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What an absolute waste of money. When I filed a claim for the emergency brake work I had done (brakes were sinking to the floor and clearly in bad shape), I received a response from claims that stated, " How was a low brake pedal, a blown out master cylinder would cause this condition?, however it makes no sense that ALL 4 calipers failed at once, customer needs to provide an explanation of why the repairs were done."

Seriously?? I'm not a mechanic. I provided all of the paperwork from a reputable, well-known company.

The didn't cover one cent, even though my policy clearly states all break work is covered.

Complete waste of money. You can cancel, but there is so much red tape and you must fil our paperwork where the car was purchased. Paid for a 6 year warranty and it didn't pay for one single thing. Not even a defective seatbelt buckle. Brakes were clearly listed in policy as COVERED.

Amy Steidle
Fairport, NY

Nov 08, 2019

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