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Horrible service, go for 6 month checkup... all seems well... xrays taken... go back 6 months later... NO xrays taken but all of a sudden I have TWO cavitys and need a back tooth replaced... going by ONLY xrays! I questioned the fact that they took those 6 months prior so why was nothing said then?? At other dentist offices they would sometimes take a metal pointy tool and ### the teeth... and it if sticks that is also a way to double check that there is a cavity. American dental did do that... in fact they never pointed out the cavities... in past other dentists would take a mirror and show me where the cavity is etc. Not at American dental... they shuffle you off to a checkout room where you sit down and the office clerk then advises u need to return for this that and this..and comes ot this amount... and what is covered by your insurance etc... then they ask how do u want to pay... I said I would call back and never did... 6 months later my teeth feel fine and the tooth they insisted I replace with a crown is just fine too. They are a money making machine!! only care about their profit... not what you need or don't need... crooks and liars...


  • Le
    Leonard Hough Apr 26, 2016

    American Dental Centers of Ohio

    On March the seventh, I received a set of new dentures. However, they are not fitting properly. And I’m not willing to go through another period of adjustment, with feelings that in the end, it’s back to the beginning.

    I should not have left the dentist chair with the new dentures. My mistake! Before leaving that day with them, Dr. Schockner made another adjustment in the area where the pain persisted from the moment he first placed the lower denture in my mouth weeks ago. After adjusting and placing the lowers back in my mouth, he stated in so many words, there was not much left that he could do in the way of further adjustments.

    After leaving the office, my wife and I stopped at a restaurant to eat. Remembering what was told about eating, I just ordered chicken soup. Soon, after a couple of bites, the lower denture popped out. I tried placing the denture back, but the pain was to great. I placed the denture in a napkin, leaving the upper in place until returning home.

    Dr. Schockner used adhesive on the upper plate. Before application of the adhesive I felt the denture seemed loose beyond norm. Adhesive was not used on the lower denture. But again, wearing them with or without the paste, the intolerable pain to the gum area made it impossible to wear. (repetitive in one area only).

    The upper and lower dentures, especially the lower has been problematic from the beginning in the painful process of adjusting the piece to the gum.

    The upper denture is loose beyond reason, and is not aligned on both sides of the jaw. The bite is off. The back teeth on the right is flush with the lower gum as it should be. However, there is a gap on the left side. I can slide my tongue through the gap easily. This may be caused because the lower denture is not in place. Again, the pain caused by the lower denture after repeated adjustments had been made, I feel, makes it a good argument for replacement.

    March 11. About 12:30 I called the clinic, talked with Nancy (manager) and basically told her what I had written above. I was still distraught since Monday and my thoughts to her regarding the situation, may have not been clearly understood. She took notes and stated she would forward the information to the person in charge of handling these kinds of concerns. She questioned me about a Wednesday (the ninth) appointment I did not keep. My emotional state was too upsetting to keep and did not want to put myself through further adjustments of the dentures. Because I was already told no other adjustments could be made to the lower dentures.

    Afterthoughts. I will wait two weeks for a call back, if none comes, I will contact her.
    March 23. Time ?? I talked with Nancy. She was told by the person in charge of patron issues, a change in doctors or a new set of dentures is not the answer. A follow up with Dr. Schockner should find a resolve (not Nancy’s words verbatim). I disagreed but gave into another appointment. She could not give one because the computers were down. I said I would call tomorrow.

    Afterthought. No. I waited to call thinking in part she might call me back. And in part, because I had other pressing matters on my mind.

    March 30. From the start the conversation it took a dive downward. The main points are as follows. Her conversation centered on a Friday appointment with Dr. Schockner, and bring in all the dentures. At this point I was getting flustered, with feelings that my concerns were not being addressed here. So I interjected, I’m going to write a letter (log) of our conversations, she agreed to the letter and wanted it sent to her. Here is when the conversation got testy. I said, I also want to send a copy of the letter to the person she talked to in regards to my original complaint and what I was requesting that could lead to a possible solution.

    Her response was, “ I am the manager and the buck stops here!”

    I paused at that point, started counting to cool down the temper, then continued by saying, I want details, name, phone, address, etc. She gave me the particulars then asked again about the appointment for Friday. Reluctantly, I agreed to meet.

    Soon after hanging up the phone with Nancy, I phoned Ms.Koula (the name Nancy provided. She did not answer, lift message to call back.

    Some afterthoughts. Nancy’s words, “ I am the manager and the buck stops here!” kept rolling around in my thoughts. What did that mean? Did the concerns, I addressed, the grief felt, just got trashed by Nancy’s comment. So what was the urgent request to meet with me on Friday? Nancy’s words again, “Be sure you bring in all the dentures.” Am I about to get trashed again? Meaning in some way, the aim is to retrieve the dentures and send me on my way with an agreement of sorts like, sorry we could not put a smile on your face, a check will be in the mail, have a good day. Yes, I was getting very suspicious.

    March 31. I was about to call Nancy to cancel the appointment, when I got one from Ms. Koula. I made it brief, I was about to call Nancy to cancel tomorrow’s appointment. But I’ll leave you with a quote of Nancy’s, “ I am the manager and the buck stops here!” I will be sending a letter to you and Dr. Sam. This is all I care to say at the moment. (Dr. Sam last name is Jaffe, head of American Dental)

    Soon after, I called Nancy. I told her I’m cancelling tomorrow's appointment. She urged me to keep it but to no avail.

    Late afternoon, around 6:00 PM, Nancy called me. We are going to give you a refund, She said. Bring the dentures in tomorrow and give I will give you a receipt in return, depending on the settlement you're asking for (not her words verbatim). But before drawing upon any amount, and because she sounded friendly, I offered her some friendly advice in regards to her rude remark which is still boomeranging off my mind.

    You’re remark, “ I am the manager and the buck stops here!” was accepted as an insult. I interpreted that remark as an insult to all the concerns raised. She apologized, offered an explanation but really, I felt that I
    had failed in breaking through the barrier of indifference. In brief, the doctor knows best. Nothing else mattered.

    She did like one thing I said about lawyers and lawsuits. Lawsuits resolves little. No, I wish to resolve matters using common sense approaches.

    What I have to do now is find another dentist, start from scratch with the lower denture until satisfied. And I have no intentions of complaining about what came before.

    We returned to the subject of the refund. I batted around some ideas and settled for a check (no amount was figured yet) in exchange for the dentures. Again, you encouraged me to bring them in tomorrow. No, we must come to an agreement on the amount, the check must simultaneously be placed in my hand, the dentures in yours. We closed the conversation with the understanding that she would contact me after finding if my proposal was agreeable to others.

    Some afterthoughts. The conversation with Nancy was taped from her end. I knew this but waited to hear from her that the conversation was being recorded. By law, if tapped, I was to be told at the beginning of the conversation. Why wasn’t I told? Was it deliberate entrapment? Hoping I’d say something of leverage? I certainly hope not. I’m not into stupid “cat and mouse” game play!

    All I wanted before suspecting (tapping) was a settlement to apply to the dental loan, so I can renew another one with whomever I chose (dentist) in hopes of putting a smile back on my face.

    At the time of this log input, it is 5:30 PM on April the fourth. I do not feel Nancy will be calling back with any kind of positive or negative information. I will wait two weeks before calling her back.

    April 6. 2:00 PM. Nancy called. Questions centered around settlement. I have a loan with CareCredit which Nancy recommended A.D.C. would pay off. I mentioned a pay back to the insurance company. She sounded positive, but nothing as yet on both accounts was conclusive. I had to cut short the conversation, had a meeting coming up and pressed for time. I said I would call her back.

    April 13. 12.00 PM. I called Nancy, she was not in. I was told she no longer worked there. The name of the person I talked to was Michelle. I basically repeated what was said in the last call from Nancy. In addition, I asked about a charge placed on the total denture bill which I signed, but do not recall having a verbal agreement. I recently looked closer at the bill, Michelle confirmed what I was thinking. $800.00 for a five year warranty. I rarely purchase warranties on products beyond the initial safety-net. But I did signed the bill. Another stupid mistake on my part.

    To be continued in the form of a log...

    A brief history of what came before is important, because my request for new dentures, and a different dentist was not a compromise from American Dental. If so, it is important to brief whomever I choose in providing another lower denture. But only after services was rendered (smile, you're on “Candid Camera”). Complements would certainly be in order.

    Dental services began upon entering the A.D.C in North Olmsted on October, 15, 2015. At that time, MetLife dental insurance paid $2, 038.
    CareCredit paid the balance which was 2, 470., on my behalf to be repaid in monthly increments.

    Lower teeth had to be removed. Surgery was done at North Coast Jaw Center to my satisfaction.

    Healing in the gum areas needed to occur before proceedings on dentures took place.

    Over a period of three months (give or take), I had about twelve appointments with Dr. Schockner. Most of the visits centered on the lower far back region of the jaw. I was given a temporary lower denture and after adjustments was made, the fit was comfortable. No pain, and with a bit of adhesive, the fitting was firmly in place. Not perfect, when eating (soft food) the denture popped out of place. So be it, I was just pleased there was no pain. Wore them to social affairs, and figured I must concentrate on the permanent denture, to reach some kind of conclusion in the areas of eating food.

    In achieving the end goal of satisfaction with the permanent lowers, pain caused by permanent denture had to be overcome. And if Dr. Schockner was guided by ethics in his profession, the goal of two would have become one. That is my opinion, but really, It’s not for me to say, either way, only write about my observations as they unfolded toward the goal. The pain was persistent, the pain was only internal when the denture was fitted over the gum.

    The last appointment was the most crucial. It was the day I would receive the dentures...and hopefully the pain would be part of the past, buried deep in the sub-conscious, replaced with satisfaction. Not going to happen, and I feel, after keen observation of Dr. Schockner’s actions, his professional stance, in short his body language, he too knew the lower denture was not working. Another adjustment was made, and while walking back to the dental chair, he said in a low voice, “there’s not much more I can do” He had the right diagnoses but failed to do the right thing. Which was to not allow the dentures to go home with me, start from scratch, do the ethical thing in business and make it right. But no...Why?! I guess it’s not for me to know.

    Start at the beginning of this letter for further details. I do not wish to become redundant.

    During one of the appointments and while reclining in the dental chair, I overheard Dr. Schockner speak in a hushed voice to his assistant. The aide relayed, “She’s really upset” Response, Is she asking for her money back?” That is all I heard. ENOUGH!

    Enough said here, “No Confidence” in Dr. Schockner. But the echoes for “No Confidence” should be shared with others who are protectors of consumer issues...hopefully before purchasers of dental services find themselves in similar situations.


    A Special Note To Dr. Sam Jaffe, head of American Dental Centers of Ohio. Just straight talk, no “game play”. I conclude from my observation of the North Olmstead center, it just might be near the bottom of other A.D.C. clinics. Of course, nobody knows the status better than the people in charge. Yet, a few helpful insights from a former client can, I feel, lead to better relations with the public, especially current clientele. This Insight should also be important, just from the standpoint of competition near by. It’s the American way, the public should choices after insights into the bad and good.

    Perceptions of the North Olmstead center. The clinic is located in the Great Northern Mall next to Dillard’s Department Stores. And DentalWorks, is located in Sears. Upon entering the Mall and walking straight ahead, shoppers may notice if looking, the A.D.C., looks impressive from the outside. The office part is in clear view of passers going by with 2 or 3 people behind desks looking busy. Kinda looks notable enough, a snapshot worth placing in an advertisement. But open the door leading into the most important areas of the clinic was quite an eye opener.

    The busy-bee look from the outside, is a snails-pace happening on the inside. Not much going on. In the 12 (?) appointments, the waiting room and dentistry chairs I’d estimate was 80 percent of the time empty. Where’s the clients, I’d sIt for moments in a chair, quiet as a library, than be escorted back to a dental chair. Along the way, chair after chair...oh-on occasion I would see a client…

    I wondered what I’d observe, if I walked into the waiting room at DentalWorks?

    Nancy the manager. Maybe I should address her as Ms. Nancy. She pulled some bloopers during some conversations with me. I’m not putting the blame on her, I’m placing it where it belongs, on you Dr. Jaffe. If managers are not receiving sensitivity training via professional expertise, (instructions), A.D.C. will, in the end, be harmed by disgruntled clients, who experienced first hand that they, not the doctor, knows best.

    Skip the first blunder Nancy made, again I wish not to become repetitive. During one conversation, She asked, Are you wearing the dentures now, you need to wear them. As if saying to me in a roundabout way, well that’s your problem, got to wear them. She seemed to be on the defensive, but certainly not harsh in handing a buttress against A.D.C. negatives. “No.” I replied, “ You're not listening, The lower denture is painful to wear. It’s been that way from the start.”

    The third blooper. In defence of A.D.C .’s reputation, and from the standpoint as a manager, she rightly placed emphases on the extra professional care A.D.C. provides, that other denture centers lack. But here again, there is a right way and wrong way of saying it. Her choice of words was taken as another insult. And yes, this time I started counting...backwards. She said, we are not a “cookie cutter, ” center. Bassically meaning, we do the impressions, make the dentures, send you home to come back if needed, for adjustments, care for sore spots and others problems needing attention.
    The “cookie cutter, ” comment is a “slam-dunk” negative toward the products other dentists produce. It’s like a hungry sales person selling cars by way of stickin-it to Ford. John Q most likely will become offended.

    Sensitivity training toward John Q’s within A.D.C. needs to be addressed. Otherwise John Q will spread word that A.D.C. at Great Northern Mall is shedding light on DentaWorks.

    For the past umteen years, I have been been wearing an upper “cookie cutter, ” denture. Were they done right the first time” No. Did I have any problems when I asked to have it redone? No. The dentist surveyed the problem, tried correcting then agreed to a replacement. The second time around, perfect as perfect can be. No adjustments, no sores, and no adhesive, never had to use it. So why didn’t I go back to her? The young Doctor moved on (where ??) and upwards and probably took her “cookie cutter” operations with her.

    To be continued…(in a log of further information)

    Questions are welcome. [email protected]

    Leonard R, Hough

    P.S. Three members of my family received dentures they cannot wear for various reasons. The clinics that made them are the following, Aspen, Hudec, and Biddulph family Dental.

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    Jesse Jones Feb 09, 2016
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    Verified customer

    OK lets try again They keep refusing to post my comments...I went the Green Ohio office wanting a tooth pulled and a cap on one tooth, what I got was the runaround
    First they pulled the tooth but drilled the side of my tooth and filled it but it's still tender to brush, they pulled a cap off of a tooth that wasn't even bothering me drilled out the filling and refilled it made a new cap with some sort of clip on it. They took the impression said it would be back in a few days, a week and a half later they call and say they need to take another impression because the was one didn't turn out . A week later they call and want me to go to an office about 30 miles north of the office I was going to because the Dr.moved to another office, I SAID NO?????? WAY.under my breath but I refused very strongly. About 2 days later they called and said to come back the office they had every thing taken care of, first thing the new Dintist said was we need a new impression the old lab lost the other one but don't worry they weren't using the same lab any more, she asked what that tab on my cap was for I told her what the other DR. said and she said"WE DON'T NEED THAT" even though I paid extra to have it put ou that cap that I didn't need replaced and she cut it off and said now it's out of the way. So I was told it wold be about a week but they called and said it wasn't in so they had to cancel my appointment and set set up another one and when that came they called and cancelled that one and set up another one, so finally I got to the first fitting they put the parcel in it had this big [censored] bar acoss the front and I asked if it had to stay there and she said yes it did . My brother has the same partial and it's not anything like this p.o.s., mine is like eating with a horse shoe in your mouth everything I eat just piles up on that stupid BAR till the bottom of my mouth feels like its filled with food. ACCT.#685293. My INS.payed over. 3000.00 and payed over. 1000.00
    Then after all of this you send me a bill. NOT A CHANCE.

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    Patricia Denney Mar 06, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please Help

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  • Pa
    Patricia Denney Mar 06, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Please help .

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    Patricia Denney Mar 06, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I went to Affordable Dentistry in Belleville, Illinois at 1801 N. Belt West Suite C in November 2014 to have a lower partial made. I paid them a. total of $ 822.00 and agreed to pay them the remaining $ 186.00 upon completion. After three months and countless impressions they could not make the partial. The Dentist blamed the lab but, never offered to send it to another lab. I could not go on and on without having bottom teeth. Even his assistants knew what was happening wasn't right. He agreed to refund my money but a month later still no return of my money. They are a chain Dentistry and they are located in Illinois too. I am 71 years old and live on a limited income and need this money to go to another Dentist. This has caused me a lot of problems I have gotten joked several time and once was really bad and am having problems with ulcers. Please help me as I can't go on without teeth. Their telephone number is [protected]. My name is Patricia Denney, my phone number is [protected]. My address is 8848 Braden Dr. Caseyville, Ill. 62232. My email address is [email protected] Please help me. Sincerely Pat denney

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    Ray was ripped Feb 27, 2014

    I was just at the American dental in sinking Spring I called the main office number to request a tooth extraction and wanted the sinking Springs location to do it. They enlighten me that the sinking Spring location could do it and they could schedule me up today get it done quickly, I went into the office I sat in the chair in the room but the room was a conjoining room with another patient that I can hear and see what was being done to her, only thing separating me and her was a filing cabinet and drawer but I could stand up and physically look right at her laying back on the chair, of course while I'm waiting for Dentist is working on her mouth telling her about her bridges and the dentures she needs as well as the drilling and the spit suckingfrom that machine

    Now the dentist comes in to my side of the room and announces my medical and health records to my fellow neighbor patients as well as all the other outsiders that are standing in the hallway that can hear,

    So he sits down opens my mouth looks at my tooth and says he cannot do anything you have to go to the oral surgeon and the Kenhurst location, so then I leave. Sinkingspring calls me to set up an appointment for Kenhurst but also tells me they're charging me $91 for an x-ray and exam, I questioned them about the exam that I did not request I only wanted to be pulled and they could not provide that service they also did not show me an x-ray, The dentist did not look at an x-ray, I'm not even sure if an x-ray was even printed, they told me they could not perform a tooth extraction like they promised on the phone and quick wished me out the door. Overall that place is a fraud and a complete ripoff on a sidenote the dentist was a nice guy. And good luck to your allergies and your bridge getting done next-door neighbor.

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  • Dj
    djm7585 Jul 31, 2013

    any good dentists in the area for a regular check up and cleaning. Never going back to American Dental again i swear the hygentist are required to sell you some procedure or item. Lets see this last visit they tried to sell me on an electric tooth brush, special floride tooth past only available thru the dentist office at over $20.00 a tube and now she also recomend i should get braces and then came an inplant for the tooth i had taken out 30 years ago and after all thse sales failed came the last straw was when this new thing about receding gums and a produre to deep clean the gums for only $975.00 before insurance and $ 475.00 after what a deal she said. And after i said no thanks i will just schedule my next 6 month check up and cleaning she said i cant until i have this so called much needed procedure done. I know other people that got items from the scam.

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  • Mo
    monkey2828 Apr 01, 2013

    Worst dental experience EVER!!! The dentist was so rude I left before I got the cavity filled. I went to another dentist who said I needed half the work done as this place! Stay far far away!!

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    Jaybirdoh Aug 28, 2012

    I wont go there again! $1400 for Crowns on molars and while she was drilling she cracked the tooth in front of it! They had to send the crowns back twice before they would fit. The crown's porcelain is cracking off of both crowns that had to be done. I had 5 Composite fillings redone with Amalgum (metal) after I asked them twice if they were the "white" fillings. I was told No. One year and $750 later I have Amalgum fillings crumbling every time I eat steak. See the Yellow teeth in the attached picture? That's what you get at American Dental Centers... Gee, I wonder why people have a fear of the dentist?


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  • An
    Ange.y Aug 17, 2012

    This is Zero Star!

    This is the worst experience I've ever had.

    I scheduled general dental check and they did a light cleaning before I see the doctor. I scheduled a regular dental cleaning the following week and when I went in they said they already did my cleaning!

    But the cleaning they did in my first appointment was like 5 MIN! Its the minimalist teeth cleaning I got. They didnt do the right job. And it was not what I requested for. I dont think this is the service i paid for!

    They never asked me why I came in and they never tell me what they were about to do to me. In my first appointment, they didnt say anything and they did x-rays, they didnt say anything and they did cleaning.

    And when I want to schedule a regular cleaning they claimed that they already did it and my insurance would not pay for a 2nd time. What kind of patient would want a regular cleaning twice in 2 weeks?1

    They charge me for not the right service and they argue that this is what they usually do ------ that they do cleaning the same day when you see a doctor. But I didnt requested it! I dont want to do cleaning every time I see a doctor!

    Does anyone else pay $300 for a 5 MIN teeth cleaning without even requesting it?

    I wonder if the clinic is doing money laundering or not if they charge patient for what they dont do.

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  • To
    TOOTHMASTER Apr 27, 2012


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  • Ma
    mamacita04 Jun 06, 2011
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    Verified customer

    American Dental CENTER...DON'T GO! I went and got 2 fillings, had to go back 1 month later to get them replaced! The Dr. told me not to brush my teeth so hard...REALLY?? They told me another reason it happened is because you cant cure through so many levels so sometimes it takes more times...Now I was an oral surgeon assistant and we ALWAYS did levels. SO why didn't he do that in the first place. When they were polishing my just filled, I felt the tooth hit the top of my tongue.. they broke it again and I asked what just broke and he said nothing they weren't done yet. .they did more fillings and told me it was because it had other filings in why didn't they grind that out in the first place...I felt as if I was talking to a teenager with all the excuses...I am sorry I bought the little ins program they offer because I WILL NOT GO BACK!!!

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  • No
    NORTHSTAR4 May 19, 2011


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  • Da
    Dave Malhotra. Mar 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    It is well known fact that the dental costs in USA are very high. One of the ways to avoid such high costs is to go abroad for dental treatment. I did.

    The costs estimate here in USA were around $20, 000. I flew to India and got the dental treatment done for about $5, 000 and visited tourist attractions in India. The dental treatment was perfect and is appreciated by the dentists in USA when I go for routine cleaning.

    In case you want more details of dental tourism in India, you may e-mail me at [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Proveacat Mar 10, 2011

    The patient who complained about the dentists not being able to communicate in English should be checking his own English. Go learn English person

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  • Bg
    Bguy Aug 31, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to American Dental Centers and they said I needed : 1 root canal, 5 cavities filled and a post and crown on one exsisting root canal.

    I originally went to get a root canal at a reduced rate that my dentist could not perform and referred me out to and this is what they said I needed as well. So I requested the X Rays and showed them to my dentist. THERE was one cavity not FIVE and they also noted on there that each tooth has two cavities which means Id be charged for 10 fillings when there was only ONE.

    They also said I needed a post and crown on a root canal that already had one!!!

    I am getting the root canal there but my dentist with do the post and crown for it and the one cavity will get filled by him too.

    It saves me $500 from getting a root canal elsewhere but dont get anything other than something you are sure you already need because they lie and steal.

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  • Ds
    dss4313 Jun 23, 2009

    One of you mention Amercican Detnal Center, that is different from American Dental service. I researched it and found it is two different places.
    The other mentions "new work" found at your next 6 month visit. I absolutely have had no cavities at one check up and went back later and then had some. Unforrtuantely they have to form some time. All the doc should be doing is telling you when he sees them in your mouth. Also, I iwould never want x-rays taken every six months, it is not necessary unless you are having some kind of pain. It is just more radition exposure so the less, the better, unless they're warranted.
    One suggestion regarding finances. I never rely on anyone else to know my insurance benefits or balance due. They are my benefits and I always make sure I am educated on my plan so I know what I am responsiblity for in advance. Good Luck!

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  • Co
    Columbus1 May 08, 2009

    AGREE with you 100% Horrible service, over charge. American Dental Center are Horrible. First you unable to communicate with them all the Doctors are from Pakistan and India, none of the speak good English. NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL, like you said "They are a money making machine!! only care about their profit" STAY CLEAR THIS American Dental Center. You be glad you did and thank me for it.

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  • Js
    jsychk Mar 12, 2009

    Totally agree. I moved a few times due to the change of my job. Every time I visit a new dentist, I would have a new list of things needed to be done on my teeth, even I just completed the last dentist's list.

    My current dentist is definitely a money making machine! I went for a basic cleaning. After the insurance was filed, the dentist sent me a bill for $200 because "deep cleaning" is not 100% covered by the insurance. But I was NEVER told that they would do or did a "deep cleaning" on my teeth.

    Also, she gave me a fluoride treatment tube at the end of the visit, along with the toothbrush & floss sample. I thought those are gifts but then she charged me for that fluoride treatment tube but the insurance doesn't cover it at all. Needless to say, the tube is still sitting in my drawer.

    But the problem is...the patient still needs to pay for whatever the dentist charges you or they send your account to the collection agency & charge you more financial charges.

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