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K Aug 06, 2018

My husband, Robert, and I stayed in room 107 at the Americas Best Value Inn & Suites - 5201 Gulf Freeway, La Marque, TX 77568, from August 3-5, 2018. Our guest number is 66508.

Before I go into my biggest complaint, I want to make mention of a few things that made the hotel to feel unclean. There were dark stains on the carpet. One of the pillow cases had spots on it that appeared to be dried blood. And, the pool water was green and cloudy.

Now for the BIG complaint:
On Saturday, August 4, 2018, we took a fishing trip and caught several Vermillion Snapper (pictures attached), which was about 10 pounds of fish after they were cleaned and fileted. When we returned to our room, we placed the fish in the refrigerator with our sodas to keep it cold until we bought ice for our ice chest, which would be the next morning before we headed home. On Sunday morning, at approximately 8:00 am, we left our room (DID NOT check out of our room) to drive into Galveston to Katie's Seafood Market to purchase some shrimp and get ice for our ice chest.

We returned to our room at approximately 9:30 am, because we HAD NOT checked out of our room. We noticed that housekeeping, who were across the hall cleaning another room, had cleaned our room. Robert went to the refrigerator to get our things to place them in the ice chest for our trip home, but the refrigerator was empty. We went to the hallway to ask the housekeeping (a man and a woman) where our sodas and fish were and the woman tried to tell us, but did not speak English. All I could understand was her saying sorry. Robert asked her if she threw the fish in the trash and she said, "Yes, sorry". Again, we HAD NOT checked out of our room.

Although I understand that it is housekeeping's job to clean the rooms, they should not be removing things from the rooms until the guests have checked out. The woman returned our sodas to us, but not the fish.

We went to the front desk and filed a complaint. The girl at the desk was very pleasant and understood our frustration. She notified the housekeeping manager who came to the front desk, and at that point the woman who cleaned our room had also arrived and kept repeating sorry over and over again. The housekeeping manager advised the woman housekeeper that it was not yet 11:00 am and she should not have been cleaning our room or removing anything from our room, because we had not checked out.

We requested a refund of the $30 we paid for our fish to be cleaned and something for the frustration and inconvenience of all that happened. The housekeeping manager went to get the hotel manager. The hotel manager said she could refund the $30 we paid to have our fish cleaned, but could not provide a discount to our room. We advised we would take the $30, but we were contacting the customer relations/service department to request the additional refund we should get.

I feel that in addition to the $30 refund we already received, we should receive one night of our room refunded, and the market value of the 8 pounds of Vermillion Snapper ($15 a pound - shown in attachment from Katie's Seafood Markets website) that we did not get to bring home with us.

10 lbs. Vermillion Snapper x $15.00 = $150.00
1 night room rate = $76.79
Fish cleaning = $30.00 (already received from hotel staff)

Please let me know what information, if any, you need to get the refund processed.

Please contact me at [protected] or [protected]
or Robert at [protected] or [protected]

Thank you for your time and attention to these matters. I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

Kallie Clark

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Americas Best Value Inn & Suites
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