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American Sweepstakes Publishers (A.S.P.) / award confirmation - office sweepstakes recipient - publishers give away awards recipient.

Feb 20, 2019

I need the complaint reached the Board Direction of Awards Reci[pient I believe for so longest time have been Discriminating against me by not giving the awards that was supposed relief my financial hardship. They have taking my money for so longest time and when it com to receive the...

American Sweepstakes Publishers (A.S.P.) / claims sweepstakes won.

Nov 15, 2017

Caller claimed his name is Charles Wesley from Consumer Protection Board in Washington DC. Claimed trying to help me receive sweepstakes monies owed to me. The phone number he gave for me to call him is [protected]. My caller ID showed [protected]. Beware. Do not send money to anyone who...

American Sweepstakes Publishers (A.S.P.) / Contest letter

May 30, 2017

I have received a letter from the American sweepstakes publisher telling me I'm a guaranteed winner if I send them 12.00 for a processing fee & I did and today I got another letter in the Mail telling me to do the same thing again so I'm talking to some lawyers about this matter because I...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes for $12.00

Apr 03, 2017

PO box 12954 Kansas City, Kansas 66112 asking for $12.00 says mailed from executive HQ. I feel it's the same as International award payment center. Asking $7.00 from 1401 Armour Rd.North Kansas City, MO. 64116 also says Corporate HQ ... American Sweepstakes wants you to mail to A...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / Award winning letters asking for money

Dec 23, 2015

I am reporting this as I have gotten so many award winning letters. This needs to be stopped and they need to be punished. It is giving people hope. People that need hope and usually don't have much money. I am tired of getting these and plan on reporting all of them from now on. Thi...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / Reported winnings not true

Nov 05, 2015

I too received a letter stating "Statement of Tracked Documentation" stating they had over a million in unclaimed cash awards and I was "identified, confirmed and notified" that I am "guaranteed full access to 1, 000, 000.00 but I must first send in a $12.00 processing fee, this was to be...

american sweepstakes publisher / winning prizes and them asking me to send money


If you get one of these do not send money!!! I have been getting these for a few weeks now and it is always from a different place. I was just about to send the $12 dollars until I read the piece of paper that came with it. I would have really used this money I wish I new for sure but no...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / got letter in mail


I received a letter in the mail telling me, one million two hundred fifty-four thousand two hundred four dollars was pending and they describe their selves as a research monitoring agency, they send a statement of tracked Documentation said it is now confirmed and guranteed to me.said i...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / Document release form $1,254,204.00


Dear sir How can we stop getting fake forms for money? I have taken one to my bank and was very humiliated and very upset too. I am very glad I found this site. Thank You Darleen Pinckney

American Sweepstakes Publishers / Scam ruined my mother's life


Dozens upon dozens of American Sweepstakes Publishers offer letters were sent to my mother over a period of 5 months of which my mother answered them all. All request a one-time transfer/processing fee. These "Prize Reports" are marked as if people actually signed their names using seal...

American Sweepstakes Publishers / Scammers

American Sweepstakes Publisher sent me a 'Guaranteed Delivery Response Form'. I won $100, 254, 204.00. They tell me that in order for me to receive my winnings I have to return the documentation signed and to send a one time $12.00 fee for processing registration payable to...