Anthropologieshipping/returns and customer service

In late May of 2019 I placed an order of a king quilt and shams and queen quilt and shams. I received the quilts in a timely manner but ended up needing to contact Anthropologie to find the king and queen shams. They told me to wait and see if they turn up. I waited another week or so and called again. Someone then informed me that they were lost in transit and needed to be canceled and reordered. I was surprised I not been contacted but I complied and reordered the items and Anthropologie shipped them overnight. The next day I received a very small package with my correct name and address and receipt indicating shams but the order contained a romper and what I assumed was a shirt (I did not bother opening). I then contacted Anthropologie again to explain what had happened. They informed me that I needed to go to ups or store and return the items they sent me by mistake which prompted me to ask for a return label. The return label was not supplied within a week so I then called customer service to make sure I could return the items to the store and still get my shams. They said yes, that even though I didn't have the items indicated in my invoice (shams) that the return would still be recorded and I would get my shams. The shams were finally sent out and received by me and I returned the items to my local store in Westport and was told all would be well. Months later in September I received an e-mail from Anthropologie indicating that they would be charging me for not returning my shams (which was my worry when I had actually be instructed to return the wrong order I received) and I was charged $168.25. I of course contacted Anthropologie again. The customer service rep then assured me I would get the refund. Weeks passed and I did not get my refund and called again. I was told there was no record of my returning the items they sent me by mistake and the charge would remain. I found this very upsetting because I have been a loyal customer for years. I felt I was treated poorly by the supervisor on top of all the agonizing phone calls and efforts to correct my situation. I contacted my credit card company to see if there was something I could do. They refunded my charge and I felt slightly better about the situation until I received a retaliatory email from Anthropologie explaining that unless I paid them back the $168.25 that the bank reclaimed I would not be allowed to shop in any of their stores. This really hurt. As a customer you expect to be treated with understanding and not like the enemy. So after doing some research I found that this scenario had happened to other Anthropologie customers, where shipping mistakes and wrong orders received turned into false charges and missing returns. How disheartening. So that's what I am at. I either pay up to Anthropologie so I can shop at their stores or I must stop going to my favorite stores and cafes owned by them. I feel so devalued as a customer and like after all of this work to make things right, I am being threatened and punished. I hope they reevaluate their policies and procedures, but perhaps I am expecting too much from companies these days.

Oct 09, 2019

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