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stolen roperty

On 3/30/19 between approximately 2:30pm and 3:45pm, I requested new blankets an toilet paper from a house keeper. She said it would be handled
A middle aged S. American woman who wears glasses showed up with the supplies. As a show of good will an trust I left the room leaving her by herself in my rented room to empty one of the full garbage cans myself. There was no plastic bags in any garbage cans. Upon my return within about 20 seconds she had vanished. She just left the towels in a stack on the bathroom sink. She didn't bother to even put a bag into the empty trash can. It shouldnt be nessacary to ask for every little thing. She was in a hurry. Looking back I know why. She wanted an opportunity to steal something before I returned. About 20 minutes after she left I saw my bag of marijuana medicated gummies on the floor on its side. I picked it up an it felt empty but turns out there was only one gummy left. I never leave one of anything as goes the same for many others too. I had at least about 10-15. She dumped a handful in her hand and jammed outta there and this is after I help her with her job. I told the front desk monstrosity about what hapoened and of course being from the same culture she does but stand up for the older woman claiming she's known her for 20 years and she has never done anything like what I said. I told her she was in my room alone. She relays that to the housekeeper who was in my room and she completely denies ever being in there. Than I knew for certain she took them. Only a guilty person would lie about something as petty as being in my room. I ask for the video footage to be analyzed. The supervisors at the front desk told me that day and the following the footage had been reviewed and she was not there. This thief housemaid needs to be held accountable for her actions. I made an audio recording of the young ladies just making up lies as they went business as usual. I will contact everyone under the sun until this issue is addressed. It's not about the money, it's about how that awful back stabber ripped me off while I helped her throw a full load of garbage away. She didnt throw the other garbage out either. Thank you for the consideration..Alex Humphrey #[protected]