Americas Best Value Inn & Suitesroom with bed bugs

J Sep 09, 2018

We booked to stay at this hotel from Thursday until Sunday. The first night was barable to say the least. There was old beer cans and socks behind the fridge but we bypassed that it wasn't that big of a deal to us. There was an issue with the tv it wasn't working and it took them a while to come and fix it eventually they did and while doing so the left the door open. We noticed we were getting bit by something but didn't see anything to just dismissed it as a mosquito or something flying in from the door being open. The next night I felt something else biting me. Woke up and noticed bed bugs on the bed. I killed two and Called the front desk they came and saw another few bed bugs and switched rooms but the second room was no better. There was ants all over the night stand. I called the front desk again and they came to check it out and switched the rooms. I have never had bed bugs before, never been but by one and now I have bed bug bits from my hotel stay. I have them all over my arms and legs and face. I am very itchy and it's embarrassing. The hotel said there is no manager on weekends and I would have to wait to speak to one on Monday. They refused a refund. I called who issued me a 175$ credit which is great of them and why I will always use them. However, I'm stuck with these bites I had to throw out my clothes and my brand new backpack that I have never got to use but thought this might be a good time. I got bit on one of my tattoos and now the lettering has blistering in them. The man I spoke to was VERY RUDE. He was laughing at the situation and they refused a refund. I find it hard to believe that there is no way to speak to a manager, you run a hotel what's if something worse happened? There's no way to get in contact with them.? This was a horrible experience and the lack of good customer service from the person currently running the front desk is ridiculous.

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