American Girli am complaining about the service. the hours of operation


The hours of operation are from 9am to 9pm at the memorial city mall location, Houston Texas. It was 8:25 pm and the were already closed. I told my little girl that if she was good during our back to school shopping we would stop there afterwards to buy her a doll and one outfit. Do you know how hard that is to see the look on a child's face to see that the store is close and she was good. I'm furious!!! And will never, ever, never shop there or any location ever again. I have spend way too much money on dolls and clothes from American Girl and you don't have the decency to hire good help. For a $100 a doll, you can afford to hire decent help. Instead, you hire lazy people who can't even do their simple jobs. I have pictures and videos of the recorded time showing that this location was closed over 30 minutes earlier. Thank you but you have lost a customer for life.

American Girl
American Girl

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