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I have an open ticket #[protected] (which I found out is now closed) and customer service can't tell me why or what is in the ticket. To quote ' once it is closed, we can't pull it up" Ridiculous! And the previous management company had a ticket, closed. As a property manager I have working on this since 7/2020 AND the association has been working on it since 2019 to return service from the repair. The repair was finally completed by Jess Howard Electric in 11/2020 and AEP would not and has not come out from their call of completion. Association had to call. Association calls and no one has a record of ANYTHING. I have a community with the no power at the entrance and no lights in the community... no service and when I opened the ticket, they asked for the contractor (because they were asking questions I was not familiar with from an electric standpoint). AEP never called the contractor and now the request is closed. It took me 45 minutes to get the ticket opened. I am beside myself on how to get this resolved at no additional cost to me and better the community for the very people paying for AEP service.

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