/ QuixtarBrainwashing techniques they use, which strongly resemble those used by religious cults

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When I realized my husband would never be able to bring himself to do the things they asked in order to "build the business", I asked, and then begged that he stop spending the money on books and tapes, seminars and major rallies.

He just kept going on with it, and the longer it went the more I realized that the primary reason we could not get any real help from our upline was that they were already making plenty of money from us off of their share of the tapes, books, seminars, and rallies. Just one example; it costs pennies each to mass duplicate a tape of one of these "upline" talking at a rally, and our price for the two tapes of the week ten years ago was over $7.00 each!

Finally I asked our oh-so-caring sponsors to talk to him and get him to drop the business since he was obviously not going to work it. Instead, they encouraged him to continue having contact with them behind my back, he got a credit card that I did not know about and put $6,000 on it while pulling the bills out of the mail so that I never saw them.

This was because I was working a second job to try and pay off the other two credit cards, 80+% of which were charged up with Amway crap. I was giving him $400 a month that he was supposed to be directly applying to charge cards. Instead, he was making the minimum payments and spending the cash on more motivational crap. They told him he was doing the right thing because once he became successful it would all be made up to me, in spades.

$16,000 spent in four years. One marriage nearly ruined. Bankruptcy. And to this day he will not throw out the pictures of himself with those Diamonds and Emeralds. He's not the same person and never will be, thanks to the brainwashing techniques they use, which strongly resemble those used by religious cults.

The only time in my life that I would refuse to urinate on one of those rat-faced Amway ba****** would be if he or she were on fire.


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    Desi Victim of quixtar Mar 01, 2007

    I am a former IBO of quixtar. I was introduced into this business by my best friend into this business. What they told me b4 joining the business were all lies. After joining the business they kept pressuring me to make more PV and get on the STP. But I realized early on that these people are not being fair and I used to observe their hypocrisy. I wanted to do the business my own way. I told my upline that I will only buy those things that I need and would not buy unnecessary products just to make 100PV and would ask my downlines to do the same. They rejected the idea and told me to leave the business if I don't couldn't follow their path. I just couldn't knowingly screw someone for my benefit and I left quixtar. Following me all my downlines left too.

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  • Kr
    Kris May 09, 2007

    It sounds like your unstable marriage is the source of your problems, not Amway. It seems to me that none of your problems would have ever happened if you and your husband had any form of healthy communication. No scam artist could ever come between my wife and me because we are unified in our decisions and we support each other. (Not implying that Amway or Quixtar IBOs are scam artists). Complaining about Amway on the internet won't solve your problems. You need a marriage counselor.

    I don't want to get into all the reasons I think Quixtar is a great company, but I will say this: The effect Quixtar and my upline business parters have had on my life and marriage has been incredible. I owe most of my success and happiness to Quixtar and my support organization.

    It's strange how Quixtar has brought my wife and me prosperity and you pain and suffering. Perhaps you should look in the mirror rather than blaming others.

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  • Uc
    UC3 Apr 03, 2018

    @Kris You're A [censor]

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    Prash Sep 15, 2007

    I agree fully with the complaint. I have seen a few families where either both wife and husband were "zombified" in Quixtar, or they had issues due to the saner one opposing joining this cult.

    Kris - Don't fool yourself. I know they told you to "fake it till you make it" in your rallies. Chances are you are losing money every month while convincing yourself that it will some how pay off in the long run. Less than .05% of the Quixtar IBOs can afford to leave their main job. That is 1 in 2000. Over 95% of IBOs lose money every month. The rest make a few hundred dollars a month. You Ambots claiming you are "prosperous" are the brainwashed ### of this earth.

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  • Vi
    vijit arun murthy Sep 23, 2007

    good in all
    & best

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  • Bo
    Bob Hart Feb 12, 2008

    I strongly agree with you and your plight. I too have been dealing with my wife's quixtarded dysfunctional family long distance. it seems that after roping my wife into signing up as a partner in this scam business and then bilking her out of thousands of dollars in exchange for crappy tasting xs drinks and hideous tasting energy bars (which sit uneaten on the porch), they talked her into becoming primary care giver to their two quixtar orphans. she is a senior citizen for god's sake! she is raising the children while they bilk more suckers out of their hard earned the meantime, her health goes downhill and they don't give a hoot. I cannot tell you how bad quixtar upline criminals are without really getting mad as hell! to anyone reading this comment, take warning: do not seek the treasure! run when you see these scam people coming. warning: amway — picture a business that should be using a skull and crossbones as their banner.

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  • Ty
    Tyler* Feb 20, 2008

    I was roped into Amway/Quixtar a few weeks ago buy someone i trusted. I was invited to have coffee one afternoon and we started talking about businesses etc. I recently started my own business so times are a little tough but it's going well and slowly but surely i'll get there.

    I was introduced to this so called 'business coach' who proceeded to talk to me about income and expenses and all that c r a p about money spent on household expenses. I should have seen the warning signs then. To cut a long story short, after signing up, paying money and attending two meetings which were identical to the word. It was like everyone was on tape recordings.

    I started questioning it, which they didn't like. I refused to phone my contact list as i couldn't get myself as far as to rope any of my friends or acquaintances into this scam. I started googling and found loads of articles on scam after scam. No one but the few sly dogs at the top makes a buck. All the rest just fork out thousands on motivational c r a p!
    I'll never trust this person again as he is brainwashed by Amway's promises and almost took me for a ride. I'm giving everything back and demanding a refund on all those products they force you to buy and to top it up, returning the water filter at roughly $800 that they installed in my home after i repeatedly said that i couldn't afford it. "we have payment plans" they laughed, and "use it for a little while, see what you think". How cunning. I hope people see the light and slowly start crushing this company in the same way it tries to destroy people's lives!

    Most people (including myself) would believe something if they heard it from a credible source. I say, question more! The internet is a powerful tool. USE IT!

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  • He
    heather Apr 08, 2008

    I don''t know what any of you are complaining about.

    I was completely skeptical when my boyfriend introduced me to this business. I went to a few of the meetings, and I can agree that they felt cult-like at first. But it is simply because no one is today's world is used to a group of strangers who are willing to help you succeed before they even know you.

    Desi Victim of Quixtar, you are encouraged to follow certain steps because it is the entire premise of the company. The way that you are taught to succeed in the process is a tried-and-true learnable, teachable, duplicatable step-by-step process that, if executed properly, never fails. Your upline encouraged you to spend 100 PV because if you do not spend 100PV, Quixtar does not send you a check.

    As for Prash, I can honestly say that nearly everyone at my weekly open meeting is making serious profit off of this company. For example, my boyfriend just recruited a family friend to join the business--after one week and seven hours total of work, he earned nearly $200. That works out to nearly $29 an hour. If he continues to build the business, there is no way that he can fail.

    Bob Hart, it sounds like something was wrong with your personal upline, but there is no valid reason for you to take this out on Quixtar. My upline cares for me more than my family at times, and they are always concerned with the problems in my life whether they are business-related or not. All they want is my success.

    Tyler*, the reason that the two meetings you went to were identical is because the first half of every open meeting is supposed to be an informational session for new people who are interested in joining the business. If you signed up as an IBO, you would be qualified to stay until the second half of these meetings, which are always exciting and diverse and highly informational. Refusing to phone your contact list is like suicide in this business; one of the first steps is to talk to people you know and try to get them to become either IBO's or customers. Either way you help them out. As for the "scam" articles you read, I can almost guarantee that either these people were not in the business long enough to warrant turning a profit or they did not exert all of their effort into success. Success is built upon failing and adjusting until you reach a good final product, and these people probably dropped out after a rough failure or two. As an independent business owner, it would be shameful for you to not use or hand out your own products; it would seem as if you didn't like them yourself. The reason you have ot buy products is so that you may do these two things. And as for "only a few sly dogs at the top making a buck, " as I said...close friends of mine have been in this business for less than a month and are already earning generous profits.

    I work with many people in this business, and none of them are idiots. None of them are vulnerable, needy, lonely, impressionable people that would be sucked into a cult or scam. There is serious profitability in Quixtar. I work with doctors, lawyers, graphic design employees, and many other educated people who would recognize trouble if they saw it. Quixtar is Better Business Bureau approved and backed by some of the most recognized companies in the world (Disney, PacSun, Omaha Steaks, the list goes on and on). These companies would not be willing to put their names on the line with a company that wasn't going to succeed or had the potential for bad press as a scam. There is absolutely no logical reason to back up Quixtar being a scam unless you don't put the work into it or quit too soon.

    Quixtar is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and if you were told so, then the person you talked to was not very educated about the business. It requires hard work and persistence, and yes, if you can't promise both of those things then I recommend that you don't join because the business will seem like a scam. Honestly, the only complaint that I have for Quixtar is that it makes making money way too easy and makes me feel like an idiot for thinking that a regular job in corporate America is the only way to succeed and make money.

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  • Cl
    Cluedin Oct 09, 2018

    @heather Oh sweetie! You know for certain they’re all making money? You’re delusional. They want you to believe they are. A family member spews the same brainwashed nonsense that you are. He’s spent over 7k in a year & finally admitted that he’s gotten $100 whole dollars from scamway. This person has been trying to bully ignorant family members into this supposed millionaire making biz. 🙄 Sit down & do the math. $400+/mo is what he’s telling family they need to be spending. Plus the media garbage thing to get into meetings, motivational paraphernalia & other garbage at $100+mo. Gas to the meetings which are 1-3hrs away. When you’re giving a biz more $ than you’re getting then it’s a scam. This person pays for his & his gfs acct at over $600/mo. He’s losing vehicles & moved in with the gf & her parents cuz no money left after spending it on Scamway. Like someone else said. Show the actual figures & paycheck & you might be more convincing.

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  • He
    heather Apr 08, 2008

    Thought I should add, it is completely impossible for only the "top dogs" to make any money because there are always new "top dogs" who have climbed their way to the top of the business. Most of the people who are the "top dogs" in the business completely bypassed the people that got them started; in other words, they surpassed the success of their own upline. This means Quixtar is not a pyramid scheme, because it is possible to pass your superiors. True, most of the people who become successful remain successful, but this is because they have established reliable customers and sales groups underneath them. They put in the hard effort to get to the top, but it is always possible for someone new to climb above them. Just some more information.

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  • Uc
    UC3 Apr 03, 2018

    @heather Show me a check then

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    Brainwashed Distributors Apr 09, 2008

    Heather its pretty obvious that your brainwashed. Your points above are absolutely incorrect. You are a Quickstar employee/distributor/salesperson whether you belive it or not. And yes... you are working for the man, it's just a different one. Good to know you are supplying the Quickstar ship with fuel.

    Yes, it is easy to make money in this world in business. Only problem with Quickstar is, the expense sheet fills up much quicker than the income sheet. That is why their is such a thing as balance sheets.

    As far as making money off it? If you people can look yourself in the mirror and live with yourself, that's your own deal. I don't know how you people do it recruiting people who you know have no chance in the world to make money at Quickstar and get them to buy into the products and lies.

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  • He
    heather Apr 09, 2008

    Brainwashed Distributors, it's pretty obvious that your grammatical and lingustic skills need some work. Try spellcheck next time. But I applaud your effort to cop out of a good solid argument by calling me brainwashed. Thanks, but I've taken numerous courses in psychology and sociology and have extensive knowledge of brainwashing. I have no problem making disagreements with the company or going against their suggestions; I simply admit that their business plan works and going against it might now be a wise decision. And thanks for acknowledging that I supply the Quiztar ship with fuel. On top of being a pretty decent metaphor, it also makes me feel good to know that you can recognize that I support a company that I plan to work for. Sorry if it's such a strange concept.

    I never said that I didn't think I was a Quixtar employee/distributor/salesperson. Although I haven't technically signed any of the registration papers yet, I actively promote their products, attend meetings when my schedule allows, and have been to one of the seminars as well. As soon as I sign those papers, I will be proud of the fact that I work with them. Also, as an independent business owner, I am not working for "the man" either; I am working for myself. I can bypass your so-called "man" anytime I want.

    I would have to disagree with you that it is easy to make money in this world in business. Starting at the bottom of the ladder with minimum pay and maximum hours, fighting your way up, and encountering conflict and struggle along the way is not exactly my definition of 'easy.' Where Quixtar is concerned: as with any business, for the first couple of months, you are correct; the expense sheet does fill up faster than the income sheet. Good job recognizing that. However, the margin between these numbers can be large or small depending on how much work an individual puts into their business. As time progresses, this margin invariably becomes smaller and smaller as long as the individual is still actively working on their business. I've seen it happen many times just in the few short months I've been familiar with the business and it is not a unique situation.

    Lastly, I wanted to ask what is so wrong with making money off of a business? I can certainly look myself in the mirror knowing that not only have I put serious effort into something and succeeded, but also provided some people in this world with excellent products and given them an opportunity to make the same kind of money I'm making. The products are amazing and I have not witnessed a single person in this business lie (unless it was jokingly; we do occasionally make jokes and have fun in our little cult meetings). There is absolutely profit to be made in Quixtar, and no one is stepped on along the way; no one is deceptively made to believe anything. So, you can believe whatever you want, but I plan on living a dream lifestyle while you're trying to survive in the regular business world. Have fun being regular, and I'll have fun being better.

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  • Br
    Brainwashed Distributors Apr 10, 2008

    Heather, I love your response. Typical internet blog comment... ripping on the spelling errors instead of the substance of the point. Nice work.

    "The products are amazing" - I guess I didn't know that toilet paper could be that amazing... oh wait, 25 dollar toilet paper.

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  • He
    heather Apr 10, 2008

    This is an internet blog of sorts. And two sentences out of four paragraphs were related to your spelling. It wasn't exactly a staple in my post.

    I'm pretty darn sure we don't sell $25 toilet paper, unless it's in bulk or something. And I was referring to our makeup, jewelry, health products, energy drinks, electronics, snack foods, and wide array of other products that you so ideally neglected to mention. Most of these items are in fact sold at prices lower than in stores, I might add. It's the concept of redirecting sales and cutting out the middlemen (brokers, warehouses, retailers, etc.). I would explain in more detail, but I have better things to do with my life and additionally, I'm tired of arguing with you because you seem quite intent on being negative and maintaining a pessimistic attitude. Good luck getting anywhere in life with that kind of outlook.

    Honestly, you can believe whatever you want. You're making the argument difficult by focusing on fallacies, suspicions, and exaggerations. I just wanted to set the record straight so that people know Quixtar isn't a scam as long as you work hard and follow the process; most of the people who don't succeed in the business are the cause of their own failure.

    Nice chatting with you. I'm out.

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  • Br
    Brainwashed Distributors Apr 11, 2008

    Quixstar is a joke. That is why the name is "Quick" "Star".

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  • Da
    daniel May 02, 2008

    exselete la opurtunidad que nos an dado de salir adelante como podes trumpar. y gracias.

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  • Du
    Dustin Haupt May 04, 2008

    are you kidding me?!?!?! quit ### cuz you couldnt cut the mustard . your business failed and im pretty confident in assuming that wasnt the first time the tag of failure has been attached to you . i worked at a major auto plant before this opportunity came my way . well that was until i walked in on my friday to collect my check but instead it had be mailed to my residence because i was in fact laid off . awesome !!! now i started when i was 18 and im 22 now . in that time frame almost all of my grad class had completed college and now i was stuck tryingh to keep up with the bills from my 22 bucks an hour lifestyle i was accustomed to . i was skeptical at first but i kept an open mind and now im blowing it up like ive never even imagined !!! tell me another place a 22 year old high school graduate can make the money im making right now ???? thought so dumbass . the program wasnt for you . so get the sand out of ur C*** and quit blaming ur problems on everybody else in this world . as a matter of a fact its not people like and amway and alticor that makes me sick its you kind of people . grow up and take some responibility for christ sake ! oh yea bustin my ### at mcdonalds was soooooooooo much better for me and my future than this ur right im sorry cuz apparently ur bankruptcy made you the F***ing voice of reason right ? oh well I guess some people are just born losers .

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  • Ad
    Adam May 23, 2008

    Heather, take the stick out of your butt and get real.

    Dustin, no one can make it as far as you claim with that attitude, and if you were serious you would never talk that way. I would never want to be part of your up-line and good luck keeping your down-line established.

    I’m 22 and I live in North Carolina, I’m from Ohio

    Hope you guys are in for a story!

    Some quick opening notes: The business Quixtar may be a member of the BBB for what they sell, but they are not approved by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION (FTC) for their business practices which is far more important.

    I'm a new first-time Quixtar IBO... WooHoo! Although I am a fool me twice because the idea was presented to me 8 months ago... Congrats to me! My up-line knows how skeptical I am and I have been analytical ever since I decided to join about a week ago. I already dropped the idea of this organization once, as hard as I could. I never even gave this a second thought, until now.

    I joined because I can’t stand missing opportunities and I wanted to see how many red flags I'd run into. More specifically I just started working with a very successful Managed IT company that works with many fortune 1000 companies. One of this company’s two owners I see on a regular basis is a hard worker and is becoming very successful with the IT Company. He told me that being an independent business owner means a lot and that there are very few opportunities to become one. He told me that one of the main reasons is because of support.

    We were working together when he brought out his lunchbox that had some bottled water that I had never seen and some energy/protein bars and an apple. He told me to help myself to an energy bar, I ate a protein, and it really wasn’t that bad I’d have to say... It was very, very good for a protein bar. Anyway, we travelled to the northern offices in the city and he started talking to me again about building a business and I attentively listened. He was talking about a friend he had that helped him build his business and how he tries to help others. I was very interested in what he had to say and how I could become as successful as this successful person; UNTIL, he started talking weird mumbo jumbo, stuff that any SMART person can raise a “that’s unusually odd” flag at.

    He said that his friend holds meetings and councils people on how to become successful; mostly young people. Told them how to build residual income and make ROI and all kinds of stuff that my young ears would be interested in, but there was a fishy smell in the air. He told me a story about his friend going to a small college town to teach them about being financially free and student asked him “how much are you looking for”, then his friend said, “If I were looking for money would I be here in this college town. To tell the truth, sadly, the people with the largest disposable income nowadays are college students. I’m sure you have heard of “White Van Speakers” if you haven’t checked out that scam, look it up on Wikipedia. (By the way I really am a new week-old active IBO as I’m typing this). I asked him to continue to tell me more, (I let people talk themselves into holes) and he did it! He opened up his office cabinet and reached onto the middle shelf for something that looked oh so familiar from almost a year ago; an iCommerce brochure. Only problem was, this one looked a little different and I was unsure if it was related to Quixtar.

    So, I let him keep talking as I examined the brochure, looking for small type clues referring to Quixtar. The closest thing I found was a release number on the back of the brochure that looked something like “QBJ-0876”. That Q stood out more than any one piece of lettering has ever stood out to me before. I immediately knew the deal and was ready to blast Ron with all my prior skepticism, which I eventually did. Ron, being smart, took all my skepticism and told me that the organization was legitimate. I was barely in a position to argue with him since he is my new manager and an ACTUAL IBO without Quixtar’s help and I began to immediately feel guilty about dropping the first person that introduced me to Quixtar like a rock that smells like butt. I called him up (from 8 months ago, hey he was good-looking) and met with him the same day after apologizing and explaining what I just was told.

    Two days later, I’m an IBO. They said I had a good story to tell other people; I agreed. They set me up for a seminar; I accepted. I paid $25 to get halfway registered; I hurled it straight to ‘Em. We went to play pool; fun. I was an excited individual and excited at what I got myself into. I was proud of the fact that seemingly I was going to be getting support from all directions. I started to think like a Quixtar “IBO”. What more could they want?

    $5 dollars. Yep, that’s the first thing they wanted. They wanted five for being an IBO and attending the meeting. Honestly I was already thinking of a really good strategy that would get me all the way to the top above these guys, and that was PAY YOUR NEW DOWNLINES FREAKING ADMISSION FEES. Then they may actually get the false impression that you REALLY ARE trying to help them. I was also thinking, how could a business structure that’s so profitable and depends mainly on their down-line charge fees to attend an “educational” meeting. I forcefully signed in as a guest and claimed I wasn’t aware of this 5 dollar fee, I wasn’t, really. This would be the second meeting I ever attended the first was part of my “drop you like a smelly rock” experience 8 months ago. I attended both meetings, the first and the second, and heard nothing new from what I heard from the first and second meetings 8 months ago. I was starting to feel like I was at church… I mean they had it all; Tithes, boring unchanging messages of miracles and ridiculous claims of success. Well, FYI, I stopped going to church and went vigilante a few years ago after joining the AirForce for this very reason, on top of being gay. ;) (BTW I don’t get a very pro-gay message from the Quixtar community, I fear they might cast cans of XS at my naked body in the parking lot if I told them)

    I was still excited and just thought the company needed help projecting their message to people and to stop hiding things that people want to hear. One of the main things that made me angry 8 months ago is that all IBOs are taught to withhold information from you and deny you any education you may require to further understand the business. They are told to “be careful” when they talk about the business and the way they project it but at the same time told that they are not trying to convince people to join, that they are just there to provide an opportunity for help. Well if that is true then there should be NO REASON why all information you would ever want about QS by word of mouth wouldn’t be readily available. It’s great to hear good things, but we need to hear the bad things too for good measure and intelligence. The up-line IBOs from the Get-Go tell you to not ask questions and to just listen and follow directions, like religion. In all actual productive environments, especially business and EVEN THE MILITARY I was and am told to ask as many questions as possible.

    I met with these guys again at Starbucks to get fully registered into the Quixtar system; I was prepared to blow 150 dollars still using the excuse that I was getting support from all directions. When we got to the registration page that asked for my card information I was SHOCKED and received the hardest silent slap in the face ever from what I saw. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the all too familiar bold AMWAY corporation Logo. How could I be so dumb? Fooled so hard? I’ve seen this Amway logo so long ago and know it all too well. My dignity was on the line… I didn’t know what to do… I spent the 150.

    Amway, an organization my parents, 14 years ago, got into; My Mom was into 26 years ago for 3 years while she was the manager of the Metropolitan Housing Authority. My parents, for over 26 years have grown to hate and know Amway. They have seen it destroy relationships, make people lose their jobs, destroy educations, ruin peoples finances. They also saw Amway go to court in 1979 right before they dropped all ties to it.

    Come to my surprise, Quixtar is coincidentally owned by the previous owner of Amway. Why?

    The FTC sued Amway so hard they were ordered, by the courts, to cease and desist from making income claims, and from price fixing, that’s right, price fixing; Their work around? Create a new company called Quixtar; Incidentally, the FTC refuses to endorse the new company of Quixtar.

    The sate of Wisconsin, that’s right, the whole darn state’s delegates had Amway charged with reporting unrealistic and exaggerated income claims, and failure to disclose the identity of Amway. In 1983, Amway pleaded guilty in Canada to charges of fraud for the purposes of tax evasion.

    My mom was making over a $70, 000 salaried income 26 years ago from MHA but she had almost no free time. She got into Amway to try to eliminate hard work. She did pretty well with Amway, before they got sued, until she met my father. Then she experienced what every Amway/Quixtar IBO eventually experiences, the domino down line drop-off effect, sure, you may lose a person in your down line that you may have directly gotten on board; Sure the profits from the customers may go directly to you from his down line if he drops off; But, have you ever considered that the people in the down line of whoever dropped off were all convinced to get in by word of mouth? Well you can lose them easier in the same way. One person goes, they all talk and eventually they are all gone. You may have been friends with them, well, it’s time to get a new group of friends that will eventually ditch you too… Your life will be ruined. That’s a deal breaker for me.

    I feel Like S#!+ now, what the hell am I supposed to do? Shame on me.
    Do something you love, don’t be fooled by the people who look like they love Quixtar, they don’t. They are trying to buy into the mentality that they are told to falsely behave as. “Fake it till you make it”? That’s the worst motivational line ever. I don’t like liars and I don’t want to be one. Also, I don’t freaking give a hoot what Joe Schmo, who is far in the up-line’s, new beach house looks like, I want to know what my direct up-line IBOs house looks like, then we can talk.

    I am sorry I ever got involved in this and now I have to apologize to way more than one person for calling them about this.

    I believe in being financially free, but honestly, I don’t think that Quixtar is the way that anyone should ever, ever pursue it. Don’t make a huge mistake, and keep your mind open!

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  • So
    sonny Jun 06, 2008

    I think I finally figured these low lifes at quick star...once you join, they pump you up with their motivational seminars, then they get you to buy all their products at inflated the company is happy, they dont care if you make money, they just want you to buy their products..after three months, you are discouraged and deflated, so they hold another seminar (you pay an entrance fee the privilige) and you are good to go for another three months...meanwhile, you have pestered and possibly alienated your close friends and relatives to join this company, just to make you happy, some of them will come on board, but they will resent you for getting them involved in this scam...ultimately, lightning strikes, you decide this company will not make you any siginificant money, infact the truth is 95% of the so called IBO's make less than 5000 dollars per year...take my advise, keep your money in the bank, keep your friends and relatives far, far away from this company, and dont buy their crappy will come out ahead.

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  • Lo
    Louis Jun 13, 2008

    I`d suppose everything in life depend of your point of view and what you are willing to give to acomplish and finish what you start, Quixtar/Amway did come to my life after losing a business, losing a lot of money and at the point of almost losing my wife because drugs, alcohol abuse and bad companies, what can i say, i own my actual happiness, the money we are making and the posiblity of a bright future to Quixtar/Amway and the people who work in it, my uplines has been the most patience people i know in all my life ( i`m a very stubborn person and uneasy to treat with) and they even has help us with our bills on the first few months because my wife got fire from his work too.
    What is this business?, like any one els out there, a network marketing like any other (there are more than 200 in USA only) open for anybody willing to work and put and effort on her future.
    What do you expect?, signing the IBO form and putting the welcome kit under the bed to see if a money tree grows? nobody told us it was gonna be easy, you have to look for people, you have to training them, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR FUTURE AND FOR THE RESIDUAL INCOME YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO GROW.
    The only difference with your actual work is that you are you own boss and you don`t have to weak up early in the morning to fight with traffic, but it`s still your business so you have to pay for your education, your clothes, your gas and everything related. Are you willing to do it, fine, are you not, that`s fine too, go work for your boss till your 67, and after that you might go pushing cars at your local supermarket if your retirement (if you`re lucky enough to see it) isn`t enough, it`s your choice and your life, have a good one.
    PD: for those complaining, a million complains those not produce a single dollar and people still joining Amway because this is the business of the future.

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  • Lo
    Louis Jun 13, 2008

    Something els came to my mind too, A business running for 49 years, selling almost a billion dollars a year in the USA, currently spread to 88 countries and running WITHOUT DEBTS in the whole world could not be that bad, you can fool some people for sometime BUT YOU CAN`T FOOL A LOT OF PEOPLE ALL THE TIME .
    There are a lot of "good for nothing" people out there like the brainwashed friend up here (sorry, it`s good for complaining, i`d forgot) who keep complaining but so it`s a lot of people in this world, you can o you can not, but it`s not Quixtar/Amway fault, it`s yours.
    Just for your info, we are almost a million brainwashed IBO`s in the USA, we are making so far 2.4 billions dollar in earnings in the last seven years, (i know, i know, it`s mi imagination, go to the IRS records) and believe you o not, mi wife and me are living thanks to this business after only 9 months working in it, we are far from being rich, we still driving a seven year old car, but we don`t have to weak up at six in the morning anymore and we are the only owners of our time and life, not the boss. (and the paycheck keep growing, how about yours? ).

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  • Ri
    Rick Jun 21, 2008

    I use to date a girl who's x-boyfriend before me was in Amway. She would tell me how this guy sounded just like Heather and all the other bots, churning out the same garbage about how much money they are making, and it's a greate company, blah, blah, blah, but the fact is that this guy never had money. If he was paying when they went out to dinner he would only order an appeitizer for them to share. It got so bad that she would have to hide her purse from him, because he would try to steal money from her. My sister had a co-worker that came over the house one night and spent 5 hours talking about a big business venture, but never once mentioning Amway. When he finally said that is was AMWAY, my brother in-law kicked him out.

    Amway People are the ### of the earth.

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  • Ch
    CHRIS Jul 13, 2008


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  • Er
    Erick Ribeiro Aug 17, 2008

    No one is obliged to do anything in quixtar/Amway business it is "YOUR BISINESS" isn´t it ? so if you the business is positive or not is "YOUR DECISION" because only "YOU" can live "YOUR LIFE" every one has their own PROBLEMS and instead of BLAMMING others FOR YOUR OWN ISUESS have you tried to look in the mirror. if you are having problems with your mariage isn´t a time to rethink your relationship maibe the business is only telling things that you try to hide from yourself... don´t complain... work hard to be happy and you will be Kind Regards

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  • Ta
    taylor Sep 29, 2008

    My parents have ben involved in amway for over 20 years now. Because of this buisness i traveled to all 50 states befor i was 16 and 4 foren countrays. My parents have the strongest relationship of anyone ive ever met and there willingness to help people is unparaled. I never once wached my parents get up and go to work. I wached them give people a chance to be free and to change there lives. And get them involved with a group of people that dont have a problem thinking posative and incouraging people. do you stop going to a doctor because you heard about one in the news that screwed somone over. or stoped taking your car to a michanic because your nabor had a bad experiance with one. Besides the extrodinary lifestyle i was able to have and am soon going to creeate for myself. the buisness if filled with good people that really do care. the muhlah is just a perk. But i think "brainwashed" is a good term. alot of people need to clean up there thinking from negative " i can never do this scam" attitude. if amway were a scam 20 years i think would have uncoverd it. No one on this list has named an actual scam. they have scamed themselfes by giving up. when you listen to people that have failed. you will become a product of your inviroment.

    But hey dont take my word for it. find out for yourself. believe in the people that believe in you. and if you can strait up tell me that you cant do anything you set your mind to. (your right) Then Amway has nothing to offer you.

    PS. spelling sucks i know, try to grab the point...

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  • Ri
    Ritesh Oct 12, 2008

    I got to meet one of your looser..he agreed that this whole ### is for making money and not for welfare..what type of health company is this..then that fool recommended vitamin b and c supplement for you think we are fools!i am ready to give the ### details but i think the company is proud to keep such fools who fool the rest..dammit if you got some shame contact me on my mail...that of course is beyond you bunch of loosers who wanna just give anything to people to make money and get those good for nothing emerald

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  • Sa
    Sandra Kegler Oct 16, 2008

    Amway will work for people who work hard, every business you get into will require overhead. Some of you people expect to get something for nothing. That would be considered a scam! I used to be in Amway, and the only reason me and my ex were not successful, was not because of Amway, but out lack of ambition and following what our successful leaders were doing to the letter. The company has been around for a long time, and is still going strong! Awesome job Amway, and keep up the good work. And all of you that are just getting started, never give up, plan your work and work your plan. God Bless!

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  • Na
    Naomi Oct 23, 2008

    My mom is in Amway/ Quixtar. I live in Mexico right now, but in a few days I'll be moving back to America with my dad. I'm 18 years old and I love this business. (Not in it yet, but will be joining it real soon.) (Hopefully.) I've been to some of the reunions and honestly, they are boring. Because I've already seen the presentation and whatnot. But what I find the most interesting are the demostrations. Everytime I go, I learn something new. Moreover, the new people who have joined get up in front of the group and speak about their experience in the business. None of them are diamonds, emeralds, and etc. They are all just starting from the very bottom. For example, there is this one guy, his name is Oscar. He's 30 years old. In 1 month and a half he's made over $1500 from just the immediate income but with that, add the monthly bonus. We're talking about $2000, perhaps.. more! BUT! He didn't do this just by manipulating people and robbing their most prized possessions. He actually studies marketing strategies, what people look for in products, price differences, and so on. He knows what to look for. He doesn't sit on his behind all day long hoping for a miracle to happen. Seriously, if someone from Quixtar promises you immediate results in like a week then I feel sorry for you because you are sadly being misinformed.
    By the way, the people at the reunions are very nice. The couple in my mom's upline are two extremely generous people. The woman is a retired nurse. (Only reason why she retired was because she wanted to focus all of her energy into Amway.) Her husband is a gastrologist/ nutritionist. He spent 3 months in California to get a degree in nutrition paid by Amway. His hotel, food, beverages, transportation, and etc. It was all paid by Amway. They have been in Amway for a little over 4 years and are working their way to becoming Platinum. 2 of their 4 children are in Amway. The oldest one has 2 children of his own. Both of which are attending private schools. The private schools are being paid by the money that him and his wife make in Amway. The second oldest child has one baby daughter. Although, he is an accountant, he plans on leaving that job because it requires so much attention and time. The two younger ones are still in college. The second youngest goes to college and her college courses are all being paid by the parents. (She is consuming the Amway products and from what I have heard, she loves them.) Now, the youngest one is also consuming the products, he is at the age where he wants to be fit. The products from Nutrilite are helping him do just that. (Perfect Pack - Double X, Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, and Omega-3.) (Protein Powder, CLA 500, and so on.) Everyone of them are on the verge of becoming successful or already successful. I believe like any business, it all depends on how you work it and like what decisions you make.
    This is some advise my mom used to always tell me, but frankly.. for me it's kind of hard to do because I'm thick-headed, but whenever I do I'm always glad I did.
    "Think 3 times before you do or say something." Because the consequences vary every time. Good or bad, it's especially important if it can change your life.

    Oh, and I honestly don't know what you are going through (Currently not married.) because well... I'm not you, but it's obvious.. the two of you have issues. I say, if he wasn't willing to leave Quixtar when you told him to even if it was for his own good then you should leave him. Divorce him. Even though I think that if you have so much time to be posting complaints about a company (Quixtar/ Amway) (that is obviously during very well for themselves) then you are NOT working hard enough. All of the time and effort you spend complaining can be put into something more time-efficent. Like trying to fix your relationship with your husband, paying off debts, grocery shopping, maybe... working some more?
    Anyways, aside from that I guess I can understand why you are complaining and pointing fingers. It's so much easier to do this than work to move forward in life.
    Furthermore, uye... I'm getting tired. Okay, final point (simply put) stop complaining and do something good for yourself. I don't know. If you can, get a hair cut or get a pedicure or something. It may relieve some stress that you may have on your shoulders. Once that stress is relieved you can concentrate harder on more important matters at hand.

    Yeah, basically I'm just rambling.. but I'm happy after letting all of that off my chest. I mean I'm not an IBO, but still I support all of the people in Quixtar/ Amway. I know that they will bring my mom success and hopefully one day for me, too.
    Thank you for reading. Bye bye. :D

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  • Na
    nayanram Jan 21, 2009

    Amway people initially hide their company info while they introduce first because of many negative propaganda already existing about Amway.
    I joined Amway and stopped business because my client cheated money who is my up line.
    So not all people in the business are good. Amway people claims all their products are biological or natural origin and not chemical based. But their shampoo is detergent based and tooth paste contains 'sodium lauryl sulphate' . The products with this chemical is banned is banned in many counries. This information is as on 01/01/2009

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  • Jd
    JD36 Jan 23, 2009

    You have to work your own system within the system. Because of my education in health and fitness. I purchase the items at IBO's Cost, but sale it at their suggested price. It's easy... Look at the market see which items or hot i.e. the kids went crazy for Bokugons...and for the adults in Jan it's multi vitamins, make me skinny pills. By November stores where projecting they would not enough. So I went online (Quixtar) purchase 10 orders of these items, plus a few other kid toys that were projecting to be a hit and sold them on EBay, craigslist, etc... for 40% than the market value. When the stores don't have them in stock even online. Parents will pay for toys and people will pay for good health. MY PV, BV numbers are low, because I don't use their system, I use mine.

    We just have to face it, 80% of Americans are lazy, they want everything for nothing. I have never been to a seminar nor will I go, I do think they rip you off, If you stay within their system. You can make money, I make $28 per sale of vitamins, $10 per sale on certain toys, $2 per sports drink and I only sell them the case.

    Do with this as you will, are they a cult YEP, will they rip you off YEP. I laugh when I was told I only would get back 3-10% on very item I sell. So that means for EVERY 1k sold I would get $100. Nope, I flip the script, buy at wholesale then sale it at 10-30% over market value!

    Why 10-30% I believe my time is worth that much. Wouldn’t you!

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  • Rc
    RC Mick Apr 04, 2009

    In any business you have to find a market that fits what you are selling or sell what fits your market.
    In any case you never work for yourself... you always answer to someone. I answer to my customers but my margins are anywhere between 30-50%... I give referal payments to those who recommend me but I DO NOT create my own competition like MLMs do. I know a lot of wealthy businessmen and even a man who took a company public that is still profitable and successful.

    Most MLMs take time to grow and CAN BE successful. In any business you have to take care of the business first and then the business will take care of you. I agree with JD36... follow your own plan... line your own pockets... Its is abrainwash theory that if you make other people rich you will. Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump say that they want you rich and really do... but you have to buy all their books and all their cds and cash flow games first and just maybe you will make it... Thats Free market baby... thats Capitalism. It DOES WORK... but you have to work hard and long and get the immediate gratification mindset out of your head. It took my friend over 10 years to make his company public but he was patient and made the right decisions... he did NOT get everyone above him wealthy he made others wealthy who believed in him and made a sacrifice to invest/work cheaply for his company.

    The right idea at the right time and the action to follow will make you wealthy.

    If you are amway or other MLM... thats fine... use that to gain knowledge and skills to make yourself better but dont always think its the end all answer.

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  • Lu
    lurch May 17, 2009

    I was pulled into Amway by a friend, who was supposed to operate the business with me. Unfortunately, he backed out at the last minute and left it up to me. After I was in (for about 2 years), and examined the numbers - it became obvious to me that the hard work that those on the bottom put in to their business benefits those at the top

    Distributors, when attempting to recruit, present a theoretical model that indicates an average markup of 15-20% on the products. This isn't very much. If someone wants to make $3, 000 in a month they will need to sell $15, 000 - $20, 000 to make that profit (ignoring expenses and potential bonuses from/to the downline - if you have one). They should allow the distributors to keep a higher %-age of the product price and stop rewarding the upline with their FAT checks for the points in their downline. Why should they be rewarded for the sweat and hard work of others. Tell them to get out and sell the products themself and actually earn that check. The better option is to find a company where your work doesn't directly influence the potential earnings of a line of individuals who otherwise have little interest in your success. Finally, if any sales pitch for potential successful business opportunity is based on theoretical information (which theirs is), proceed with caution.

    Other companies, who offer similar independent business opportunities, give their distributors a much higher discount - some exceeding 50% - enabling them to actually earn a living instead of rewarding their upline.

    Do not hesitate to ask blunt questions - for your own protection. If you're not satisfied with the answers you receive, or their clarity, then refuse their offer or report them.

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  • Ju
    Julie May 25, 2009

    Why don't you look into Market America. It's been in business since 1992 and has 64 consecutive quarters of growth. It's partnered with Google and Microsoft. It's not an MLM and people really do get real residual income!!

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  • Go
    godiamond Jul 11, 2009

    Hello all you Amway, Quitar (still don’t know what that is!), Quixtar, Alticor, LTD, and FREE ENTERPRISE Bashers out there!!
    This essay was written in response to the following web blog:

    First and foremost... what in the world is Quitar?!? Wow! That is too funny!

    To 7109pooky:
    Do you realize how weak your argument really is? What kind of credibility do you have? You operate on cold hard facts... correct?

    Are you an expert in the business field? Are you an expert at determining whether or not a business is legitimate or not? If you were, you would not have wasted your time and effort to write on a foolish web blog because I will prove to you all throughout this essay that this is a legitimate business and just how silly some of your arguments that you write.

    Why don’t you look up Amway Global with the Better Business Bureau, or how about the Federal Trade Commission. If you did, or will you will find that they have outstanding ratings as this corporation has been around for over 50 years now. Those two organizations are responsible for monitoring and looking into businesses of all sorts. How credible can you really be when you cannot even spell the name of the SUPPLIER of this franchise CORRECTLY?! I think that you are referring to QUIXTAR.COM.

    That is the web domain for the Amway Global organization. Do you people even understand how a franchise even works? Back in the 1950's when Ray Kroc (Founder of McDonalds) started his franchise run, Congress took up a vote to decide whether or not that was a ''Legal" way to do business. Since you all are expert 'googlizers', you can help yourself and research how congress voted on this business model.

    Wal-Mart is sued thousands upon thousands of times a year, yet they remain to be the #1 retailing store in the WORLD. Because they are sued and some people do not like Wal-Mart, does that stop people from shopping there? I haven’t looked, but does Wal-Mart have a bashing blog site too?

    Can you imagine our world WITHOUT franchises? That would mean, no hotel chains, no fast food restaurants, no gas stations with the same names… Do you catch my drift? Franchises work because they all operate on the same business model. If you drew out that, I PROMISE you it will look like Ray Kroc the founder of McDonalds looks like he was a pyramiding fool. Listen here champ; I’m sure you have never thought about the fast food chain being a scam… have you? The next time you fill up your gas tank I almost guarantee it will be at a franchised gas station. Do you have a problem giving your HARD EARNED MONEY towards that scam as well? You all make points about what you perceive and what your “supposed knowledge” consists of and you offer very very weak arguments. If I had enough time and energy, I could tear each of them down.

    That is not my purpose. My purpose is to get some real facts, some real evidence that the ### of the internet is posting in online blogs where any idiot can write whatever they feel like without stating any credibility… can hide behind a screen name… and provide false claims.

    Here’s a question. Do you realize that Amway Global has business contracts with over 3, 000 businesses? Several of which are a part of the Fortune 500 Club. Do you think that the Disney CEO is a smart man when it comes to business? How about the Barns N Noble CEO… What about DICK’S Sporting Goods? Newsflash… those 3 stated business are in partnership with Amway Global and How foolish are you to believe that DISNEY for all companies for goodness sake would be involved in anything ILLEGAL!

    You people make claims… These are fine, but provide everyone in the universe some evidence. How about starting with some COLD HARD FACTS.

    If any one of you "Nay Say er's” would do some legitimate research for what actually classifies an illegal pyramid from a legal business you might be able to understand why this business is not an Illegal Pyramid. Yes, people do make money off of people. Let me ask you all of you a question. Do you have a job? If you answer yes, then who do you make money for? If you do not own your place of employment who makes money off of you? You obviously do not have a problem with it if you continue to work for your employer. If you quit going to work, your check would quit coming in. Period. Newsflash, you aren't getting paid money for how ridiculously good looking you think you are. You get paid because you are providing a good or service for someone and they are making money off of you!

    If you want to call the Amway Global business model an ''illegal pyramid scheme'' then do me a favor and illustrate on a piece of paper how OUR United States Military is constructed. You have the general at the top, then the commanders, then the different branches, and finally the infantry, but don’t forget about the cooks and the people that do all grunt work. That sure looks and resembles a pyramid. Ordering the most important at the top and working your way down.

    Now, why don’t you draw out your job. If you aren't the CEO or business owner of your company, I promise you that will look like and resemble a pyramid.

    You are open to take the worst advice from the most broke people in America. That's a reality. I know for a fact that people take the "Freedom of Speech" to the extreme limits. Because Billy Bob in Trailer Park Trails goes and works a dead end job 40 hours a week and he receives a paycheck at the end of the week does this make him an expert on making money? If you want the lifestyle and job that Billy Bob has, be my guest and go ask him what he thinks of this business model. You are open to take the WORST advice from the worst people in this country. Thinking about it, Billy Bob might be open to this business opportunity as he might not try to make something illegal out of something that is legal.

    Let me ask all of you blabbering idiots you this. If you want to be a surgeon or a medical doctor and you ask your factory working father for advice and he tells you "You'll never make it; you aren't smart enough; it costs too much money to make it..." Then on the flipside of that coin you go straight to a surgeon and ask his opinion of what to do to become a surgeon. Do you realize what he will tell you? That surgeon will instruct you on the steps needed to be successful, what he did, how to do it, how to study, how to make it.

    How about a kid who wants to be a professional baseball player? Do you think that he is going to listen to his friends and the local parent’s advice telling him that he's not good enough and he'll never make it? What if the kid has access to get hitting and field lessons from a Derek Jeter, or an Albert Puljos? What do you think Jeter or Puljos will tell him? No, kid you'll never make it. HECK NO!

    I can use hundreds upon hundreds of examples!!

    If you want to succeed in this type of business, do you understand that reward is based on work, association, and learning how to change your mental thought process? This comes from the mentorship team and leaders who have had nothing at one point too. Folks, who are you going to listen to? The arm chair critic? Or the man in the arena who has already accomplished where you are wanting to go? Figure it out.

    You can write and hide your garbage online here and hope that people read this, well let me tell you something. You do not have the backbone, or spine to stand up for what you believe in.

    ANTHONY WRITES ON 4-15-2009:
    "I was honestly tempted to just stand up and warn everyone in the room about this obvious MLM scam, but I opted to cause a scene and instead posted here. I hope the people who attended the talk get a chance to read this."
    My reply... Anthony, if you have any courage and wit about yourself, you would not choose to get your message out to people about this ''supposed scam'' through an online public forum. I wish you would have jumped up and made a scene. That would have been a lot more exciting and enticing to read than, I opted not to. You have no backbone, and are a weak person to post on a blog that this business is illegal and false. Weak people do not make it in this business. I am not naive enough say that this business is for everyone, but you prove my point that people who do not have thick skin and a backbone make it.

    This question goes out to all of you supposed experts out there. Define an illegal pyramid. WORD FOR WORD. Can you off the top of your head? Honestly, if you could, then you would not have even begun to post that this business model is false and phony.

    Since you skeptics are un-familiar with how a real pyramid scheme works, allow me to tell you how.
    *head-hunting fees are paid, in other words… money is paid out for recruiting
    *there are minimum purchase requirements to get in or continue
    *there are NO sales of legitimate products or services to those outside of the organization

    Anthony, gut check here… Since you have been to a board plan and have seen the Federal Trade Commission’s approved 6-4-2 marketing plan… it should be plain as day that THIS BUSINESS is NOT an illegal pyramid. There are NO head-hunting fees; NO money is made off of registering a new member; and there are NO minimum purchase requirements for a member or a customer. Purchase of any product or service is 100% optional.

    Ignorance + “so called intelligence” = Arrogance.

    ***… A message to all prospecting Independent Business Owners…***
    You are open to take advice from anyone you want. That is your choice. But let me ask all of you reading this web posting this. If you are interested in becoming in business with Amway Global and have goals and dreams that you wish to accomplish in life… Do me a favor and do some legitimate research. Be sensitive what you read, what you hear, and whom you get your information from.

    *I will post this link to as many Amway Global bashing sites as possible with hopes to provide some legitimate information for the people who wish to read. Please… if anyone does wish to reply, how about you hit the spell check button, and make sure your sentences have complete thoughts. We only have your written word to read. Don’t make yourself out to be a bigger idiot than what we can figure out for ourselves. Thanks, God Bless, and Go Diamond!

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  • Ju
    justa thot Sep 23, 2009

    Ive seen amway make a college friend a great deal of money. seen the checks. she was a 2nd generation amster and was making 8-12k monthly in '99 - 20 yrs old or so.

    we were dating and she said i shouldnt join.

    an older friend of mine from my highschool days has been involved for 3-4 years. Ive tried to be supportive buying things from her. the prices are NOT competitive, but the men's vitimins are good quality =).

    it is sad to see someone bright and ambitious working so hard in a system which patently misleads the vast majority of the amsters to mediocre results. her and her collegues make pennies per hour they spend, and strain friendships in the process. network marketing low-cost goods for a small commission will produce Amway's high profits and sales record, but will waste any one networker's time... goading them on with that precious stones garbage is unethical, and im convinced must involve combined brainwashing and gullability.

    the barriers established to prevent open sales of product and open recruiting of downlines, i think, are filters to establish the sort of ethics required to play the REAL game. now im referring to my squeeze in '99. she threw parties recruiting hundreds of ambitious uni students who would prey at least on their wealthy parents, then bussed them up the coast to her father's not-at-all-free seminars, where they would buy tapes and workbooks, etc. he also paid her commissions, and the $120, 000 our schooling cost.

    im still paying mine off, but through what i call a 'real' business that allows me to determine its path and rewards me for my hard work, scolds me for my mistakes, and doesnt SCAM anybody... that prepares me for future ventures... that allows me to entertain my friends, not annoy them... THAT BUILDS EQUITY that I own... 'president' not emerald or any of that crap.

    im no amway ibo... all you have to do is look at their history their culture, their pockets and the pockets of their chumps to see the big picture. fancy they'd proudly publish the average amster's annual gross, but that's the pale-gray fine-print.

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  • Mo
    money maker Oct 09, 2009

    I 100% agree with godiamond. I think its funny as hell how people can come on here and bash amway/quixtar. I happened to accidentally come across this blog site complaint site whatever you want to call it. I happen to be an IBO to. Everyone out there that wants to talk ### about the company either hasnt tried it or never put the effort into it and decided to drop it because they "didnt have the time". You cant knock it til you try it. If you have tried it and can honestly say that you have put your full effort into it then whatever say what you want but i havent met someone who has tried and put effort into it that hasnt been successful. I will not disagree with some of the claims that people have made on here and i will tell you the truth as an IBO. SOME products are overpriced like whoa. BUT lots of their products are cheaper and of better quality. Dont forget for those of you who are young like me. Im only 21 yrs old. Those of you who have had parents that have been part of the amway corp. or have parents that were IBO's in the past, dont forget that amway has changed as has quixtar. Anyone who has taken an economics class recently or knows anything about it knows that that prices of one product effect others. whether its name brand or not. if one product drops in price if effects the price of another and vice versa. You will find that EVERYWHERE whether its quixtar or walmart or target etc. EXAMPLE: If i owned a convenience store and i had a huge ### sale on lets say bread or beer or something like that (could be any product) People would come and buy the bread or beer right? Well they are called compliment products. A compliment product to bread would be peanut butter or jelly or deli meat something of that sort and for beer it might be chips or pretzels. By now im sure you get my point. If not, let me spell it out for you. Its the same thing online no matter what store and for amway, if one product his price is jacked up im sure that another product they have is selling cheaper. So in conclusion, say what you want. I personally so far have been successful in building my business and my upline is great. I cant believe the people on here though that tell their sob stories about how it hasnt worked for them and what not and how its a scam and dadadaa. Honestly though, when or if you decide to start your own business, you may want to consider a few things to be successful or at least make getting started ALOT easier: 1) Knowing alot of people helps a lot when getting started. 2) dont start if you cant put 8-12 maybe 15 hours a week in consistantly. and 3) knowing and understanding how people work help a lot. A business or marketing background will help you too in making decisions. Tax writeoffs are amazing too. So once again, thank you godiamond. Your post was great and i dont think i could have done any better myself. Thats the truth too. Thanks guys.

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  • Lu
    lurch Nov 17, 2009

    I believe what you are referring to in your little example, with the beer, bread, peanut butter, pretzel example, is the term 'loss leader'. An item, as a 'loss leader' is used to draw the customer in - possibly taking a loss on it - in hopes that they buy other products to accompany it. The items that are big sellers, and at a reasonable to high markup are referred to as CASH COWS. It doesn't work that way with direct sales, however, because you aren't drawn into a shop to buy products that are on sale. You can order one item, if you wish, or you can browse the website / catalog, and order multiple items. Whether that item is on sale, may not be realized until you place the order, or receive a promotional e-mail. When all items are considered HIGH, in price, before adding the shipping charges, how can you justify that. Would you buy from the same store if they were almost always higher priced than their competition - I suspect not. At no time do I remember any promotional material coming out, and placing items on sale. The prices were fixed, as were our cost. And this excludes the items that were often purchased due to high pressure or force - motivational items that were over-priced.
    The ones that usually come out defending are normally the same ones that are bringing in the money at the cost of the blood and sweat of their downline. If the opportunity is so great, ask yourself "Would I sacrifice my position in the hierarchy (or give it to someone else) and re-enter at the very bottom. My suspician is that you wouldn't. Keep raking in the dough on the high cost (distributor price) items, leaving little markup for the people at the bottom to claim as THEIR profit.
    If this was a true Independent Business Opportunity, your success would be primarily based on your efforts to sell, not recruit. Other companies that are categorized as MLM, have a much higher profit margin for their distributors, thereby rewarding them directly for their efforts. They are the example that should be sited - not SCAMWAY!

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  • P1
    p1979 Jan 31, 2010

    This is to godiamond.
    I have read your post. You are ignorant and do not understand the business world.

    First of all an MLM is an illegal business pyramind. What is the meaning of it? It is when someone tries to sell a product that has little or no meaning to the public. It is sold by hiring members in their downline and finally when no profit is made, the business crashes. Now godiamond the fool who wrote that, I am sure you are going to go down soon for a fact.
    Now my question to godiamond. Why are Quixtar's products not sold in the public? 1)There is no demand for the product 2) The FDI has not approved the product 3) MLM - According to BBB. Godiamond go to the BBB site to see what quixtar is. Go to the FTC site to see how many lawsuits quixtar had. Both the FTC and BBB do write quixtar as MLM. If you want to read it, go ahead.

    Comparing the military to MLM. Why is the military a product of no value? It never is. Everyone loves the weapons used. Many of the weapons are brought overseas. What about Quixtar? Who buys it overseas. NO ONE!!!

    Show me the facts that you got a lot of money.In fact why not show a notarized bank statement?

    Get an education godiamond... You the ignorant who can't even prove one bit from your bank statement wants to lure others to a trap. I know all the facts of Amyway and I know your are hiding out from telling others that you have not even made a single profit and you stil have a job.

    By the time you finished reading this message, it was enough to apply for one job. GET A JOB!!!

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  • Sa
    SaintVillainous Apr 06, 2010

    I like how quixtar preaches "fake it till you make it". It's fitting really, as most of their members are fake. I have a friend who's related to Larry Winters, a diamond. His uncle dragged him into the business and been his personal success coach. He's taken him to all the rallies, the get togethers, helped him get all the tapes and paid his costs without him having to do anything really. He's even tried helping him sign up his friends and associates. That wasn't working. So then they had someone FIND candidates to put under my friend. People my friend had no contact with. Then my friend posed as a successful business owner who makes tons at quixtar to these people and offered to be their mentor, spilling rehashed motivational ### to them in the exact words they were told to him.

    But what these people don't know is that:
    A) He paid nothing. Not the 100 and something dollar IBO registering fee. Not the 5 dollar door charge at every seminar. Not the 10-20 dollars for tapes and videos used to brain wash their members. Nothing on the cost of travel or entry into their conventions.

    B) Quixtar operates on a point system. About every 3 dollars you spend, you get 1 point. All members must pull 100 points in order to even see a return from their business. So this means that you are spending 300 dollars or so EVERY MONTH on absolute crap just to get a return. He brags that he's making close to 300 every month just off quixtar already. He doesn't mention how much he's putting hin.

    C) The crap he is buying / trying fruitlessly to sell to others is nothing but trinkets and junk. They say it replaces your household spending but truthfully, unless your entire monthly spendings equate to energy drinks, vitamins, and other garbage that would fill a elementary school students bring home christmas catalog... you're not replacing anything.

    D) He's been completely brain washed. He's no longer himself. He genuinely BELIEVES the business and everything they feed him. He thinks he's a new person. He's cut people out of his life because they didn't support the idea. For what? A small small check at the end of the month? And that's ABOVE AVERAGE for members in this group. He's had more help than anyone will ever get going into this business. With mediocre success like that, I wonder what it actually takes to make money at this?

    So unless you have hundreds of contacts who will all buy mostly useless supplies from you and sign up and spend 300+ a month for your business, you aren't making money. This business isn't for the regular person, but they don't tell you that. Those people are filler and what make it work. They are where the money comes from.

    Quixtar is a sham, plain and simple. They are not what they say they are.

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  • P1
    p1979 Apr 06, 2010

    All the people here. Answer my question, why did Amyway come to America???? Research it... Here is the simple point.The company origins were in Europe.They never made any money becasue the government there never approved their products. They thought their next strategy was to come to America and operate there on a different name which is 'Quixtar'. For those of you, who did not research this, do it. It would help. As for the fools who joined the company, learn about business and this includes heather. I would recommed heather go to school and learn.. Even the other idiot godiamond too, do your research instead of ripping people off their money.

    Heather tell me why the company's products are not sold in the market?? The reason is that the FDA has not approved their products. It is illegal to sell them in the market. Heather did you know about this???? I am pretty sure you did not because you are brainwashed by the fools and you are helping them clear out a lot of debt.
    Heather, tell me how many lawsuits are against Quixtar. The answer is over 200. The California court awarded once couple about 25000 a month for life and quixtar has to pay it. Heather did not you know about that???? Obviously not...

    Do the BBB recognize this company. Hell yes. But it is written clearly on the site it is an MLM business and is a pyramid scheme. Heather did you know about this. Obviously not!!!

    Heather, you can marry the other idiot 'godiamond'. He is on this complaint board too. Take the stick out of your ears, clean your head and learn more... Yes you are brainwashed and you are going to loose a lot of money before you will finally admit it that you were wrong

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  • Am
    amore kev Feb 23, 2011

    i really hate this amway ppl, they can even go to the extent of not talking to you anymore if u refuse to be their downline. what kinda of a crap is this. i had my cousins wife over to my place, and she introduced this so called 'wonderful bussiness venture', without mentioning the name amway, finally, when the introduction part was over, she finally uttered the word amway and i was pretty sure that i was not goin to join this cult-like organization and screw my life. i told her that i wasnt interested and she kept bugging my life like forever until she really got my message that i was really NOT INTERESTED..!!! since then, she neve spoke to any of our family members anymore. i also lost a fren into this bloody scam, she also refuses to talk to me nw..what kinda of a attitude is this? is this what they teach and preach when they attend to all their meetings and seminars. to detach themselves from family and friends who do not join them in this bussiness? please grow up amway distributers..!!! dun be childish..!!! mature..!!!

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  • Ar
    Arjun Singh Bhairovat Jan 20, 2012

    I was new to the US, I met an Indian man at the local post office. He was very friendly and told me how he was self employed. I was new and easily trust people, specially when they talked in Hindi as that is my mother tongue. The man then invited me to a meeting, he asked me to dress formally. I was charged 30$ entree fee. In the meeting I saw hoards of people all dressed very well and on stage a select few people doing a presentation of how rich they were and all the good things in life they had, during dinner break I was shocked to see there was no dinner served! If every one there is so rich and the meeting was of filthy rich people and 30$ entree fee I was expecting a dinner! I was amazed to see these men and women in suits pull out wall-mart bags of home made food from their swanky leather briefcases and eating while they stood out of the hall, no table chair to have dinner, having directly from plastic bags standing. I was truly amazed. The man who got me to the meeting then asked me to fill form and pay couple of hundred dollars, I dint want to so I said I need to think. His wife was very good looking and she was a very sweet lady, he knew I enjoyed her company so he made sure she was the one who explained me the business when I went to his house. He would go to get Ice cream or some crap and leave us alone so she could explain me in detail about the Marketing crap. She would call me when he was not home so she could explain to me everything about the business, she did a great job. She tried her best to convince me to join their growing business, she was very warm lady full of hugs at smallest reasons, she hugged me a lot and told me she felt I was her long lost relative and she hugged me saying I was part of their family. I also made him pay for a few dinners in hope I will join, later he understood I am not interested and gave up.

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