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I Ordered a top from for Halloween Costume on Monday 26th … I paid $20.54 for 2-Day Air shipping so like any other place I order from (and I buy on line a lot) I’m expecting my package to arrive on Wednesday 28th. Sure enough Wednesday comes and goes and no package so I am trying to call these people from 1:19PM (10:19am their time) and it keeps telling me no one is picking up and disconnects my call… after about 30mins of hitting re-dial and getting hung up on I decided to ‘Google’ a customer Service # because like most places I buy from there is usually a local # they don’t advertise.

Anyway I got an International # and of course when I dialed that number after holding for some time someone picked up. I gave her my info (order# and all) and she tells me I will not be getting my order until Friday 30th. So I said No that is not correct... I paid for 2-day shipping she says and I quote “I know… ma’am that’s our policy” so I said what if I ordered regular which we know to be 5-7business days she said I’d get it in two weeks. LOL I know its not funny but…

I told her where she and her site/company can go and that I will spread the word of my first and LAST time at shopping on their site.

Customer Service # [protected]


  • Va
    Vanessa Silva Oct 30, 2009

    I placed my 2nd order w/ them a couple of weeks ago, my first order was ok, arrived about 10 days after I put the order in... I also order online a lot and they are the only company that takes forever to ship, even if you pay extra! well, the order I recently placed, took 9 days to arrive, I had a previous credit and as they instruct I put in the "comments" section the code of the credit and they didn't credit it toward my purchase! The order was also incomplete, I ordered 3 pair of boots and a petticoat -1 pair of boots and the petticoat didn't arrive. I tried calling them but when I called it took me thru to this radio message - noone picked up. I have tried all afternoon, also sending an email with a "read-receipt" and NOTHING!

    I order online at least 2x's a week, and they are one company I wont be ordering from ever again!

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  • Ma
    Maria2k9 Dec 08, 2009

    I ordered a pair of boots from AMIClubwear last Nov. 28 and up to this present day I have not received anything.
    I sent them 3 emails and they have not replied, I tried calling them but they are not picking up.

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  • Al
    AliciaE Dec 21, 2009

    This the worst online retailer ever! I wont even waste my time posting my complaint in detail as it is reiterated in the previous posts. I order a dress and heels on Dec.14 with 2nd day air shipping. I received a call on December 15 saying that there was a problem with the card address. I tried calling back to discuss the matter and was unable to get through to anyone..just a recording and then an inaudible voice mail recording. Each time I was prompted to enter 1 to leave a message, the mailboxes would never allow any messages to be left. I called up until Dec.17 when I finally spoke to a "customer service rep"(a joke) and she informed me that my order was held due to a billing issue, but had shipped on Dec. 16. I asked her for a tracking number for UPS and she stuttered and stammered and never gave me a number which is when I knew that I had been scammed. I was expecting the dress to wear to my birthday party on Dec. 18 and Im still waiting. Please dont order from this company. They are a fradulent internet company and will rip you off!!!

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  • Mi
    miranda3186 Jan 21, 2010

    This company is a joke and has no real place in the business world. They would not let me exchange my shoes for a different size and that is all I wanted to do. Either way they would have received their money. They would not even work with the me, the customer. I will just charge back the item on my credit card. I will never shop at that place ever again and everybody I know will not shop there as well. I am a huge online shopper. I hope it was worth their advertising dollars to lose this customer and many others, it would have been way cheaper to have just exchanged for the correct fit.

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  • Mi
    miranda3186 Jan 21, 2010

    DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. It would not be bad if they had an adequate exchange policy but a no exchange policy for a commodity such as clothing and shoes is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous. For a company like this they should understand that most of the time the clothes or shoes will not fit and it is only fair and ethical to be able to allow the customer to exchange the item. YOU GET THE MONEY EITHER WAY!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ???!!! I would rather have given my $12.99 to the Haiti relief rather than throw away a pair of shoes that do not fit. THEY ACTING UNETHICAL AND IT IS WRONG TO STEAL FROM CUSTOMERS AND CON THEM. The customer service was horrible and they gave me the run around with the wrong information each time I talked with them. They did not even know their own policies. It is a joke. Here is a managers email address if you want to complain directly [email protected] Good luck getting anything resolved because it most likely won't happen.

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  • Bu
    busybody_anon May 12, 2010

    made the mistake of ordering from this company and I have had to open up a paypal dispute. I saw a lot of questions about the company on yahoo answers, so I thought I would post all of the phone numbers I have for the company, (not that I could get anyone to answer when I called, but just the same, here they are).

    (909) 595-3339 (via amiclubwear website)

    (888) 908-1288 (via paypal receipt)

    (626) 723-0610 (via better business bureau)

    (626) 336-7171 (via amiclubwear after paypal dispute opened, this one seems most promising)

    I called the last number and didn't get the normal recording, but it asked me for my party's extention, one was not provided to me (surprise) so I just pushed 0, low and behold the phone rang, my heart soared, someone picked up, I almost dropped a deuce, and then they hung up on me without saying a word!!! Buyer Beware! This company is horrible at customer service. If you order from them please use paypal, as this is the only way to get a response from them as far as I can tell. Hope this helps someone out.

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  • De
    Dee D'Mooree May 19, 2010

    I orderd a blouse in a size Large which when I received it was more like a size Small.
    Within the same day I emailed them to ask for a shipping return authorization number.
    I received an email from them 3 business days later and the answer was sorry we will not accept the return. The return will not be authorized. I couldnt figure out why they wouldnt take the item back when it came with the paperwork and the SAME day I received it and tried it on I wanted to return it. Whats the point of having a return slip when you deny the return authorization number? I was really upset, and asked why it couldnt be returned. I received NO ANSWER. Too bad, I've ordered shoes from them before with no problems after that I've decided to no longer do business with them. Instead I shop at Makemechic. They have cute shoes for the same price and I havent had issues returning things to them.

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  • Ni
    nikita.s Sep 10, 2010

    i made an order on 9/03. it is now 9/10. they said it takes 5-7 business days which means, at the very least I shoult get it today, but the tracking number they gave me is not yet even available on usps.. I called yesterday, and after trying numerous times, someone picks up, tells me that my order will be shipped out later that day, so i ask why hasnt it been shipped out yesterday or the day before that, then she responds " well we have to processing days after you place an order, and then it takes 5-7 business days for shipping ma'am.." okay, so the 5-7 business days that they put on their website is obviously false.. because I know (i shop online A LOT) that the number of online stores put in on their website is exactly the number of days we get the merchandise from the time we click PLACE ORDER. so anyhow, I kindly asked the lady on the phone to change my shipping method so I can get it earlier and she says " well I can't change the shipping method because it's already been shipped ma'am.." WTF?!?!!? she just told me few seconds ago that it hasnt been shipped and it will ship out later that day... and it obviously havent shipped out yet because the tracking number still doesnt show up in usps.. first off, I work in the fashion industry and I know for a fact that once a customer needs something changed on their order BEFORE THE MERCHANDISE HAS BEEN SHIPPED, it is the responsibility of the seller to make the changes... it doesnt take a genius to know that.. their customer service- not only was she not helpful, but very very passive.. I might as well talk to an automated one, even they can make changes or help out the customer.



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  • Am
    Amiclubwear loser Oct 06, 2010

    They suck. Ever try returning something with these guys? A hassle! Ever try using their "store credit"? effing BS! they steal your money 2x. they tell you to put the "store credit" code in the comments section when placing your order which means nothing! they still charge your card AGAIN! they say it wil be refunded after 2 days but trust and believe, if you dont ever call them and remind them to refund your card, you will NEVER get it. 2 months can go by, and when you do call, they'll tell you they were having technical issues and you will get it in 2wks. STRAIGHT UP BULL! and they dont even have the common courtesy to send you an email notification about your money and whats the hold up. bunch of crooks and con artists.

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  • Ty
    tyetye Oct 24, 2010

    I ordered from this place and didnt recieve my things on the day that it was suppose to come.I did a dispute on them which took 30 days with my bank, and yes i got my $95.88 back. For those that dont know that if your order does not come on the day that it suppose to come, call your bank immediately to do a dispute and let them know about your situation.Dont do a return policy with this company especially if they dont answer the phone because the longer you take in trying to call this company back when they dont answer the phone, the more time that you will be wasting while trying to do the dispute against them, then you might not be able to get your money back. I hope that this could help someone because with a company like this that rips people off like that and that is not located at the place where they say they are, they should be shut down.Also that company should be put online with a sign that says SCAM on the top of their website.Hopefully this paragraph makes sense because I have'nt wrote paragraphs in a long time lol.

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  • Le
    LetJusticePrevail Dec 09, 2010

    Everyone who has a complaint, I urge you to PLEASE direct your complaints to the BBB as they have the power to do something about this scam of a company! I am still fighting my case with Paypal. Ami was quick to take $200.00 from my bank account and NEVER send my items. It's been almost a month with no contact from them at all! I have attached a link to the BBB. Let our voices be heard! What they are doing is not right!

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  • So
    SO MAD 954 Dec 09, 2010

    THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY IVE EVER DEALT WITH!!! There customer service is the WORST!!! Go ahead, place a order, I can bet you wont get a right shipping address, Bey they WILL SHIP USPS instead of UPS as they say and youll be on hold with their phone number for half hour at least to get on the line with someone RUDE that says you have "a 3 minute limit" they say they will call you back, but bet your a-s-s they WONT. Ive never been so angry with a company. EVER. I have never even left feedback on a company but I cant stand it! Look up the owner on facebook - Yangyang Yang - look at the "company party" pictures you can see the bottleg company your dealing with. I swear ive never had such a horrible experience with a company EVER. The 1st time i dealt with them I got my shipment ($12 SHIPPING) in 7 days. I was okay with that. EVERYTIME AFTER THAT THEY HAVE BULLSHYTED MY TRACKING NUMBER, BEEN ON HOLD, SAID MY STUFF WAS BACKORDERED, AND LAST TIME A CUSTOMER SERVICE HUNG UP ON ME!. I wish I would have researched them before this.. F-

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  • Be
    beeal74 Jan 13, 2011

    The EXACT same thing happened to me only I spent 96 dollars. When she told me that it would not be there in 2 days I said to cancel the order and they refused. This was 20 minutes after I placed the order. I contacted EVERY orginazation I could think (BBB, Attorney General of CA, ect...) of and there is nothing I can do about it. The BBB closed my complaint because amiclubwear has many loopholes with their return policy that allows them to do business this way. They even had my FB account deactivated because I was telling anyone and everyone about it. They are dishonest theives. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Ke
    KEESH26 Feb 15, 2011

    This site is a order was placed 02/09/2011, which at this point I was told it would take 3-5 business days, I got an email 3 days later with half of my order so I called, when I got a customer service rep she tells me the dress I ordered is on back order and wilk take an additional 10 business days to arrive. I leave for LA 02/18, today is 02/14, as I get into asking questions the rep said we can only be on the phone for a short period of time and the phone disconnected!!! so I have to look for a new dress then wait 3 more days to be reimburst $70!!! THE OWNER OF THIS SITE CAN GO TO HELL

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  • Ms
    Ms.Washington Mar 14, 2011

    I ordered some boots and a pair of heels and I never received them it's way pass the delivery date.I can't get in touch with them or anything.Poor business very upset.

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  • So
    SoNotPleased Apr 05, 2011

    Well I don't mean to Piss you off even more, but they also do state that there are 2 days for processing. It's that way for any company. I used to work customer service. I know this place is a rip off to say the least but she was right about it coming the 30th.

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  • La
    laydelegant23 Apr 25, 2011

    CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!! I had a complaint for not getting the dress that i ordered. no one wanted to help me and got hung up on 4x when asked to speak to a supervisor i was told that theres no supervisor on site!!! they don't know how to handle and resolve problems with customers... i would never order from this company again. it's been a week since my complaint and still haven't heard from them!! they have the worse unethical employee!! never again!!!

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  • Am
    AMI ARE RIP OFFS Jun 24, 2011


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  • Ti
    Tifix Nov 08, 2011

    I purchased an item, after purchase they tell me that the expected date is two weeks pass the time i needed the items. what a bunch of crap and of course i caught the discrepancy after purchase call them to try and expedite which is not allowed and stuck with the item coming. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE.

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  • Be
    BeachCowgirl Jan 27, 2012

    Extremely disappointed with this company. When trying to call them on the telephone, it takes more than 45 minutes & then your call gets dropped as you come closer to being the 'next caller.' Then when you return the item, they NOW want to give you 'store credit.' If they can't get your first initial order correct, why in the heck would you want to have store credit.

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  • Li
    Libecke Dec 06, 2012

    Two orders were placed on11/23/12 and on11/24/12 and the credit card WAS charged immediately. BUT the orders are still not shipped! I am out of money and out of merchandise! The customer service of amiclubwear does not pick up the phone and does not reply to emails. What is going on?

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  • Th
    thn123 Jan 03, 2013

    i had order clothes and cant ever return or contract with customer sevicer, , , , and they over charged on my paypal took me 3 month still havent return my money back $174, horrible amiclubwear...

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  • So
    Sophiad16 Feb 01, 2013

    I ordered a pair of shoes and some dresses last Sunday in hopes of receiving them by this Saturday for a night out. I know that is cutting it close, so I thoroughly reviewed the Shipping policies and FAQ. The website said the items ship in 2 days after ordering, so I knew I would be fine because I live literally 30 min. away from their warehouse in CA (they don't allow you to pick up your items, they have to be shipped).

    When I checked on my order on Thursday (4 days), it still hadn't shipped. When I called their customer service, I was able to finally speak to Yadira. She told me the items hadnt shipped yet, and I told her I'd like a refund since I needed the items by Saturday. She puts me on hold, and then tells me the items DID ship out. I was skeptical after reading all of the horrible reviews and learning they had an F on the BBB, so I asked for the tracking number, and she provided me with one.

    Fast forward to today. I get an email saying my order was only partially shipped. And of course, the shoes werent shipped out (which is the whole reason i ordered from them in the first place). I am so disappointed, and will never order from this site again. Not only did they not follow through on their shipping, but the customer service representative lied to me to keep me from getting a refund after I explained my situation. This is the worst experience I have had buying from clothing websites, and I have purchased from many, including overseas.

    I hope someone reads this before making and order, instead of having to find out the hard way, like I did. And if you did already make an order, CANCEL it before it is shipped!!! I feel like a sucker.

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  • Da
    Davempowering Jun 03, 2013

    I ordered a pair of shoes and a pair of leggings for my girlfriend on 15h of May 2013...Today is the 3rd of June and still no sign of my package. It's been 2 weeks of waiting. I tried contacting them and they said I should contact USPS customer support for my delivery information, but the thing is they don't offer customer support for internationals, but only for americans. I'm from Denmark. I'm starting to question the legitimacy of this company. It seems that a lot of international customers had encountered issues with their orders, but very few americans did. What's that suppose to mean? That their shipping service is just a tiny little unknown company that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk and it works in colaboration with them just to basically steal fat commissions off our ###? Hopefully after I receive my order, I'm done with these maggots.

    Who's with me?

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  • Fr
    frissco Jan 27, 2015

    i been using yall website over a year now i really love it soo excited to shop with yall but recently i been tryin to get on the website and it keep sayin its it true or what cuz i want to order me some dresses im pissed

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  • Xg
    xgyrl Jul 18, 2016

    I planned a trip to Vegas on July fourth and made a small order for about 20$ 2 weeks before my trip. They usually ship within 3 days. The first week, I waited and nothing. No shipping information. So I called and left a voicemail. I also sent an email. I didnt want the items anymore because they were not going to arrive on time and should have been shipped already. They didnt respond until I sent a second email requesting a refund. They responded to my second email and not the first one. Mainly because I was unhappy and complained. That was very bad customer service according to me. It took them 1 week to respond. Then instead of refunding me, they would only allow a credit. I tried to fight the credit for a refund because I didnt want to purchase anymore from them but after emailing back and forth, I decided to respect their refund policy.

    I have spend hundreds of money on this website and never had any problems until I had to deal with the staff there. I know its only 20$ but thats my money and for the customer service, they dont deserve my business. I feel like they didnt value me as a customer. Im sure they are not worried because of the thousands purchasing from them. But it was a very unpleasant feeling for me.

    So I decided to purchase from them again recently and included my store credit. They never applied my store credit. SOOO I tried contacting them again to ask why my credit wasnt applied. Called and left another message and sent two emails. No response. I have emails to prove it!

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  • Am
    Amiclubwear is a SCAM!!! Jul 18, 2016

    I do believe amiclubwear has scammed many people and have no shame and will do it again.. I ordered from amiclubwear on 12/10/2010 I ordered a pair of boots and a jacket. After purchasing them I never received an email confirmation So I got very worried, anytime I've ordered online I have always gotten an email confirmation with shipping details. So, I decided to call the number just to talk to customer service and see what was up. No answer So I thought I would get on the Internet and look at reviews for the sight. Well, I wished I had read the reviews first because almost every review I read was bad!! So I tried calling them a few times every day and there was never any answer I didn't want to email them because I thought if I email them then they will know I know they are a scam and then they will scam me for sure. I was hoping I at least got my products at this point I didn't care if anything was the wrong color or size..I assumed I was not going to be getting my package from reading the reviews so I at least wanted something. Then on 12/13/2010 I received an email from [email protected] saying my order was sent on 12/13/2010 it had both items and item numbers listed, then at the bottom it said

    If there are items of your order not included in this shipment,
    we will ship them in next package, you will get tracking number by email soon.

    Best Regards,

    So I was a little relieved But not quite because you never know. I tracked the shipping and it was a little slow moving at first But I received my package today 12/17/2010, the day the ups tracking told me it would be here by. I have not seen the products yet because they were delivered to my mothers house But she opened them and called and said girl you better get on there and write a review because there is absolutely nothing wrong with them they look great.. I was shocked I thought she was going to say they were cheap looking or dirty or the wrong size But evidently not.. I cant wait to see them I'm So excited. But I would NEVER order from here again because it seems like they make the first order good So you will order from them again, a bigger order, then they scam you. So I am very pleased with my purchase and, if you don't care to take the chance of getting ripped off I guess I would order from them. Also, my email is [email protected] So if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me I know when I was reading reviews I wanted to talk to someone who had gone through it and I never saw email addresses to get a hold of anyone. Hope this helps someone..
    I give them a four star because I got good products but anytime I tried to call there was never an answer and that is horrible customer service in my opinion

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  • Si
    Sikoro Jul 18, 2016

    I hate this website. We went to the islands for our honeymoon. So I wanted some dinner dresses to wear on the island. Well I thought this was a good deal. However, it was horrible. I ordered 3 dresses, they said they were in stock but they didnt send so when i called they said they werent and only refunded me half the price. Then the one dress they did send was some ugly dress with a flower the size of a dinner plate on it. And I had to pay for it to be sent back plus they only gave me 5 bucks back. Girls dont waste your time with this site. Either way you will be paying twice as much as you see with nothing to show for it, Try 3 or something.

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  • Su
    sunshinestate Jul 18, 2016

    After i made a purshase I returned one of the items It was too big. after thrying to get thrugh to their lines I finally got someone the lady said they dont to exhange over the phone or store credit I will have go on line already another item charge my credit card again then on the bottom of the order on the comment area enter the refund code they gave me. Well I did is been over a week and never received my refund.. so now is like I paid double for the item i did received the item.. but it cost me double the money. I sent them about 3 emails and not respond . I will never purshase anything for their website... terrible. custumer service.. and they are really ripping people off whit their refund scam.

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  • La
    Lannetta Beck Jul 26, 2016

    I ordered 5 pairs of shoes only received 4 with a note saying they will send soon as it's in. I waited 2 weeks and then requested my money back was told a 2-4 weeks it's been 6 weeks . No one returns calls or emails. Now I'm going to put a negative review on every site I can. It's a shame to because I have ordered from them at least 2 times a month for 6 months straight now that isn't happening anymore.

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