ALT.comBait and switch!

Review updated: standard (free) members are constantly encouraged to 'update' their membership by taking out a subscription. If you click on a members picture or name you are taken to an upgrade page with the members thumbnail, 'handle' age and area. However they have now changed this page so it no longer includes previously displayed information that told you when last that member signed into their account.

The have deliberately withheld this information now so potential customers are unaware that an account may be inactive until after they pay for a subscription to contact that person. As Alt and other sites are full of inactive accounts this is poor business practice and I suggest anyone caught by it demand an immediate and full refund.

Bait and Switch.

Ever time a Standard (free) member signs in to Alt and other dating sites they are offered the opportunity to purchase 'Gold' or 'Silver' membership subscription packages. I particular they tell customers that 'Gold' will allow them to; Be the FIRST to contact new members, and they tell silver they can; Contact new members. In actual fact they can only contact new members who have also taken out a subscription. They fail to mention that new standard (free) members who form the vast majority are unable to view contacts made to them within their first 50 days of membership. As standard members mails are only held on record 30 days any lost sent is lost before it can be read.

On contacting customer support about this I was advised that they would be able to read and reply to my contact if I purchased 'Standard contacts' (a service only described as allowing standard members to read your profile and INITIATE contact). So they ask you to pay to contact new members yet when you do so they then tell you need to pay for an extra service to enable these new members to actually see the contact. Nowhere in the advertising or in the help pages of the site is this explained, this is all kept from the prospective customer until they have their money.

This is Bait and Switch.


  • Vi
    VICTORIA ROGOJAN Jun 12, 2008

    I did call AT&T to let them know my phone don't have tone. I piked up the phone and show me; the line is in use; phone off hook. I am tired to call them because I did called them two times and they told me; didn't find any problem. I have the same problems in each day and I can't use the phone and nobody can call me. Thanks. Have a nice day. My phone number is ;678-376-3566

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  • Ju
    just_another_sucker Jun 20, 2009

    I have been tracking and their patterns. I am surprised nobody has begun a class action law suit against them. These types usually bank on people not wanting others to know of their secrets. The best way is to document everything. But this will only happen when you realized you have placed your money in the wrong place. Yes they do have and provide a service in more than one website. But it is the inability to verify if many of the people are for real. The best thing is to think with your mind, reason before making any decision and then if you have a legitimate complaint then follow the proper protocol documenting everything. But remember do not complain unless you really have a problem and then attempt to handle informally through the provider.

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  • If
    i_feel_hosed Jul 15, 2009

    I was foolish enough to have a membership there. I was looking for kinky women. What I got was a truckload of ugly transvestites throwing themselves at me. It was awful. I would politely tell them I wasn't interested in guys dressed up as women, but real women, I would get endlessly harassed by them. They'd go on my profile and "wink" or "flirt". They'd bug me in chat rooms. I'd get hit on in IM. One followed me around from room to room. Most were 50 years old or more, married and really, really unattractive.

    Another technique they use that's bait and switch is when your account is a standard membership, they show you all these different pictures of people online. It looks like you have a whole lot more prospects. When you upgrade, then your distance preference kicks in. All of a sudden you're seeing the same old profiles again. People you contacted who blew you off or never got back to you.

    I'm surprised someone like the FTC or the California State Government doesn't go in and clean them up. I get a sense Penthouse is regretting having bought them.

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  • Mw
    m.wolf Sep 20, 2009

    I too have been ripped off by this company, I had even sighned up for the "GOLD" membership yet everytime i tried to log on all i got was another advertisement to upgrasde my membership. Also i get these notices that someone using a female name wants to contact me and to log on now when i did they asked that i upgrade my membership. I feel that ive been ripped off for $200 plus dollars and recieved squat. If there is any class action suite filed please contact me . Michael Wolf (760) 681-1790 or e-mail [email protected] you for any assistance

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  • Br
    BRENTNICHOLS20091957 Oct 10, 2009


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  • Ds
    dsmoke Oct 20, 2009

    You guys mostly seem to be complaining about the fact that you failed to pull any of the women local to you.

    The trick with all these dating sites is to hang out in the chatrooms. You'll only look like a loser trolling the profiles.

    I met some cool people on alt, and I even got the kinky sex I was looking for - yes, in real life. It can happen.

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  • 18
    1856yes Mar 18, 2019

    @dsmoke dsmoke- Both are true. One can meet real people there, and the company is misrepresenting in order to fill their coffers.

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  • Ja
    JackMacyntire Oct 22, 2009

    Very scammy site here as well. Signed for a year with 6 months bonus for free on top. When already paid they said that there were conditions for the 6 months bonus, which I wasn't told in the first place. Rubbish site.

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  • Mi
    missthing Oct 28, 2009

    They're sneaky. I've been on there nearly a year. When it's time for renewal they have a teeny box that they've already ticked for you. (I turn Auto-Renewal Off). Next to the box it says, in very small print, "Turn On My Auto-Renew".

    Some members have complained that they've taken their money when they didn't want them to, but I'd assume that's why, unless there's more sinister methods at work.

    I'm on there more to share my thoughts on the DS lifestyle and the guys are thankful I'm not a pro-domme or webcam girl. It's great fun, when the Messenger works (!). You have to avoid a lot of the sleazoids though.

    Also I recently got my profile re-written (!) without permission which made me VERY angry. I had lots of witty stuff on there, and said in detail what I was looking for. I also had a story which took me ages to write.Worried it may have gotten hacked somehow, and maybe even my Credit Card details stolen!! Maybe I'm overreacting there. Still awaiting a reply from Alt.

    It doesn't help that their own-site Instant Messenger was buggy for months. I'm contemplating leaving now.

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  • Mi
    missthing Oct 28, 2009

    I should point out that the Alt Instant Messenger is the ONLY way for Standard (ie, free) members to communicate with others.

    When the Instant Messenger wasn't working properly (the HTML version anyway, Vista doesn't like the "newer" version) I couldn't chat to anyone, so relied on emails as I was a paid member.

    I had to email a few times until they eventually admitted it was a widespread problem. Maybe it encouraged some to cough up, though I wouldn't be surprised if others gave up and deleted accounts.

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  • Ba
    badbrz Apr 11, 2010

    I agree whole heartedly, as a silver member I would never recommended this to anyone. This place is one hell of a joke!!!

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  • Wr
    wrutro Mar 12, 2011

    Does anyone no the phone number to i got a tree month silver membership and after 30 days the bumped me down to a standard member, they wont email me back and cant find the number anywhere?????? text me the number pleae 720 628 5081

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  • Na
    nauti_star Dec 09, 2011

    Is there anywhere else we can go to live a little? Anywhere REAL? I have a free membership on there but get no kink just sleeze.

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  • Ef
    effingffn Sep 28, 2012 is part of the FFN network. I've had significant issues with this company for many years. Rather than detail all of the issues, I thought I'd share with you some advice on how to deal with complaints. Firstly some facts.
    1) There is no customer service. I have 15 years worth of emails logged that proves this. Your complaint will never be addressed through their stated process.
    2) Staff are shared resources across many online businesses. It;s a very low cost business and their a no KPIs for staff that are geared towards Customer service.
    3) The culture cannot be changed, The lack of customer service stems from middle to senior execs in the company that have been with the company for so long, that they don't know any other way and are blinded to any cultural change.
    4) They will never call you. Ever. I've beem trying to get them to call me for 15 years to address my concerns.
    Here are some pointers to influence FFN to resolve your issues.
    1)LOG everything. Only use Email so you have an Audit trail. Do not use the online webform means of contacting them.
    2) If your issue involves unauthorised recurring charges, and ALT.COM are not listening, email your bank or financial institution and have the charges reversed. If you choose to call your bank, make sure you record the call, Emailing is better as you have an Audit trail. This was a major issues for me for years. Your bank will always reverse it.
    Advise of your actions, and ask them to confirm that the issue is over, and that you can continue using your payment method as you require. They have a culture of banning people who reverse payments that have been fraudulent from ALT.Com. Once again this is a cultural issue of FFN never admitting any liability, or billing error.
    If your still not having your issue addressed, my advice is as follows.
    A) Find the top 3 institutional shareholders of FFN and email them with a text file of your correspondence. If you word your email politely, and your FFN emails confirm a lack of customer service, then the shareholder will move quickly to contact ffn. Any good investor will always be on the paying customers side.
    B) Update your profile on requesting everyone to send a message to ffn to resolve your issue.
    C) Send a message to each FFN director and senior executive via Facebook or Linkedin asking them to adress your issue.

    Hope this helps

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  • Ma
    Male slave May 01, 2013

    The site is for ugly gay cross dressers only

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  • Da
    Dazd Jun 12, 2013

    As many of you know is an affiliate of the ffn network. There's another major problem that I feel someone should address because it seems to me its illegal at best. I found that ffn is creating fake acct profiles of women to attract new members. I know this because I live in a very small town. The women that they say were members in my town I know for a fact don't exist because believe me if some of these women really lived in my town I would have said forget the website and introduced myself in person.
    These websites need to be held accountable for their actions since they are making tons of money taken from hard working people who deserve to get what they paid for. This is America isn't it?

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  • 18
    1856yes Mar 18, 2019

    @Dazd March 2019- Recently the above bad practice got much worse. Daily a man subscriber receives many Views and Flirts from people whose profile has only a URL to a scam site or a one-photo profile from an obvious faker.

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  • W1
    W1A Jul 29, 2013

    I was urged to renew my Gold membership before it expired. The maximum renewal period available was 6 months. As soon as my membership lapsed, I was offered an 18 month renewal at only a slightly higher cost!

    And the very day my sub expired, I received THREE "emails" from members expressing interest in me - all sent within 15 minutes! What an extraordinary coincidence. In the UK, this is called fraud.

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  • Da
    Dazd Jul 29, 2013

    Oh there relentless. I cancelled my membership and turned all my email settings to off and Im still getting sent offers to renew my membership. As if. Plus I now know some of their ads are fake. That site really needs to be looked at hars by the FCC. Its a shame too because it did used to be a fun site and they screwed it all up..

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  • Ji
    jim48 Oct 01, 2013

    Alt .com is the same company as FriendsFinder. com and it is the same management team that is reposnible for the misleading and fraudulent marketing practices. In particular they claim that you can use search function to search for matching people.
    Here is how their search works. You tell it you want people in radius of 20 miles. So you expect few people. What you get is you get people from 400 miles away so they can fluff up their results. Frequenty the people who are supposed to be from neighboring cities are from out of state and occasionally Canada and Mexico. Some of the profile look like they are generad by writers. For 4 weeks I am talking with Margie Lyn P. and the stupid person is telling me to remove cookies (which I have done just so I can continue my argument) which of course does nothing for fixing their search function. So if their search function does not work on something this simple you can imagine how useless that is. Here are some phone numbers you can try to tell them what you think: all are 408 and they are in Sunnyvale 745 5400, 470 3930, 543 0024, 702 1040. Unfortunately, the ods are you will get an idiot on the phone who will tell you to remove cookies.

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  • To
    Tonka123 May 30, 2014

    As soon as I signed up on ALT.COM I started to get loads of spam sent to the unique address I gave them.

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  • 18
    1856yes Mar 18, 2019

    @Tonka123 smart move to have unique address.

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  • Ak
    A_KnottyDaddyDom Dec 06, 2014 -- ALTernative Lifestyle, BDSM, Fetish & Kink Personals

    I think the 'key' word is, "Personals" -- NOT!!!

    I have been a Member for 13+ years now and it has severely decayed as a 'personals' Website for the last 3 - 5 years.

    Thousands of fake profiles. In the first day alone, I had over a dozen 'messages' ... mostly from Ghana and Nigeria. After only a few hours of communication with a 'woman' on Instant Messenger, she was asking me for airtime for her cell phone.

    There may be real people hoping to meet other real people, but those Profiles are so few and far between it's not worth your time or money. No one is within a commutable distance from you. has become nothing more but a safe haven for fakes/flakes/frauds, liars, posers, scammers and wannabes from around the world whom have read the, "50 Shades Of Grey", series and now think they're either Dom/me, Master, slave or submissive just living out their fantasies via Chat Rooms and/or Interest Groups -- there may be .005% of the Member/ship being 'real' -- but, even that percent might be too high.

    What else is there to say about an online adult personals Website that allows its Members to change/edit/update their Date Of Birth (a legal, never-changing fact) whenever they get a whim to appear younger???

    Due to this DOB change/edit/update feature/function, I have stumbled upon 13 Profiles that according to their DOB and Date Of Membership, they were 11-years-old to 17-years-old when they joined!!!

    Seriously ... 11-years-old when they joined!!!

    I don't think I need to say anymore, but I'll go ahead and list the 'Pros' & 'Cons' below ...

    ⦁ Thousands of Profiles with pictures of well-known celebrities and sexy pictures of well-known porn stars -- mostly claiming to live in Canada, Texas and United Kingdom (as a matter-of-fact, just last week I saw Angelina Jolie -- according to her Profile she's single, submissive and living in Austin, Texas)

    ⦁ Change your Date Of Birth (for free) easier than changing your panties to make yourself appear younger at any time and further dupe other Members

    ⦁ Chat for free with thousands of fakes/flakes/frauds, liars, posers, scammers and wannabes from around the world via live Instant Messenger (when it's working)

    ⦁ Create an Interest Group -- then, create multiple Profiles and join your very own Interest Group to make it look more popular

    ⦁ View webcam shows for your masturbatory pleasures

    ⦁ CyberSex your brains out in any Chat Room

    ⦁ Advice Line, BLOG and Magazine

    ⦁ Infested with thousands of fakes/flakes/frauds, liars, posers, scammers and wannabes

    ⦁ Fee charged to change your UserName or Gender, but you can change your Date Of Birth (a legal, never-changing fact) for FREE -- easier than changing your panties to make yourself appear younger at any time and further dupe other Members

    ⦁ Censorship -- the word 'rape' is a banned topic in any BLOG and Post, automatically declined when clicking-on the POST YOUR REPLY button; yet there are 433 active Interest Groups containing the word 'rape' in their title and hundreds of Members with the word 'rape' in their UserName. But, it's okay to make Posts/Polls regarding murder involving killing your daughter, girlfriend or spouse

    ⦁ Customer Service is a joke -- I believe it's outsourced to India as the lack of communication is appalling and amounts to NOT understanding written English

    ⦁ Abuse Team, Legal Department and Site Support lies to you

    ⦁ Thousands of 'Date Bait' Profiles

    ⦁ Hundreds of thousands of dead/unused Profiles. Just the other day I viewed a Profile that stated, 'Last Visit: March 17, 1999' -- yet, when I visited the Interest Groups that they belonged to, it kept the number of Members 'active' (I also noticed a lot of the same Members belonged to the same Interest Groups). After doing a Reverse Image Search of the Profile picture/s via Google and/or TinEye, the majority of the Members/Profiles were fake

    Some warning signs to watch out for:
    01. Incomplete, inconsistent and unusual things in their Profiles; and, all info is written in lower case letters including their name
    02. Grammar, punctuation and spelling isn't correct (even though they claim to have a Master's degree)
    03. They don't carry the conversation like somebody would if they were truly interested in you
    04. They immediately want to move the conversation to an off-site Instant Messenger
    05. They use a lot of phrases like 'my dear', 'my love' or 'the love of my life'
    06. They are vague or fuzzy when you ask them specific questions
    07. Only one picture shown and it's a very attractive woman

    Use common sense. The 'lovely lady' you're speaking to is likely some dude sitting in an Internet café. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!!!

    Tip For Users: Do NOT get involved with any Member there until you do a Google and/or TinEye Reverse Image Search of their Profile picture. If no Profile picture is available, then request webcam verification from the Member

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  • 18
    1856yes Mar 18, 2019

    @A_KnottyDaddyDom Excellent review with which I almost entirely agree. However, your estimated % of real people (.05) is too low in my experience. There are real people there in substantial numbers although % surely quite low. How about Collarspace?

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  • Ak
    A_KnottyDaddyDom Jan 05, 2015

    UPDATE: Since 06 December 2014, I have seen Angelina Jolie twice now on

    05 JANUARY 2015 NEWS FLASH: John Lennon Alive & Well --

    I just saw John Lennon on last night -- according to his Profile there: He is alive & well, a 59-year-old Dominant male with over 30 years of BDSM experience and currently living in Cordoba, Argentina!!!

    This is more than a milestone or miracle -- it is Rock 'n' Roll history!!!

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  • No
    notbittentwice Apr 14, 2015

    I was asked to join this site, see BDSM as well, identical web style payment layout, I had done so many years previously and cancelled it when they used my verification debit card details to charge my account, eventually after many legal action threats from me, repaid in dollars and I lost money as I had a Euro account. I had forgotten this when someone asked me to join again, I recognised the logo and cancelled but by then they had my email address and it has been subject to ongoing scam mail even now 6 months later. I didn't know about the other scam mentioned here, how have the US authorities allowed this to continue?, it is tantamount to fraud under European consumer and privacy law, their behaviour is what I have come to expect from corrupt Nigerians, no I am not racist, that is a known fact to anyone that has received emails asking for help in moving money for a fee, I don't respond to that either, but I suspect I know how they got my email address now. Any site that now asks for a card for verification is never trusted by me.

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  • Ry
    Ryan007 May 05, 2015

    I have been on that site as a paid member for 3 months and scored with 4 different girls. yes there might be fake profiles and I have reported 2 but there is lots of nice genuine people also 3 out of the 4 had no photos but still was able to meet

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  • Ma
    Mary73 Jun 13, 2015

    This website is just after money and nothing more, the so called free membership is a joke, there is little you can do with the free membership. There are such similar sites that really do have free membership, unlimited messaging and no hidden costs. There is an option to upgrade if you wish but most the site is viewable without upgrading, see the website here

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  • Ma
    makeda69 Jul 07, 2015

    I paid for a whole year on Alt but can not get into the web site and I'd like my money back. Makeda69

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  • St
    Steve Abdelkoui Aug 20, 2015 outsources job in the Philippines. The worse customer service. They steal cc numbers and take money. They have bad people on that site too.

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  • snitch12 Oct 08, 2015

    hello dear friends out there am here for new and close friends all over the world

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  • Ha
    Have2doit Dec 26, 2015

    32 out of 32 profiles contacted were scams aimed at getting your email address, text(phone number), cam girls selling time, trying to sell swinger memberships (fake of course) and on and on. When supposed members were confronted with the fact that they had stolen pictures from legit profiles from POF, Match and others the contact broke off. One even posed as a mute wanting to text and asked for my number. She said she lived in Texas, had no children et. Her profile pictures are from a woman in Miami with a son whom I alerted. If you enjoy throwing money out the window then sign up or better yet...write me a check. At least I'll put the money to good use.

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  • Pi
    pixelator Jan 21, 2016

    The alt com website is infested with fake profiles. I was contacted by what seemed a reasonably (Dominant) attractive woman with a decent profile. Soon, she wanted to move the conversation to an email. Initially, the conversation seemed OK, but it became obvious after a few emails that it is a scam. The emails became weirder and weirder, calling me "the love of her life", "you are the one I have been waiting for my entire life". While at the same time, "she" demanded a lot of personal information, name, where you life, age, do you rent/own your house, etc. She became more and more aggressive, and demanded "total obedience" and (ironically), also "honesty", in the emails. "She" demanded pictures (I am not so stupid to provide them) -- which would just serve as blackmail if I did. I explained I don't feel comfortable sharing pictures -- in the next email, I just got the same canned request for pictures. Also, she demanded I turn off my alt account. The profile claimed to be in Los Angeles, CA, but this person could not relate to any landmark, anything local to LA. I am sure it must be out of state/country -- messages kept coming at weird hours during the night. I asked "her" to meet in person, to which she replied with another long email, obviously canned, half of it in BLOCK CAPITALS, full of aggressive language, telling me how I have to submit to "her", be "totally honest with her", always "be submissive to her", "do as told", etc. Eventually, "she" said that she would like me to pay for the first three sessions (without ever even meeting in person!), "to establish a serious framework within which we can work". I did not pay of course -- as I am sure if I did, I would never hear back again. This scam was extremely well done, nice sweet emails that look like a real person, a good initial backstory of "her" kinky life, seemed like a normal woman who does kink on the side, etc. I can easily imagine "she" is succeeding in extracting money from many people. The pictures are good (but not crazy good, so you don't suspect anything), the profile writing is good, etc. The saddest thing is that I have seen this profile on alt for at least 3 years. For these entire 3 years, this person has been scamming people from LA.. I am SURE there must be many victims. The management of alt could have done something to prevent this -- but they do not. So my advice is, do not join alt -- too many fake profiles that exist solely to scam you. If you are looking for domination, be extra careful. There are scammers out there that will pose as "Dommes" and will act aggressive and bossy, slowly, with every email, they will convince you more and more they are for real, only to lure you into paying them money, then they disappear. It is really sad that these people exist, ruining the lives and dating of the honest BDSM folks out there.

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  • An
    anonny mouse May 01, 2016

    Their customer service is pretty terrible - they actually just seem to parse an email for some terms then send a stock reply without actually reading the email.

    They also clearly violate their own privacy policy which states they will remove personal information if you request it but if you request they remove private information (see next point) they will send an email saying they can block your credit card but not remove information. See my point above after 30+ emails going around in circles with nothing achieved.

    They store private and confidential information in an insecure manner - ie credit card details (not the number but your details like name on the card) in plain text in your account. They also store passwords in plain text and send them via email which is totally crazy. Given one of their sites was so easily hacked this information is available to pretty much anyone with basic skills.

    Do not use your credit card on their site the lack of security is laughable.

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  • St
    starving artist Jan 14, 2017 is terrible! I've been a member since the beginning. For the first few years, it was a great site once one got past the fake profiles and people. For 5 years now, I get asked out and hit on by 5 to 10 people a week. It's an ongoing thing. Over the last 5 years, I haven't met a single person in real life from the site. Today, the site is all about getting free porn. Yes, I AM a cam model and do have many pics taken weekly. NO, I don't use the site to attempt to profit. A date, a REAL flesh and blood date for a night of dinner and dancing would work perfectly with me. SEX??? Well, if someone took the time and made an effort to take me on a date, yes I'd be totally turned on by just knowing there was ONE real person on the site. Sadly, the ones collecting porn have wore me thin. When I'm on chat, I tend to be on the sarcastic side now. Hundreds of miles away and wants to "hook up" reminds me of what is wrong with this site. If you like getting free porn pics, feel free to use IM. Maybe you'll be lucky to get a playboy bunny that day! Maybe, just maybe, you chat with me and get some real pics of me if I'm in a good mood. If you are wanting to hook up, it's buyer beware. If you are looking for someone to date, once again it's buyer beware. Keep in mind, those of us on the site who want a date and a great time away from the computer, may come across with a little attitude due to the fakes wanting pics. If you chat with someone who...sends face pics, who you can see on cam, who says they want a date for dinner, rest assured, they are real and probably on the starving side at that moment. Go ahead and take a chance of meeting them and don't be afraid to pay for dinner. IF you get that far with anyone on that site, and they ARE the person that you communicated with, chances are very high that it will be a date to remember...even if it ends up being a one time event. Being honest here, the ones I have met from this site, it's never been just a one time thing. The guidelines for this site...make new email just for personal sites such as this. Never give them any card info unless it's a prepaid card. Real members are going to have a slightly twisted sense of humor or just seem slightly on the pissed side from almost the start. If they become demanding, bail! If they want all means, DO IT if you can verify by a simple little cam time on IM that it is them. site chat or cam...chances are your going for a ride.

    Good luck with this site. I'm just about done myself.

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  • Vi
    VishalHero Nov 20, 2017


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  • Ki
    KittyKey Dec 11, 2017

    Stick to !!! Tried ALT and eventually met a person. I think men gave been intentionally put at a disadvantage on ALT and similar dating sites. The story I've heard most is of fake profiles! Keep in mind fellas a lady can get overwhelmed by the shear number of suitors! A lack of response does not mean a lack of Interest and same goes for a dip in communication or the fizzle out. It's always worth the second try! If she's new to a site wait a while until she feels settled or be polite and consistent not demanding (not yet) of her time and persistence will pay off!

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  • Te
    testthewater Apr 13, 2018

    Alt Fetish and other sites all owned by the same parent company which I have tested are all fraudulent.

    To test a site I suggest doing what I did with Alt. which is to only create a screen name and nothing else. If you receive solicitations from the company following this just as I have when testing their sites and these solicitations state something like "Since our members like you a lot, we're inviting you to become a Premium Member." then you will know the site is fake. If you only have a screen name and have no profile and no picture for viewers to see and like then how can a company make such a statement? You are being scammed when they make such a false statement.

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  • Ms
    MstressWhipplash Apr 18, 2018

    I am a Lifestyle Sadist Dominant Woman and won't buy any membership from Alt. com

    I am hounded by wankers, and one or 2 nice guys. I use to chat only.

    I have my main profile on where Munches and Events are listed. So go there instead.

    Looks like is down today.
    Mistress Whipplash Ma'am
    [email protected]

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  • Do
    Dogs Always Jul 20, 2018

    Alt is a total joke. False profiles women demanding "tributes" for meetings that will never occur and unimaginably poor technical performance.

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  • Ha
    Hazel Japhet Sep 01, 2018

    said i'm not allowed in chat room for 365 days. this is not the first time and they have not given me a valid reason why they have done it. some one called daley keeps causing trouble for me and other users lying saying i am swearing at other people when i am not. i have asked for a manager to contact me but no one has can you help me please do

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  • Li
    little pasha Sep 03, 2018

    All of these dating sites operate the same way. They use paid models to show you what gorgeous people are on the site, and of course, you can get on for free. You just can't communicate. So you pay for membership, and you get hits right away.

    All the sites operate the same way. Their landing site shows you gorgeous models that have such a great time there, you can meet them for free.
    Yes, you can see them for free, you just can't communicate with them. So you pay for membership, and get hits right away. The problem is that the hits are too far, too weird, or just made up profiles.
    Then the hits stop. The profiles with the fantastic members are not members, they're fronts made up by the dating site. I caught a few of them out, as somebody said, because they couldn't name local landmarks, or their info made no sense. And pretty soon they ask for money.
    Forget about asking for a refund, that isn't an option. There is only one sure fire way to lose them, and that is to go to your bank and say that you lost your card. All the automatic withdrawals stop.
    And next time keep your wallet in your pocket.

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  • To
    Todd Peterson2 Oct 05, 2018

    This is not a bitter "I didn't meet anybody" rating. Let me tell you why this site is b.s. I met someone and created a profile for her. She did not even have the password (this was part of our control games.) Shortly after creating her profile, my personal profile got a "wink" from hers. Obviously the system FALSELY creates "winks" to get people to purchase the higher level membership (so they can respond to the wink or message.) Also, she was often listed as "online" when she was not.

    There are also several fake profiles. The irony is that my sub (who submitted a "proof" photo and was a verified member) was kicked off the site for sending out her personal e-mail and offering to sell personalized videos to other members, or -when local- meet them in person.

    We received no answer to "what terms of service did we violate?" However, I am giving a 2 star for the sole fact that they DID refund the unused portion of my year-long membership when I complained that the site was a bunch of b.s. Obviously they do this because they know they'd bet all sorts of better business bureau complaints if they didn't.

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  • Pa
    Paul Mcclinton Oct 14, 2018

    How true is it no one really is real on this site all the people are made up false ?

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