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This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. goes to great lengths advertising their abilities to find out what your roots are, in particular the latest tv commercials where an individual starts by say "all my life I thought I was — , but when I took the ancestry dna test I found out I am italian serbian this and this there are at least 4 of these kinds of commercials on tv which deceive the public by actually lying as the test results are not that specific so is actually making false and deceptive claims and lying to consumers
After waiting 2 months and paying over $100 I finally got notice via email my dna test results were ready I raced home from work to find nothing but an evasive test result with a pie showing I am 81% western european which encompasses belgium france germany switerland lichtenstein on and on and a small percentage of this and that the test results are so wide spread
I am so irritated that I fell for this lark this is nothing but a money making scheme
I want a refund as this company is deceptive in making false claims

Patricia berrisch

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