American Red Crossblood donation

D Jul 17, 2019

Below are details confirming your upcoming donation appointment:
Sponsor Name: Eaton
Site: Eaton
Address: 695 Indian Hills Drive, Athens, GA 30601
Room Name: The Mez
Drive Date: 7/17/2019
Appointment Time: 05:15 PM
Procedure Type: Blood

have never been so insulted in my life. RED CROSS is flashing the immediate need and urgency for donating blood, everywhere. I am a regular giver. Today I go to give blood and I have a 5:15 appointment. I arrive at 5pm and the Red Cross has already packed up and I was unable to donate. Their posted time on the bulletin board was until 5:30. Go figure. A guy drives 15 miles to help others when the blood collectors just say, piss off donators, we are going home. What happened with customer service and doing your job right.

The sad part is I have a rare blood.

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