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04/04/2018 Mr. John Miller called said his ID was 4712 and he is working with American cash award government service who is the General Manager phone number is Jamaica [protected] He said some people bugged his phone so changed it. Because other people did not get their award now my package is worth 10.9 Million and a Mercedes Bend car. Now this needs to be registered again. He said he has been doing this work for 45 years. He has changed the phone number and has the same address. Business address is in 1105 Rockland RD Brookland NY 11212 and one in PO Box 212 Antioch Tennessee. 37011 He says I must pay another $2, 400 to get my prize registered, and another $4, 500 to get it delivered. He said his company will pay me back the $2, 44 and will also pay the $4, 500. He contacted me 03/30/2017 saying his ID 4611JM from the American Dreams Cooperation office in Dear Park WA but has another office in Las Vegas Nevada [protected] but currently working in SF. Calif. And lives at 1802 N Forest Hill PL Danville, Ca 94526
Mr Miller
American Dream/Jake Francisco DATE Received Sent TO My charges
Mega Million 04/19 $6, 108.30 from Wells Fargo Government Account [protected] routing number [protected] $700.00
$700 send it to: Shernelle McPherson Atlanta GA Merchant Banker Walmart to Walmart reference number [protected]. $9.50
04/22/17 $6, 108.30 returned $28.00
04/19 ($375 from BOA card) $375 Shernelle Mc Pherson
[protected] $9.50
04/22 Returned payment $5, 500 $10.73
Credit card over the balance $395.75 card closed
05/04 9, 700 Bank of America Karen R. Coone 16300 SE 59th ST Ocklawaha, FL check number 1388 Deposited Wells Fargo Bank, but fraud it was returned $12.00 return fee Wells Fargo closed May 12
5/05/2017 $1, 500 $1500 to Janielle Mac Williams Walmart to Walmart reference number [protected] $16.00
05/09/2017 $1, 700 from my credit card $1, 700 Shehmoy Smith in Brooklyn NY phone [protected] Account Bank of America [protected]
05/15/17 Lenore Potencion Address 161 Topaz Way San Francisco, CA It is written on a Metavante Corporation PO Passed bank, sent $4, 700
Sent $4, 800 Box 7236 received $4, 720.99 $100 $100.00
Shehmoy Smith Bank of America Account# [protected] in Brooklyn NY $100.00
05/20/17 Lenore Potencion with the account number [protected] and the check number is [protected] for $4, 920.99 bank returned this
05/22/17 From above check for Tom $2, 600 Direct Deposit to Shehmoy Smith NY
05/23/17 From above check for Jan $2, 300 Direct Deposit to Shehmoy Smith [protected]
06/08/17 Lenore Potencion check $5, 902.99 $4, 900 Sent UPS $4, 900 to Rico Smith 2327 Grandconcourse Bronx NY 10468 $49.44 UPS
$12.00 returned check not passed
06/17/2017 $400 Shehmoy Smith $400
Wal Mart to Walmart [protected] $8.00
06/20/2017 From My Amazon Credit card $360.00 $360.00 Shehmoy Smith
NY Western Union [protected] $28.00
June 20/2017 From $2, 000 Arlene Reynolds 828 Pine ST
Lewiston, ID 83501 Unable to send Bank returned $12.00
TOTAL June 30, 2017 $16005 $16005 $313.17
Jake Francisco Aug 4 2017 Capitol One Credit card $2, 700 Kengie Smith
472 Sanford AVE Apt 4
Newark NJ [protected]
[protected] American Dream Corporation $72.01 UPS
90.00 Capital One

08/09/2017 Charged on Capitol one
1. Spin ware cellphone
2. Fred MyerPlay Stations
3. Sportsman Warehouse Go Pro
4. Walmart food
5. Walmart canning lid
6. Walmart phones
7. Target Camera and cell phones
8. Postage UPS

$800 $903.95 $795.96 $8.96

$13.20 $1, 558.00 $2, 350.15


Total $6.930.22
Kengie Smith as above sent UPS postal

As above
(charged on Amazon card)

$189.54 amazon card


Jake Francisco 09/17/17 Used the account number [protected] routing number [protected] to pay balance of Amazon credit card ($3, 832.06)
It did not pass
Total 04/26-9/17 $25, 635.22 $699.97

I need my refund of $25, 635.22 to be mailed to PO Box 255 Foster, OR 97345 ASAP

  • Updated by Janella · Sep 22, 2018

    Alex Richmond calls me again and again to tell me he bets his life on my reward I just need to send another $200. I REFUSED to do t his. I told him I will meet him in person ONLY and he said it is against the rules, so he continues to call me asking me to deposit $200 into a Bank of America account for a Natasha Johnson in Roswell GA. I have no idea who she is and I won't do it. He keeps calling on an Unknown number I wish I could block an Unknown number.


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      Sep 22, 2018

    I would contact the phone company about blocking calls ( assuing its not a cell, if it is a cell you can get a app to block calls )
    I would also contact the bank of America and let them know they can look into this account

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