed your case has highlighted to us the shortcomings in our Company and triggered a need for QC in our training and development. We are indeed sorry and regret that your journey with us had not met up to your expectations.

    Referring to our recent tele-conversation, we would like to officially conclude this case by writing you this email.

    As this case had occurred 3 years ago, we believe that we have done all in our power to mend the situation and have performed our duty in disciplining and chastising the Tour Guide and Tour Leader involved. However, we cannot in all good conscience continuously punish these 2 ladies for their lapse in service 3 years ago. We hope that you too will share the same views as us, and have the graciousness and willingness to forgive their shortcomings and give these 2 ladies another chance to improve and become better persons. Their apology letters to you also shows their seriousness and sincerity.

    In conclusion, we would like to inform you that we are officially closing this case with this final email. We regret that we will not be responding to any more emails from you should it pertain to this case that had happened 3 years ago, as we realize that there will be no closure as long as you are not ready to forgive these 2 ladies. As we’ve mentioned above, we honestly believe that we have tried our best to resolve this situation. We seek your understanding in this matter.

    Thank you and regards.
    Best regards,
    TRACY TAN | Executive (Asia)

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avoid at all costs

I would not recommend booking a vacation through Apple Vacations by TravelTrek in Woodland Park for the following reasons:

We booked our vacation a year ahead of time and put down a deposit to lock in the price. We thought at this point we could move on to other things knowing our vacation is locked and secure. We were very surprised to receive a letter in the mail a week later stating that they hoped we enjoyed our vacation. A bit confused by all this and afraid that our vacation may have left without us, we called to make sure everything was okay and were assured that it was a computer glitch and that everything was alright. We also applied for vacation insurance that we found out later was never applied. A little apprehensive now we decided to keep tabs on our status but did request that they move us from the elderly travel agent to perhaps one with a better memory.

Three months later we were surprised to receive a letter in the mail from Apple Vacations stating that because of rising gas prices they were going to increase our vacation charges by $350. We called and complained that since we put a down payment on our vacations that should have locked in the price. Apparently Apple reserves the right to increase your vacation price any time they choose but they also reserve the right not to decrease the pricier vacation when gas prices fall. We think this is a ripoff and recommend steering clear of TravelTrek and Apple Vacations in Woodland Park.


i am awaiting my refund for my cancellation due to health problems. i was told, as was my travel agent, that...

Resolved bad service

We have been Apple Vacations very satisfied customers three times in the past and had our hearts set on...

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misrepresentation of resort

I will never use Apple Vacations again!!! They sold me a square deal vacation to Punta Cana and assured me...

apple reps laziness cost us thousands

We used Apple Vacations for a trip this spring 2008 to Punta Cana we first tried booking online directly with Apple that didnt happen we had tom go thru a travel agent. no biggie we got the same price unfortunately when we got to the Ohare Airport for our 6:00 a.m. flight at 4:30 the apple rep that was at the USA 3000 gate put us in the wrong line. after almost an hour wait in the line to check in the rep at the desk says, "oh your going to punta cana?! that flight has been cancelled, needless to say the apple rep wouldnt do anything it was 5:23 a.m. and they said they couldnt get us on the flight. in my opinion if you work for a company that uses a manifest or itinerary they should make sure that they call out peoples names or make announcements instead of standing there with their thumb in their ### not helping you. Because of the reps laziness we had to go through hours of agony trying to get a flight wich in the end cost 4 of us $695 dollars EACH wich was almost the cost of our $900 vacation just to get down there and we missed a whole day of vacation that was included in our package. I did write a letter to Apple still no answer.
DONT USE THEM...and if your ever flying out of Ohare double check everything


I had a group booked with Apple Vacations traveling to Cancun flying USA3000. I had a gentleman who needed to travel with the Inogen concentrator. When we booked him the agent never told us he could not take it. This gentleman feels he has been discriminated against since all the other airlines even Southwest allows this unit to be taken on. This machine has given a lot of people the flexibility to be able to travel more than ever. I have tried to talk with the airlines and Apple but was told they would not bend. In my opinion they do not want these people to be able to use them as a tour company... don't need to worry about that since the group has decided not to use them in the future for travel. This is not the 1st time for them to mess up and it will be the last for us to use the.

Description of machine follows. I weigh less than your cat. No more worries about running out of oxygen ever again. No more relying on others for your oxygen supply. And no more deliveries. The INOGEN ONE is the first oxygen system designed to provide unparalleled freedom for the active oxygen user. With the INOGEN ONE, you’ll no longer need separate pieces of equipment for home, portable, or travel use. Best of ll, because it gets oxygen from the air around you, there are no gas or liquid tanks to fill. That means your INOGEN ONE will never run out of oxygen. The INOGEN ONE is made to make your life easier. It’s light enough to carry over your shoulder, and it comes with a cart to roll behind you when you’re on the go. We like to think of it as a “polite companion”... and since it’s whisper quiet most people don’t know it’s running. I’m smaller than your coffee maker It can be battery operated. what makes USA 3000 better than anyone else... We are planning to go further with this discriminating issue.

did not honor refund/price guarantee

We booked an Apple Vacations trip to Mexico In August, 2007. The trip was scheduled for Oct 20 thru Oct 27th...

worst customer service ever!

I have had a Hawaii vacation purchased from Apple Vacation. The situation was similar to the described here - itinerary they sent us contains wrong time of departure. When we came to the airport they simply refused to even talked to us. I have simply stocked in the airport WITH 10 MONTH OLD kid in my hands. Just for your information - there is no air conditioning outside of KUAI airport, no water and no any other conveniences - everything inside but without ticket you can't pass security. Anyway as result of long conversations with answering machine I have got connected to someone who simply told me to get away, purchase a ticket and fly back home. After 4 weeks and complaint sent to them I have got so called "certificate" for 100$ expired in an 1 year.

Lesson learned: NEVER EVER HAVE A DEAL WITH APPLE VACATIONS! They don't have ANY customer support even in case of emergency.

  • Ji
    Jim Konrardy Apr 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was on a trip to the Oasis Playa when on the 4'th day we called home only to find out my uncle who was watching our kids died and they left numerous messags with my travel agent and the hotel. We never recieved one message. This caused alot of stress back home and the remainder of our trip! Any ideas where else I can vent or would I have any kind of a claim. Apple Vacationh offered me $220. for inconvience which I find as a slap in theface. I turned it down and Im wondering if I have any legal options. Thanks for aNY HELP!

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  • Sc
    Scott Rider May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will let zou know that i will never ever book through apple vacations again. We got our tickets 3 dazs before our trip to the Dominican, from the US. THE RESORT HAD US IN THE WRONG ROOMS AND APPLE DIDNT DO MUCH TO HELP US: I WILL BE CONTACTING APPLE WHEN WE GET BACK TO THE US!

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  • Li
    Lisa Mazza Jul 31, 2009

    We have reservations for Punta Cana from Philadelphia for 8/24/09-8/28/09. Oue departing flight was scheduled for 6 AM from Phili. arriving in Punta Cana at 9:30 AM, non-stop. Our return flight was to depart Punta Cana at 8:35 PM, Again non-stop. It has now been changed to depart at 10:15 AM from Phili. and STOP-OVER in Baltimore, not arriving in Punta Cana until 3PM. Our return flight has been changed to depart Punta Cana at 4 PM, again with a STOP-OVER in Baltimore. Our vacation is only 5 days, so we are literally losing 30% of our vacation time. Apple wants to hear nothing about this, either does USA 3000. No compensation is being given other than $50 vouchers for our next Apple trip, like that might happen!! I understand schedule changes of an hour or so but over 4 hours in both directions plus stop-overs is ludicrous!
    Apple Vacations has no regard for their customers at all. I would never use them again or recommend them to anyone!
    Lisa Mazza
    Oakhurst, NJ

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  • Vo
    voldemar Aug 31, 2010

    My wife and I were on trip(all inclusive) to Now Jade Maya Riviera on August 2010. The worst place and service we've ever had.
    The bartenders refused to provide the menu so we did not know what to order. Only one way to figure out was to ask other customers what they were drinking.
    Restaurant 'SENSE' looked good but the waiters tried to sell expensive wine and refused to bring the free wine which we'd paid for (all inclusive)
    The sea was dirty with many rocks with sharp edges.

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you dont always get what you pay 4

Well well apple vacations told me they would get back to me about my vacation complaint in 30 days? My vacation was in june?what year will they respond to my complaints? We paid for an ocean view and got palm trees, watered down drinks, one crowded pool, old workout equipment, expensive excursions they push and expensive massages, souvenir shop full of crappy items they can keep,a disco catering to young people, and they keep telling me theres no complaints. Apple please open your eyes this time and read the complaint instead of taking everyones money and running with it. People are not satisfied with your vacation resorts. Get it?

waste of time and money!

Apple Vacations

Went to San Jose Cabo on Sept 18 to stay until Sept 25th. Booked with Apple Vacations. I choose Presidente Intercontinental bc is was all inclusive but because Apple rated it a 5 star hotel. Trust me this is not a 5 star hotel. When we checked in to our room it smelled of mold and mildew. My husband went to lay down on the bed and the smell was even worse. I had him get up and pulled the sheets down to reveal a huge circle of fungus growing there. Mold was everywhere. I immediately went to the front desk demanded another room was taken to a new room which was no better. I tried for two days every hour on the hour to find a apple rep that was supposed to be there in the hotel. On the 3rd day went to concerige and requested our flight back home. She called a apple rep and the apple rep came over to our hotel a hour later. She wanted us to look at another room. I walked in and it had one bed. I asked where she thought our two kids were going to sleep. She then took us over to Crown Palace. This hotel was 75% improvement but the showers had not seen any type of cleaning in a long time. We had only one restaurant for Breakfast which served the same food each morning. The lunch and dinner menu were the same every other day. We thought going all inclusive was the way but now we know. Our apple agent here in Denver told us that all the restaurants would be open every day and that was not the case. I spent alot of money planning for this vacation for our family. We were so disappointed. There was no apple discounts on excursions as we were told their would be. The hotels elevators were shut down 4 hours almost every day leaving us to walk to the 4th level where our room was located. This was our first time with apple. We have been to cancun, jamaica, carnival cruises lines, etc. booking on our own. I went with Apple to have this trip planned for us. What a waste of time and money.

fraud and cheating!

This is not the first time I used your Company to travel. We do it because we always find what we are looking for, a nice Hotel, Delicious food, drinks and a beautiful place as a resort. to rest and relax. Ritz of Acapulco was nothing like we were expecting!!! We were so disappointed , I don't have words to describe my sadness. It was so expensive and it was all a waist of money. I don't understand how you can sell this package as a 4 Apples Resort... this is not even close to a Resort neither to the 4 apples.

Since the minute we walked into the Hotel I started crying because it was nothing like of what we were expecting. We felt as though we thrown all of our money way!! Let me tell you some of the many, many things we found here:

The Restaurant Las Cavas only opens once a week. The food from the buffet is the same everyday. The pool is not clean it everyday, very small, overcrowded.
The beach chairs have not cushions and the cushions are for the beach only, how weird is that? and the worst is that they don't let you take this cushions to use on the chairs, they used it separate, chairs from cushions. You know what I mean? The toilet do not work all the times The nights when it rains our room leaks.(the windows were closed), We did not have a refrigerator, hair dryer, iron board neither an iron. I can keep going on but I am just very disappointed and very sick of the lost of all of my money!!! I can highly recommend to all of our friends not to used you in the future.

The Hotel is very,very ... very old...!!! We have not words to say how sad, disappointed and mad we are about this trip.


poor service!

Went on our overrated overpriced honeymoon disaster. Jaccuzzi tubs big enough for midgets, wateredown drinks, one very crowded pool, ocean view room if you could see through palm trees, lousy beach, disco that catered to young couples,state of the art old fitness equipment, souvenir shop that sold junk you wouldn't buy or take home, pricey massages must have massaged with golden fingers, expensive excursions they try to push down your throat. I found i didn't get what i paid for and would not use apple again. I have wrote a couple of messages and complaints none that were never answered. I believe they get so many customers that they don't care about complaints.


complete disaster from the beginning!

The vacation was a complete disaster from the beginning. There was no communication with the North American Airline or Apple Vacation. The hotel was horrendous; there was no security, they gave 2 room keys to other people with no identification, it was filthy and the customer service was awful.

The following is a rough timeline of how the vacation occurred:

- FRIDAY NIGHT 3/16/07 -Called [protected] at 10:30 PM Friday night and flight was still on time
- SATURDAY MORNING 3/17/07 -Called 800 number at 3:00 AM Sat. (after our ride to airport was already there) to check on flight and it was delayed till 4:30PM so we sent our ride on its way to come back later. (We should have received a call from Apple Vacations or North American Airlines that flight was delayed)
- SATURDAY -Kept calling 800 number all day to make sure flight at 4:30 PM (it was)
- SATURDAY -On the way to air port at 2pm tried 800 number again still says flight leaving at 4:30 PM
- SATURDAY -Got to airport at 2:15 pm no signs for North American Airline at Terminal A so we asked Delta people who sent us to Terminal B1 asked there and they sent us to Terminal B2 there they sent us back to Terminal A
- SATURDAY -Departure screen reads Aruba Flight 17 leaving at 4:30 PM
- SATURDAY -Representatives from Delta tell us at 3:00 PM that Flight 17 is cancelled till Sun. at 6:30 am Sunday but wait for representative from North American Airline
- SATURDAY -Representative from NAA shows up at 3:30 pm and says the flight is canceled till Sun. at 6:30 am but keep calling [protected] for updated info. (Departure board still says 4:30 PM Sat.)
- SATURDAY -Around 3:45pm-4:00 pm call 800 number several times because its so busy it keeps disconnecting you and finally get through for it to say flight 17 is 2:30pm on Sunday
- SATURDAY -Representative from Apple Vacations Jo-Anne at 3:45 pm., was very rude, says keep trying the 800 # “I don’t know what else to tell you”
- She then says “I heard the flight is 2:00 pm but it may be at 6:30 am but keep trying the 800 number.
- SATURDAY -Try the 800 number and it says 2:30 pm Sun.
- SATURDAY -Who is correct what do we believe at 3:45 pm:
o NAA Rep says 6:30 am
o NAA 800 number says 2:30 pm Sun.
o Departure Board at airport says 4:30 pm on Sat
o Apple Vacation says 2:00 pm Sun but call 800 number

- SATURDAY –Check in at Hilton at the airport because we no longer had transportation to go all the way home and we weren’t sure what time our flight was on Sunday
- SATURDAY -Jo-Anne called from her cell phone number around 7:00 pm Sat. and said she heard flight is at 2:00 pm
- SUNDAY 3/18/07 -We called the 800 number at 5:00 am Sun. and it says there is no information on Flight 17 to Aruba after being told to call 800 #
- SUNDAY –we call Jo-Anne on her cell phone and she started yelling at us NOT to call the 800 number. …….So which is it call the 800 number or don’t
- SUNDAY – She finally told us our flight is at 2:00 pm and be at check in between 11:00 am to 12:00pm
- SUNDAY -We were there at 11:00 am and waited finally took off at 2:45 pm on Sunday
- SUNDAY –We finally arrive at the Holiday Inn at 9pm on Sunday night
o We have now lost 2 whole days of our vacation
o We have also paid for 2 days of all inclusive and weren’t there

- SUNDAY – After checking into Holiday Inn our friends go to the front desk to ask what room we are in so we can meet them and they just GAVE THEM 2 KEYS TO OUR ROOM WITH NO IDENTIFICATION and he only asked what room Michael and Laureen Wright were in.
- MONDAY 3/19/07- We requested towels to take a shower and no one showed up for 2hrs after several calls saying they will be right there
- TUESDAY 3/20/07 – Night we set Air conditioning to 65 degrees it read 73 degrees in room. We had a sleepless night
- WEDNESDAY 3/21/07 -we reported the A/C was not working and they would send some one to our room right away. And no one showed so we left.
- WEDNESDAY – came back to room and still no A/C we called again and again they said they would send someone right away no one showed we left again
- WEDNESDAY –Night came back to sleep and still no A/C and did not Sleep again
- THURSDAY 3/22/07 –8:00am went to front desk and again “We’ll get someone there right away” no show and we left
- THURSDAY – came back to room at 12:30 pm and still no A/C 74 degrees in room for the third day. We called and the said the had a cooling issue in several rooms and working on it
- THURSDAY – trying to dry hair to meet friends again in very hot room and called again they said “SOME ONE WILL BE THERE RIGHT AWAY”
- THURSDAY –Called GWV Vacations and they will call back
- THURSDAY – 3:30 pm Someone from Front Desk called and said there was a problem with cooling system and it would be fixed in an hour
- THURSDAY – Spoke to GWV Rep who tried to get an answer and referred me to go see Front Desk Manager Alisia
- THURSDAY –went to front desk before leaving to meet friends and asked for Alisia and she was not there but I can change my room and I said I want to speak to Manager
- THURSDAY – Spoke to Manager on Duty Michelle who assured me she spoke to the General Manager and the problem would be rectified and compensated. She also assured me the Manager on Duty on Friday would definitely call me between 8am and 4pm with a resolution.
- THURSDAY– night when came back to sleep finally A/C working
- FRIDAY 3/23/07–Cut my day short to go back to speak to a manager at 3:00 pm and spoke to Manager on Duty Brenda who said she didn’t know what they were going to do for us she would contact the General Manager and “she is very busy” ( so that’s my problem your busy I’m not important enough for you to find out) She said she “Would get back to us, if not tonight first thing in the morning”
- FRIDAY –got back to room and there was a message from Terry from GWV stating that Angela was down stairs to try and resurrect this problem. Well I was out trying to enjoy my last day of my short vacation as far way from the Holiday Inn as possible.
- FRIDAY –got to the room at 2:30 and it was not cleaned and no clean towels I called the front desk to speak to the Manager and the operator said she couldn’t just connect me to her and she would call back and I explained we had no towels and our room was not cleaned, and again insisted that I speak to a manager and she said someone will call me back. I called back again and she said someone would call me back and I explained to her I was irate and was not going to wait for 2 hours for towels again and she hung up. I then went to a maids cart outside and took towels so we could shower.
- SATURDAY 3/24/07 – 8:30am tried to find Brenda and check out and “she didn’t know what they were going to do and what ever it said on my check out sheet” She then had Jonathan check us out and she walked away without a sorry or thank you and no customer service at all.
- SATURDAY –Jonathan gave us $140.41 cash with no explanation handed us receipt with no words walked away and we waited for him to say something and a pen because we thought we would have to sign something and Mike grabbed a pen from the desk to sign it and he rudely said you don’t have to sign that and walked away again.
- The room we stayed in was filthy the floor was moldy and filthy as well as the tub and this was after they had “cleaned the room” There was also no bar on the sliding door and we were on the first floor in the way back of the hotel, looking at another building.
- We were also not upgraded “guests who have Aruba as their first and only stamp in their passports will receive an upgrade to a Superior room and one bottle of domestic Champagne upon check-in” And it was our first and only stamp on our passport.

  • Cr
    CRISTINA CAMARGO Sep 13, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went to Acapulco and stayed at the Ritz of Acapulco.

    This is not the first time I used APLE VACATIONS to travel. We do it because we always find what we are looking for, a nice Hotel, Delicious food, drinks and a beautiful place as a resort. to rest and relax.

    Ritz of Acapulco was nothing like we were expecting!!! We were so disappointed , I don't have words to describe my sadness. It was so expensive and it was all a waist of money.
    I don't understand how they can sell this package as a 4 Apples Resort...this is not even close to a Resort neither to the 4 apples.

    Since the minute we walked into the Hotel I started crying because it was nothing like of what we were expecting. We felt as though we thrown all of our money way!!

    Let me tell you some of the many, many things we found here:

    The Restaurant Las Cavas only opens once a week.
    The food from the buffet is the same everyday.
    The pool is not clean it everyday, very small, overcrowded.
    The beach chairs have not cushions and the cushions are for the beach only, how weird is that? and the worst is that they don't let you take this cushions to use on the chairs, they used it separate, chairs from cushions. You know what I mean?
    The toilet do not work all the times,
    the bathroom was filthy...
    The nights when it rains our room leaks.(the windows were closed),
    We did not have a refrigerator, hair dryer, iron board neither an iron.
    Not a minibar like on the other Resorts we have been.
    I can keep going on but I am just very disappointed and very sick of the lost of all of my money !!!!!!
    I can highly recommend to all of our friends not to used APPLE VACATIONS in the future.

    The Hotel is very,very .....very old....!!!!!!!!!!!
    We have not words to say how sad, disappointed and mad we are about this trip.

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  • Ga
    gary oaks Jan 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    apple has found a way to rape hard working people of their money going back to at least hurricane emily in 2005 in mexico. we did nothing but play survivor for a week, got no refund, and we even took the trip insurance, and we're lied to at the airport prior to our flight leaving. we have nothing good to say about crooks.....

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voucher vs. cash

There is no clear definition on the website, on the phone message system, or in the conversations that I had with the initial customer service representative that I could not cancel my vacation and get cash back. This is kind of a double ### because of the new legislation on leaving the country. Thank bush and the patriot act on this one too.

My vacation days are locked, so I had to take them.

When I canceled my vacation because passports are (backed up by the millions) they told me that I could only get vouchers. The customer service department that would give you an actual refund is not available by phone, and makes no promises to contact you by email in under a month. So basically I go from having an all inclusive vacation in Cancun to a piece of ### non-inclusive ### room at the same price in Orlando because of the change. I'm not saying this is all their fault, but considering the fact that the customer service department is a black hole in regards to cash refunds, even if you purchase travel insurance I would avoid this company at all costs. So a 3000 dollar vacation in an all inclusive hotel in Cancun turned to a Orlando nickel and dime feast because I have to take the vacation with their ### vouchers on last minute notice.

  • Ch
    Christian Nov 11, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I cannot log into my itunes account and it still has $10.69 in it. I do not remember any of my information. Please help.

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I will never use apple vacations or destinations travel again!

Below is the text of a letter I sent to John Mullen, President of Apple Vacations and their response. 4380...

Resolved overcharge problems!

Apple Vacations was chosen to help our friends & family travel to Cancun, Mexico for our May 2006 wedding. The majority of our guests were leaving Dulles International Airport and purchased the land & air accommodations through Apple Vacations. The week prior to our wedding, the package price dropped $87.00. I immediately notified Ballston Travel (local agency) and Apple Vacations. I was told Apple "guaranteed pricing" and will offer the lowest advertised price. Providing the lowest price is also in my contract that I signed with Apple for the Seago/King Wedding on May 6, 2006 at the Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun, Mexico. All qualified guests would receive a check in the mail. Well, 6 months later my guests are still waiting for their refund.
Myself and our local travel agent have called and/or sent numerous emails to resolve the situation. Most of the time, no response. On a few occasions, an Apple Vacation representative says "they are checking into it" and then we never hear from them again. It is an embarrassment that this refund has not been issued. They are clearly overcharging 21 people.
My local travel agent at Ballston Travel [protected] has all of the necessary documentation to show individual payments and the qualified individuals that should be receiving a refund. We have presented all of the information to Apple and they still have not provided the refund...6 months later!!
Any assistance you can provide to get our wedding guests their refund would be greatly appreciated. We know they spent their hard earned money to celebrate a monumental time in our life. And we would like for them to receive their due refund. Thank you in advance.

  • Ca
    Cari Williams Nov 30, 2007
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    Verified customer

    See my complaint! SAME ISSUE.

    We booked an Apple Vacations trip to Mexico In August, 2007.
    The trip was scheduled for Oct 20 thru Oct 27th, 2007.
    We booked with Apple with the understanding that you have a price guarantee.

    I contacted Apple Vacations at 11:56 am (CST) on Monday, Oct 15th to inquire about the price guarantee because I noticed on the internet that the price had dropped on our Mexico vacation package.

    I was advised by one of your Representatives that indeed, our package price had dropped $400 per person.
    I was advised that the guarantee would be processed and would be applied to our Mastercard.

    Several weeks later, I had not received a credit on our Mastercard.
    I contacted Apple Vacations again and was advised that I needed to wait 1-2 billing cycles before this credit would be applied (apparently I reached the Chicago office)

    Again, our billing statement arrived, and we had no credit on our Mastercard.

    I contacted Apple Vacations again on November 28 at 3:00 pm and spoke with "Megan". Megan advised that the price guarantee was never processed, and in fact, there was no record of my call.
    I asked her what Apple could do for me now? Could they look up the call that was made and find out why the price guarantee was never processed?
    She stated that Apple Vacations does not record their calls. She also stated that there was nothing Apple Vacations could do for me now, because it appears that I had never called regarding the price guarantee.
    I advised "Megan" that I would not accept her answer. I would not lose $800 due to a mistake that Apple Vacations made.

    I asked to speak with a Manager.
    I then spoke with "Harold".
    "Harold" advised that the only thing he could do was to see if they could pull a report and show if I ever did call Apple Vacations.
    I gave Harold the phone number that I called from (219-647-4518), which is my telephone number at work.
    He stated it would take one business day to run the necessary report and he would call me back.

    On 11/29/07, Harold did not contact me.

    On 11/30/07 at 3:10 pm (CST), I contacted Apple Vacations again and reached "Allison".
    I asked to speak with Harold. He was on another call, so I left my name and number. Allison advised that he would call me back after he was finished with his current call.

    Harold did not return my call.
    He did not even call me to state that he was still working on the issue, and apologize for the delay.
    He simply didn't call.

    Needless to say, I am very frustrated with Apple Vacations and your process.
    Clearly, one of your Representatives did not complete the transaction as they were supposed to.
    How can I correct this?

    We spent $3200 on a vacation with Apple.
    We just want the $800 that was supposed to be processed on Oct 15

    I will keep pursuing the issue until the mistake is found and the correction is made.

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  • Lo
    Loka67 Aug 20, 2018

    I had a wedding on April 28 and just because my flight was delayed I lost that wedding I was delayed almost 2 hours very sad I would like to know what can I do about it because that was the reason I flew to Cancun please read me back and tell me what can I do thank you very much Sandra Perez

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