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R Oct 10, 2019

We booked Vogue hotel in Turkey from 5th october till 12th october.We arrived was everything ok after 3 days was heavy rain and hotel was flooded they decided to closed hotel.Everyone was in panic in hotel because the reception was full of water.Our child was really scaerd.We had to call to Alpharooms do ask where we can go? we spend 30e for phone credit.Nobody didnt come to collect us to transfer to another hotel just send email to go to Hilton hotel and we had to take the taxi to go there.But Hilton hotel said no rezervation for us so we had to go back to vogue hotel again.After 3 hours they brought us in Hilton hotel.In that hotel was nothing for kids so next day they said we can come back to Vogue hotel again, everythink ok there.But we came back nothing is working no water park just 1 pool.We paid such a big money for hotel and we waited 6 months for holiday and we can just enjoy just 2days in there because they closed waterpark just warking 1 pool in there.My child is crying because nothing to do there what he was expecting.On Alpharoom they writing water park is closing down 15th october but was closed from 8th october. Were so disappointed about hotel and Alpharoom service no one didnt come in hotel from Alpharoom to help us in this situation and another companys agents came in hotel and tooked care of people to transfer to different hotels.But we had to call to Dublin ourselfs of hundreds times.Probablly never will book from Alpharooms holiday again.

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