Anheuser-Busch Companiesnfl... lack of respect


OK, OK, you may have heard it all. But one more...
Our household is not please with the NFL owners and the decision on allowing players to kneel at the beginning of the game when the American Flag is honored.
Your company has used respected the American people and respected the military, first responders, police, etc...
Your company uses the logos that represents America with the colors and the American Eagel.
It is time to stand behind your imagine and not support decisions made by the NFL to allow prejudice of race brought to the American Flag.
The NFL, can and has had guidelines their players much follow...they can insure guidelines that protest not be displayed while being paid by them.
United We Stand, Devided We Fall.
The NFL owners are allowing a devision.
What will Anheuser Bush allow and support?

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