American Red Crosshandling of donations

P Aug 11, 2018

upon being classified by a presidential disaster of fire in Shasta County CA several people were evacuees (38, 000 plus) and were housed under red cross authority in an evacuation center. I am speaking for several of those victims as well as what I have seen for myself.

The staff for red cross were rude and unsympathetic to the needs of these victims as well as those coming to donate, and being turned away.

there were very little if any amenities, i.e. sugar for coffee, soap, etc, even cups had to be sent out for.

where exactly are these donations going? you guys offer no information or help victims by leading them to the help they need. Im going to see that an audit is put forth on the donations from the Carr Fire Incident in Shasta County as i have directed many donations to that source. Shasta County needs some answers.

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