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Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Unprofessional Behavior from Employee: A Cautionary Tale

I recently reached out to ( and specifically to Reto Muhr for some offers. However, I was quite surprised by the response I received. Instead of receiving the offers I was hoping for, I was bombarded with requests for dinner dates. I was taken aback by the behavior of this man.

It's quite disappointing when you reach out to a company for their services and instead of receiving a professional response, you are met with inappropriate advances. I was left feeling uncomfortable and disrespected.

I hope that ( takes this feedback seriously and ensures that their employees are conducting themselves in a professional manner. It's important for companies to maintain a level of respect and professionalism towards their clients.

Overall, my experience with ( was not a positive one. I would caution others to be wary when dealing with this company and to ensure that they are treated with the respect they deserve.

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Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Unprofessional Behavior from Employee: A Review ( is a delivery company that I recently came across while searching for a reliable service to send packages from Europe to Africa. As someone who lives in Africa, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy delivery service that can handle international shipments. However, I was intrigued by the positive reviews I read about and decided to give them a try.

The process of placing an order with was relatively straightforward. I filled out the necessary information about my package and its destination, and was given a quote for the cost of shipping. The price was reasonable, and I was happy to proceed with the order.

However, things took a strange turn when I received private messages from someone named Rito Muhr. These messages were suggestive and made me feel uncomfortable. I immediately stopped all further actions with the company and decided to look for another delivery service.

While I cannot speak to the quality of's actual delivery service, I was extremely disappointed by the unprofessional behavior of Rito Muhr. As a customer, I expect to be treated with respect and professionalism, and I did not receive that from this company.

Overall, I would not recommend based on my experience. While their prices may be competitive, the behavior of their employees is unacceptable. I would advise anyone looking for a reliable delivery service to look elsewhere.

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Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more Warning: Terrible Experience with and Owner Rito Muhr - Beware!

Je voudrais partager mon exp?rience avec et son propri?taire Rito Muhr. J'ai engag? cette entreprise pour d?m?nager mes meubles de Zurich, en Suisse, vers la France. Malheureusement, mon exp?rience avec cette entreprise a ?t? un cauchemar.

Lorsque mes meubles sont arriv?s en France, j'ai constat? que certains de mes meubles les plus pr?cieux avaient disparu dans l'air et que d'autres articles avaient ?t? bris?s. J'ai imm?diatement contact? Rito Muhr pour r?soudre le probl?me, mais cela a ?t? un processus long et difficile.

Pendant deux ans, j'ai d? me battre avec Rito Muhr pour obtenir un remboursement partiel pour mes pertes. J'ai d? contacter les compagnies d'assurance et engager un avocat pour r?soudre le probl?me. C'?tait une exp?rience ?puisante et stressante.

Je veux maintenant avertir les gens en Europe de faire attention ? cette entreprise. Si vous cherchez une entreprise de d?m?nagement, je vous recommande de chercher ailleurs. Les pertes que j'ai subies ont ?t? ?normes, et je ne veux pas que cela arrive ? quelqu'un d'autre.

En conclusion, je vous recommande de faire attention ? et ? son propri?taire Rito Muhr. Si vous cherchez une entreprise de d?m?nagement, assurez-vous de faire vos recherches et de choisir une entreprise fiable et de confiance.

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