AOLprudential death chat using my name in the trump political forum

R Jul 12, 2019 Review updated:

My screen name in the Trump Political Forum is Recon Ron. Someone has been cloning my name and posting such posts as the following this morning..." If Trump should get assassinated it will be the first time such an event is celebrated in the country, but totally understandable"..." no one is going to let trump destroy the country, someone will take him out before that happens, i`m sure the plan is already set"..." I wish someone would shoot Trump right fukin now "..." SHOOT HIM NOW...SHOOT HIM NOW!!! ".. This has to stop and I am considering sending this to the FBI and Fox News. I am sure he can be tracked in minutes. I want it on record that I reported this.

Ron Brown



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    vondiamant Sep 12, 2019

    The AOL moderators let anything against Trump go through yet remove a lot of the positive factual comments and yes, my user name has been used by others to make nasty comments as well.

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