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Pn May 31, 2008 Authorized Movers picked up my household goods in Nebo, NC to be delivered in IL within 2-3 days. After many many phone calls and many excuses on their part (including that the drivers was deported, they didn't have a key for the truck, to finally they could not find my things.) On September 15, I got a call from a man in NJ. He said he had just purchased a warehouse and found my stuff. I had paid Authorized by American Express. I had filed a dispute with them (Amex) because I had given up on ever getting my stuff. ( Note: When you hire a mover, you must relaize that your things are worth far more than it costs to move them. Mine were worth much more.) So this man in NJ says he will deliver my stuff for $1000. He had no paperwork and had found my name on one of the cartons. He urged me to file a claim against Authorized Movers because my furniture was broken and my mattress and box springs were moldy.
So my things were delivered. The mattress and box springs were moldy and mildewed. All of the carons looked as if they had been sitting out in the rain. Muddy and collapsing. My knee hole desk was broken in two. Several chairs were broken. My bedroom furniture was scratched and has deep goudges. So I filed a claim.
ANTHEM CLAIMS MANAGEMENT denied my claim. First saying that I had signed paperwork saying everything was delivered in good condition. (Impossible) Second, that American Express had settled the dispute by crediting my account.
ANTHEM CLAIMS MANAGEMENT BRAGS ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THEY DENY 97% OF THEIR CLAIMS! There is virtually no oversight on this business and they get away with everything they can.


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    GetSteeev Feb 21, 2009

    Anthem's website says they have been "winning 97% of chargebacks".
    Chargebacks are from Credit Card companies, not claim filers.

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    Theresa Sinclair Apr 29, 2009

    After losing my Ultra Jet 3 motorized wheel chair, and having my curio cabinet destroyed and several of my boxes, crushed and broken furniture, I was offered a mere $108 for compensation. This was adding insult to injury, I thought.
    Ori Van lines did me one diservice with all of the missing and damaged pieces but Anthem did the final insult with their offer of $108.
    The wheel chair is my lifeline. Not to mention it was an investment of more than $5, 000.00. I can't prove it but I know in my heart that Ori and their Universal movers in California stole my things and probably have a site where they sell off these items from moves.
    How can we, the poor victom be protected?

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    Stressout1 Jan 13, 2011

    I, too had a van line service delivery my belongings to another state. the story is the same, I was overcharged and none of my furniture that was quoted was actually boxed and delivered. I called time after time and they quickly want you off the phone. I had so many personal items missplaced that, Ive literally gotten stressed out. My little girl had so many dolls from birth until now, and the crazy thing a whole table disappered. Imagine that. Don't stop at Anthems Claims write the arrorney general, go to the legal aid, there is no way we all have same or similar stories. I paid over 2400.00 to end having to pay an additional 1500.00 for things left in my previous state. They ask for photos and this and that and you get nothing in return. The company Lond distance Vanlines lied, overcharged, damaged and yes lost my belongings. The same guy or supervisor never answer the phone and when he does its way for Anthem. Please even though it is time consuming write the attorny general, go to legal aid, don't let someone else be a victim. Once again one of the boxes misplaced was my babygirl's favorite doll she cried for days. So, I'm standing up, I suggest you too do the same.

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    christine hunt crawford Jan 30, 2014

    January 30, 2014 This place needs to be shut down. I have lost items that can never be replaced. I am disgusted by these people. Nothing more to add. Actions speak louder than words. They will pay.

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