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I did a pay day loan with this amscot and was ripped off. I wrote a check for 331.00 and went to pay back the loan. The teller tells me i have to pay back 441.00 and here my check was for 331.00. I was told it was the tellers error who put that amount into the computer system although what they gave me was 331.00 and for signing a legal document although i didn't receive 441.00 i have to pay that back. I was robbed for an extra 141.00 in my bank account, they did an electronic fund on my account changing my pay day loan amount on their own. I was told by wachovia bank that with an ach transaction amscot can take out whatever amount they want!!! That is illegal... So beware of amscot pay day loans!!! I'm a victim of amscot fraud. Read the fine print!!! It's your money that may be taken, the check you write does not matter!!!


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    Benjamin Bridwell Oct 07, 2008


    My name is Ben Bridwell, I work at Amscot Home Office and will be happy to discuss and resolve your complaint. Please call 813-637-6100 and ask for ext 6264. Hope to hear from you.


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    Erica Ellis Apr 04, 2017

    @Benjamin Bridwell Hi Mr. Bridwell!
    My name is Erica Ellis and I need an important issue resolved immediately.
    I was at my local Amscot branch (Brandon, Fl.) this afternoon getting a money order for rent.
    The experience was unusual and appalling.

    I've been going to this Amscot for a long time- to get the same money order for the same rent payment for years...but this has never happened! Until today, each visit was pleasant with excellent service, hence why I returned for other bill payments, cashing checks, etc.

    Unfortunately today's visit will cost me 60.00.
    Mitzi was the customer service rep who handled my money order. I'm sure Mitzi had no intentions of causing harm, however a series of mistakes lead to me now owing 60.00.

    I came in at 5:40 pm (as usual), which normally takes 3-5 minutes to get a simple money order. I ended up leaving at exactly 6:01 pm.
    Firstly, every window was taken, except a few on one side of the building. There were 3 girls trying to assist all of the customers waiting.
    After standing in the center on the room for 5 minutes not being acknowledged, I just chose one of the few open windows.

    Suddenly 2 more ladies came from the back room chatting and began standing around...while the other girls were in a panic.
    Finally someone came over to my window and said 'we'll be with you shortly'.
    Evidently the customers were being assisted out of order, because 2 people started yelling loudly that they 'were skipped' - and then angrily walked out. This was disturbing and created an awkward tension in the room

    I stood there patiently and then a lady named
    'Mitzie' approached my window. I told her the amount of the money order- she asked me to repeat it twice, because she was looking for paper to write on.

    I saw her writing it incorrectly, so I repeated it 2 more times. But this time she couldn't hear me, because she was chatting with another employee. So ...I had to repeat it again. At that time she began counting my money, then asked for my ID. I told her it was in the car and very close. I Left her with the money and went to my car (which was CLOSELY parked right in front of the door).

    Literally 30 seconds later: I return to give her my ID and she was already helping another customer! I waited again for her to return to my window and she began counting the money again. THEN she suddenly walked away to answer the phone the middle of my transaction, as if I had become invisible. So now she's chatting with a lady on the phone, and I finally hear her say 'ok we'll see you tomorrow'. NOW she comes over and counts the money again.

    By this time, it's been 15 minutes and I knew (at the rate this was going), I wouldn't make it back to pay rent by 6pm. They do grace you a few minutes-if you walk in by 6:05. However, this experience truly took me by surprise and that 21 MINUTES will cost ME 60.00. Despite the fact that I only live 4 minutes from this Amscot location, when I arrived to see if anyone was still at the leasing office... it was empty.

    I'd like to let you know that I'm an understanding person and my patients is FAR above average. However, this Amscot visit left me feeling like I was completely disrespected and unappreciated as a customer. I've frequented Amscot for years (also at the bloomingdale & Hwy 60 locations), and have never witnessed this kind of customer disregard. There was no apology, just an 'eye roll' and I never once said anything negative.

    I've always enjoyed utilizing your services to cash checks, pay numerous bills, etc. but I'm heavily considering my other options at this point.
    Maybe Mitzie is new or training, etc. But even still, one should not be handling others finances (aka life)- unless fully trained and capable. In addition to this, there was NO excuse for the lack of focus with my 1020.00 in her hand... or the general behavioral flippancy of staff.
    Given that it was a 'high volume' moment, I fully understand a business such as Amscot cannot predict these things. But having girls in the back during such chaos seems rather irresponsible.

    I'm bringing this to your attention so that hopefully this won't happen to anyone else, AND I'd like to know how you intend on resolving said issue.

    Erica Ellis.

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