American Memorabilia Complaints & Reviews

American Memorabilia / embezzlement and fraud

Apr 03, 2013

kieta kieta a.k.a.kieta moreno, also a.k.a susan kieta is very sorry for her shameful, unethical fraudulent and cowardly behavior by trying to file for bankruptcy.her phone number is [protected].she can also be reached at [protected].she also can be reached at [protected].the entity is called...

American Memorabilia / fake lionel messi barcelona jersey

Apr 02, 2013

Stay away from the lionel messi so called game worn jersey. Size l tagging? Messi at best might be 5 feet 5 inches tall!!! The robert van persie jersey is rubbish. You can order the same exact specifactions from the team shops or from So lionel messi wears a size l (large...

American Memorabilia / fake johan cruyff jersey

Apr 01, 2013

Plsease stay away from th e johan cruyff ajax so called game worn jersey. It did not come from mario kempes. Mario kempes and johan cruyff were never teammates!!! Look this fact up on wikpedia via google. The letters from mario kempes are fake. Look at the signatures from this letter and...

American Memorabilia / fake bobby charlton jersey

Mar 15, 2013

Stay away from the so called game worn bobby charlton jersey. it did not come from silvio marzolini because marzolini basically played for boca juniors. he never played for manchester united. the letter of authenticity is bogus. manchester united did not wear yellow in the early 1970'...

American Memorabilia / fake soccer memorabilia


Stay away from the eusebio jersey. the hugo gatti signature is very suspect. from the december 6, 2012 auction the johan cruyff dutch national team jersey is suspect because the mario kempes signature is bogus. the roger clemens and don mattingly jersey may be suspect. if the letter of...

American Memorabilia / $6,217,000.00 sales since 2008


Special update,,, special update!!! since january 2008 till 12/09/2011 american memorabilia has realized $6, 217, 000.00 dollars in sales!!! 1yet they complain they have no money!!! that's correct ladies and gentlemen, they have realized over 6 millon dollars in sales!!! how can such...

American Memorabilia / tons of hidden costs to buyers!


When buying from an american memorabilia auction, they neglect to mention anywhere on their website or in the help/knowledge bank that you will be charged an additional 20% buyers fee on top of the auction price. All auctions now have this buyers fee, but most are 10-15% at most. The...

American Memorabilia / sinful and corrupt


Dear ladies and gentkemen: American memorabilia has come up with a new board game. it's called "connive and cheat". the board game is a combination of "monopoly" and "hide and seek."the main idea of the game is to find out where american memorabilia are hiding there assets from all the...

American Memorabilia / scam, fraud, dishonest, corrupt


On october 19, 2011 I give victor moreno of american memorabila a call and proposed to him and stephanie who is on their "board of directors" staff and told him just sned me a $9, 000.00 bank tellers check out the $90, 000.00 they owed me from almost 4 years ago. moreno not only resented...

American Memorabilia / fraud, larceny-many victims


An attorney named robert king of pinellas park, florida called me 10 days ago and told me that he had a client who won a $200, 000.00 judgement against american memorabilia and they have not paid his client. he stated that his client consigned items in the years 2006 and 2007!!! why i...

American Memorabilia / fraud, fraud, fraud, larceny, larceny, larceny



American Memorabilia / owed $90,000.00 from over 3 years ago


Over 3 years ago in american memorabilia's super bowl auction I consiggned over 100 game worn st. ouis rams, vintage losangeles rams and jerseys from other teams and other sports. out of $130, 000.00 They did pay me $23, 000.00 in may of 2017. I have hardly received any money in 3 years. I did...

American_Memorabilia / super fast payment-great authentication


American_memorabilia_auctions sold over $200k.. they have awesome clientele and they provide the best authentication. they have the best policies and are super nice. [protected] give them a call. they are happy to help and always are available. they paid me within 5 days of an auction close...

American Memorabilia / still not paid $5,000 after 3 years


In 2007 my late husband, ronald negro entered an autographed bat, signed by mickey mantle and roger maris, into an auction with american memorabilia. when an item is not sold it is their policy to return the merchandise to the seller (unless the seller wants it entered into another...

American Memorabilia / got scammed with fraudulent item!!!


I got scammed by American Memoribilia for over $500!!! The praise comments are obviously written by American Memorabilia!!! I made 2 purchases from their May 2010 auction and both items arrived not even close to the description. The first item was an autographed magazine advertised a...

American Memorabilia / bad business practice


Victor and kieta do not pay on time! they have owed me money for items that sold in acutions 2 years ago! they claim that they don't have the money - but they have money to purchase new condos and invest in nightclubs. This is how their business should work: You consign item to them They...

American Memorabilia AMI / wonderful consignment experience


We read all these complaints about American Memorabilia AMI Kieta and Victor after meeting them, we decided to consign with them and it was GREAT! We sold over $10, 000 worth of our collection and we got paid quickly and we had absolutely no issues whatsoever. WE fet hat after seeing these...

American Memorabilia / doesn't pay


Do not consign to these guys (Victor and Kieta) (American Memorabilia)...! They do not pay you and they will say they are going to pay you, but never do. I have been waiting over a year and still no money! My only recourse is to take them to court. When you tell them your going to take...

American Memorabilia,inc / non payment for consignments


I also have been victimized by this company. American Memorabilia(Victor Moreno & Susan Kieta) have owed me $10, 950 for well over 1 year. After many months of listening to her B.S. and stall tactics I hired a lawyer. The court process as been slow but this week the judge awarded me the...

American Memorabilia / fraud, fraud, fraud


Do not, I repeat do not consign with this company as they will not pay you. they have not paid me in over a years time. they will not return your calls and have ripped off many many people. do not read into the positive complaints at all. these comments are posted by there employees to...

American Memorabilia / lies, fraud trust morals


American memorabilia sold a hockey jersey for me a told me I would be paid in 60 days. they owe me 2600 dollers an I have not seen a dime yet. I hear the are hiring staff and continue to produce their catalouge. by the way they sold my jersey back in november 2008. I was unemployed at the...

American Memorabilia / scam website


American memoribilia is scam website. they are using the postal service to commit fraud. I consigned and sold an item with them 5 months ago. nothing. I constantly emailed and called asking them when am I getting paid. they gave me the go around about there new policy. then told me. they...

American Memorabilia / breech of contract


In November 2007 I sent AMI 3 rare old NFL jersey, 2 were HOF'ers. ALL were sold in their February 2008 Auction. After numerous false stories about their winning bidder requesting more time, and more stories of post dated checks (they dont accept chjecks!) I still was not paid by June...

American Memorabilia / embezzlement


I have been owed payment for over a year for my consignment.I recently filed a second complaint with the Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection in Las Vegas, Nevada.This time I filed for embezzlement instead of internet fraud and it has been assigned for further...

American Memorabilia / lawsuit filed and served


I have filed, and served American Memorabilia with a California civil complaint. The complaint includes 9 different causes of action including fraud and conversion of property. I invite anyone who has been damaged by this company and its owners, to contact me at [protected] and let me know what they did to you. / nonpayment


I to have not been paid for my consignments for over a year.I filed a second complaint with the Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection for embezzlement instead of internet fraud.This time I got a favorable response in that my information is being reviewed and wa...

American Memorabilia / no payment


I too have been victimized by this company. I sent multiple items to them which all sold. I have not seen a penny. My first football sold in November 08 and my second football and program sold in Febuary 09. They have not made one payment to me yet. I am about to take legal action. E-mail me at m.[protected] - Mark

American Memorbilia / NON PAYMENT AFTER 7 MONTHS


NEED HELP. If anyone has any insight to how they got paid by these guys or knows a good lawyer in Las Vgas, I woudl liek to pursue them. I am about done trying to get paid. After 7 months of phone calls and emails, I am about over it and would like to start legla action. Please email me at...

American Memorabilia / fraud


American Memorabilia ( Susan Keita and Victor Moreno ) owe me over $2000 for over 6 months and Susan keeps telling me she has no answer for me. She sold my lots, spent my money and continues to take lots from other people to do the exact same thing. This is no different than Bernie Medoff...

American Memorabilia / non payment


i am another consigner from florida waiting for payment. this ime for for over 14 months to recieve payment in a 9000 sale i had to get a lawyer. this company is one of the problems in this industry. id be more than happy to help out anyone and do what it takes to make sure they get...

American Memorabilia / breach of contract/non-payment


I consigned an item, that was sold on their online auction. I had a signed contractual agreement with American Memorabilia, that I would receive payment within 90 days of the auction close. I have called and e-mailed dozens of times to no avail, e-mails go unanswered and when you are lucky...

American Memorabilia / non-payment


I am a retired special agent, state investigator and law enforcement officer with the NYPD for over 20 years. For the agencies to act everyone must do the following: register complaints with: The FTC, Sentinel Unit, The FBI"s Internet Fraud Unit, The Nevada Attorney General's Office...

American Memorabilia / internet fraud, no payment for item auctioned


I'm in the same boat as many others posting to this site having sent a valuable item to American Memorabilia for their online auction only to find it, thusfar, impossible to receive payment. I was desperate for funds when I sent the family heirloom to them last summer; they even spoke...

American Memorabilia / rip off


I met the owner, Victor Moreno, at a sports memorabilia show in May 2008 and he was looking for sports items to put in his auctions. I had brought some items with me to the show and he asked to look at them. He wanted to auction one of my items which was a valuable baseball bat. He explained...