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Ally Banktv commercial

Ally Bank commercials which taunt children are vile, tasteless, corrupt, and just plain disgusting. They should be banned from the TV airways. Just how cruel do you want children to grow up to be. What a poor example for fulfilling the tenets/creed of this organization which I guess exist to serve the public? This Ally Bank commercial projects a heartless, mean, and pitiful organization, staffed by individual's who meet the same charateristics!

Ted C. Mc Neel Sr.
Major USMC Retired


  • Dc
    DChuck Nov 10, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I believe you may have misunderstood the intent of the commercial (to caricaturize the untrustworthy, deceptive, cruel, dishonest practices by OTHER banks), and ist point about Ally (that Ally does not and would not engage in such cruelty/deception/etc.).

    Whether they are honest about this (never cheating/misleading/exploiting customers) remains to be seen, but the point is exactly that -- taunting children is VERY wrong, and must not be done (or allowed to happen). But it is being done every day, by a wide variety of unscrupulous organizations that Ally is trying to set itself apart from (whether rightly so or not is another matter).

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  • Rv
    R Voss Nov 14, 2009

    Whether the children in these ads have been rehearsed or not, the ads are completely tasteless, cruel, and have no compassion whatsoever about using and exploiting children in such a terrible manner. Because of the commercials this company airs, I would never consider doing any type of business with them whatsoever and anyone with any type of love for children wouldn't either.

    R. Voss
    Boston, MA

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  • Jj
    J. Jensen Nov 16, 2009

    Oh please spare us the explanation of your add.

    Enough already with your highly annoying, tasteless, children exploiting ads!

    Anything for a buck though, right?

    Too bad your business isn't one of the ones having gone under. Hopefully it will happen soon.

    J. Jensen
    Vashon, Wa.

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  • To
    Tom P Dec 13, 2009

    Interesting how a 'model' bank wishes to 'expose' the practice of others and fails to see the perception of it's offensive mental abuse of children, both those on the set and to others watching TV. Ally, in it's misguided attempt to secure faithful business only alienates themselves as people are angered by the mistreatment children.
    I find the commercials highly offensive and hope that the bank fails as miserably in it's mediocre attempt at 'advertising'. The only thing missing with this ad is another "Australian" voice over, or yet another Caveman makeover or Lizard.
    I am convinced there is no creative talent remaining in advertising.

    Bel Air, Maryland

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  • Le
    Lestercool Dec 24, 2009


    I am writing in reguards to the TV commercials you are running. Do you really think that being Mean to kids is going to have a positive result.

    Think about it. You an idiot with Two little girls he ask them if they would like to have a pony.

    He gives one a toy, the gives the other a real one, with this statement. You didn't ask for a real one because you didn't ask for one. Well neither did the other little girl.

    Now is this not as stupid as it gets.

    If ask by the idiot in the commercial to both girls would you like a real or toy pony I am sure they both would have said REAL.

    Your commercial shows you to be dishonested in everyway so why would anyone what to do business with you.
    Get this Stupid commercials off TV being Mean to Kids.

    This is were the Kids get Ideas like this from people like you.

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  • Oz
    ozzieburto Dec 28, 2009

    I find your commercials totally disgusting and degrading to children, I will do all in my power to get you off the air. Shame on you!!!

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  • Mj
    MJDK75 Jan 10, 2010

    Seriously? You people are delicate little flowers with no sense of humor at all, and apparently no lives. These aren't real kids. They are hired actors. You want to protest something, protest MacDonalds and Burger King for the obesity they cause kids or the cartoonists that pollute kids' minds. Heck, why stop there? The news is full of nothing but bad things happening all around the world, with much worse messages to our children than these ads. Watch ABC family channel some about raunch and filth under the guise of "Family" added to their name.

    Dchuck's explanation is perfect. You apparently can't understand the real (and OBVIOUS) message portrayed.

    Personally, I find the ads hillarious, as they are intended, and would gladly bank with Ally if they were in my area.

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  • Am
    ambro1 Jan 11, 2010

    All you whiners get a life. Grow up. The ads are hilarious. The kids are rehearsed and are really natural and at ease in front of the Al Pacino damatics and rug-chewing, no Sean Penn tics and twitches. Ally done good on all levels jimbos.

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  • Fi
    fivefingers Jan 20, 2010

    ran a facebook survey of my friends feelings about these commercials. 100 per cent of the responses were negative.

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  • Wi
    Wilson 2010 Jan 24, 2010

    This complaint brought out another angle from which these commercials are detrimental to children.

    Children learn from what they see and experience.
    Do we want children to learn to be cruel, unfair, and in the habit of misleading people?

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  • Ne
    NestaM Jan 24, 2010

    Please...spare me your cheers for this commercial. Apparently they MISS the point...if it appears that these young girls ( no little boys?) see this as unfair, how in the world can this be a good message for any company. Please take it off the air and let someone with half a brain creat one that gets a postive across. Spare me your hillarity...of course they are actors...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Tha's not the pont. Nesta

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  • Av
    AverageJoe12345 Feb 05, 2010


    "detrimental to children", "exploiting children", Is this a commercial using child ACTORS, ...or a child smuggling ring?

    I guess now you will throw all your TV's in the trash tight?

    Ronald McDonald exploiting fatty foods to your kids lureing them in with toys. but you NEVER took you kids there, right???? NEVER?
    Disney Channel shoving teen shows with gay 11 year olds on their shows. But you NEVER let them watch that channel RIGHT??
    Candy companies spending BILLIONS on Sat. morning cartoons. But you NEVER let them watch Sat morning cartoons RIGHT??
    Local news stations reporting endless rapes and murders, just after yout kids get home. But you never watch the news RIGHT?????

    Quit trying to act like your some "great parent". I bet you are patting yourself on the back for posting a comment about this commercial
    Funny thing is, you could have been helping your child with his/her homework, playing a board game, talking to them about their day, or how about showing them how banks actually work---showing how to apply math skills their learning to the real world!!!

    Instead, you were trolling the internet, fueled by your own wants/needs to make some sort of point.
    How about making a REAL point! make a REAL difference!! HINT...your not going to find it on a website!

    Kids graduating high school with horrible mathmatics and reading skills...and this is a parents concern...a
    No wonder this country is going to crap

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  • Dd
    ddbg Feb 18, 2010

    I agree that the ads are cruel to children and sends the wrong message. My husband and I both get angry when we see these ads. I now just change the channel before they are over. I do not get the message you are trying to sell. I can't believe this type of ad was approved by your company to get people to put our trust in your bank!!!

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  • La
    Laflei Mar 05, 2010

    Your commericals are rotten and abusive and mean spirtied...I would never use your services. You think it is funny? It is ignorant and you are propagating the ugly underbelly of how society treats innocents. So shame on you all. Your apparent lack of creativity and plethora of ill-will is where the spirit of your organization is at. You will not last... When you could have made better, braver and smarter are now in the category of "What is wrong in America." And, yes, by the way I do have a sense of humor...

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  • An
    analysst Apr 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The damaging element in the adds is that they use a white man to issue the trauma to the children.

    In this day of the media & Hollywood showcasing minorities as judges, as authority figures beyond their percentage in society, gender activism, no one is complaining about this add perpetuating the evil of and the "white man guilt" syndrome.

    I say they should spread the blame around, using women and minorities to stress out the children. This would be more accurate anyway. The problems I encounter with bureaucracies are the dull, entry level staff, usually the women manning the phones at that level.

    But the policies are devised by ambitious mid level executives, the diverse and multicultural, then they are signed off on up the ladder to an insulated leadership within Ally. It is about results and passion, the attention they get from this blogging is precisely the kind of reaction and product the advertising company needs to prove they are effective.

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  • B5
    b52fl310 Apr 14, 2010

    Well, with all the crap Ally Bank pulls on kids, there has to be a pony in there somewhere.

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  • Ta
    talldogx2 May 14, 2010

    I totally agree with the complaints about your exploiting children's innocence in your commercials. Using children as pawns in your commercials, by making them look stupid and taking advantage of them is disgusting.

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  • Cl
    Clara434022 May 21, 2010

    I find the ads of the children disgusting. It shows the adults mean, lying, and unfair to the chidren. I think they should all be taken off the TV. I would not deal with a bank or any business that treats children or adults that way. Shame on your company. Surely someone can create commercials that are not offensive.

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  • Cl
    Clara434022 May 22, 2010

    The lastest Commercial concerning the ice cream is worse than all the others. I did not think they could get worse. My husband and I turn channels when any of your commercials come on. Please remove all the commercials concerning the children. They are cruel and disgusting. Thank God, most of the adults in the world do not treat children this way. The commercials are not funny, but very offensive. We do not think the commercials will help your business, but will discjourage people from doing business with a company that adults as mistreating children. Shame on you.

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  • An
    analysst May 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is not at all about the children ladies, get passed that elementary observation. It's like you're lokced into limbic "feelings" mode with no possible relief of logic.

    This is about the white male figure doing the bad things, the tormenting, the power over, sustaining of disadvantage over of any group, whether children, minorities, women whatever...get a grip...that is the sterotyping in these commercials.

    The commercials should spread thet blame around, having black women as the power figure, wise latino Hollywood showcasing them as judges and authoirty figures in all other media representation. Be consistant I say.

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  • Ob
    Observer123 Jul 14, 2010

    These are not all child actors. Some of the kids were selected form a casting call out in a New Jersey elementary school. So what you are seeing are genuine reactions of disappointment, anger and sadness--all from prepubescent children. Who is to know what the effects of not only being tricked by a seemingly trustworthy adult, but also by the parents who shooed them into the casting call. And lets not forget the ubiquity of these commercials-- a constant reminder for these kids of their being deceived by adults for the world to see. Can you gaurantee these kdis aren't feeling humiliated? Can you gaurantee these kdis aren't being picked on or ostrasized for unqillingly playing the fool?

    The moral blindness evidenced here makes perfect sense when you consider the source-- A GM-created loan agency desperately attempting to shed all association and responsibility for contributing to the financial collapse of our economy.

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  • Rh
    R.Hulstein Mar 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree that the commercial is tasteless and a very bad example, I crunch each time I have to look at it. It is disgusting and a very bad example for our children and grandchildren. The adult in the commercial portraits a hurtful attitude towards the child!! Please, remove this ad!
    R. Hulstein
    Surrey BC

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  • Ca
    Catch Aug 29, 2011

    I am very upset with the Ally Bank commercials. I agreee with others. The word that fits is taunting these children. I change the channel as soon as one comes on. I would never use this bank's services or promote them to anyone else. Children, at the age used are just starting to figure out who they are and how they interact with others. It is disgracing that a bank would stoop this low. Very upset and would suggest you change your marketing tactics.

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