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We have had allegheny now since our home was built in april 2005 and they have been horrible!! The power goes out randomly and constantly. The sun could be out with no wind and the power goes out. It's ridiculous. Any time the is going to be a storm, you can guarantee, you're going to lose power for at least 2 days. To top it off, in 2005, we went on the budget plan at $88/month. Our bill remained there for a few months then went to $99. Grew again to $118/ the meanwhile, our usage rates continued to decline yet out bill to dec 2006 our bill shot up to $125/month. When I called (after finally getting ahold of more than an answering machine), they told me we used a lot in the winter. I let it go, paid extra each month to get the bill back down. It only dropped to $118 again before all at once, I got a bill for $136. When I called to ask why my bill was up when my usage was down significantly, they told me they had a 27% rate increase. Yay. Since that happened in summer 2008, my bill has continued to raise $8-$10/month it is now at $150!!! Still, my kwh usage is lower than before. We conserve in everyway possible. We deal with cold home in winter, warm home in summer, bought energy saver lights and appliances, yet bill continues to skyrocket. Almost every month they owe me money from where I have continued to overpay my bill and my monthly payments exceed my usage yet they deem it necessary to increase my bill and penalize me if I don't pay that much. As it stands right now, they owe me $145.07 but they sent me a bill fro $150 and if its not paid in full or paid late I have a late fee. They never give me extra for letting them have my extra money to collect interest on. Times are tough and the economy sucks so if they continue to raise our bill, we will soon have no power in our home. Our entire home is ran off electricity so we are literally helpless w/o it. My husband and I have 3 young kids to care for and provide for and a. P is just another kick while we're down but no matter how much you plea with them, it does no good, your bill will continue to rise.


  • Ca
    Car0l McDougal Feb 05, 2009

    We have been trying to keep up with our electric bill with Allegheny Power, but do due lack of work at our part time jobs. we have been struggling. We have been making the payment every month but it is late and now they have decided to hit us with a $281.00 security deposit. I don't understand why they would add more when you are having trouble making your regular payments. This is corporate greed. We are a older couple that is on a fix income and this isn't right. My husband has asthma, and asbastos, and is a diabetic. We heat with electric and my husband uses a breathing machine. We have no insurance to help with medical bills and his medicine. Cant afford insurance. I don't think it it right that Allegheny Power punishes somebody for paying their bill even if it is a couple of weeks late. We have lived here for 30 years and I wonder what happened to the first security deposit we made . From a loyal customer. and very mad and upset customer.

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  • Da
    Dana Mar 05, 2009

    I agree. I have been late a few times myself, but not because I can't pay, it's just that the due dates slipped by me. Now they are charging me a $350 security deposit. I think this is ridiculous and I don't understand how they are allowed to get away with this. It's not like they aren't getting their money from me, it's been a little late a few times. These security deposits are supposedly used if you get your electric shut off and don't pay the balance! In other words they have your money until you die or change electric companies. Something needs to be done about this. They are stepping all over their customers.

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  • An
    ann Mar 15, 2009

    I completely agree. I am in the same situation. I have been late a few times over the last few months due to a change in employment (lost my job and had to take a considerable pay cut), but never have been shut off. I was just hit with a hefty security deposit. I tried to file a complaint with the Pa Utility commission, but have not had any luck with them either.

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  • Wi
    Wickedhuge Mar 17, 2009

    I purchased a 4 unit apartment building in July that was in need of rehab. 2 of the units remained in my name with allegheny including the common area meter. up until about 3 months ago I didn't have much of a problem, the most expensive bill was 127.00 to that point. Keep in mind this is a 2 bedroom apartment. Then all of the sudden it went up to 200.00 then the next month to 280 something. Finally last month it went up to 389.00 for one month! A 2 bedroom apartment!! I called the company and they told me that it had to be something inside the unit causing the increase. So I hired an electrician to come check it. He found that the heat pump emergency system was kicking on and causing more power usage, but no way was it using 400 dollars worth of power. Allegheny refuses to check into any of these problems themselves. I'm fed up. How is there over a 100% increase in 3 months when I wasn't even using any power. It was just sitting there waiting to be rented out. It's insane. The upstairs unit that just went into my name 45 days ago was 120.00 the first time I received a bill. the next month it was 220.00. I have no idea how they are doing it but I know I am being over charged. These are 2 bedroom apartments. I know people with 4 bedroom houses that pay the same or less.

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  • Jo
    joey Mar 22, 2009

    I too am in the same type of boat as all of you the difference with me is that they shut my power off. I have a bill that runs about 120.00 a month it then jumped to 150.00 and so on... I lost my job and missed one payment i got hammered with a 450.00 payment due i sent a payment of about 300.00. didnt matter they shut me off and i will not recieve any money for sevral days???? I have a pregnant wife and all of our heat is electric, I have literally been freezing to death. The have now hit me with a depposit that needs to be paid before hook up can occur, another 106.00 that i don't have. I not fully certain as to when I can get things up and running again. I hope soon I am otherwise going to freeze, die of hunger, and smell to high heaven...somthing about taking a ice shower really doesn't please me.

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  • Da
    dave Mar 28, 2009

    I hate these energy monopolies the CEO of Allegheny Energy raked in over $37 million in his salary...Thief! Check out

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  • Ta
    Tacoma04 Sep 13, 2009

    My girlfriend and I moved into a small, 2-bedroom apartment in May and have had nothing but issues with Allegheny Power since the move. First and foremost, we were both previous Allegheny Power customers with service in our names. When we got the first bill, we were surprised with $261 deposit even though we were both previous customers. There was no negotiating with the agent we spoke with and had no choice but to pay the deposit.

    We got the first bill and everything seemed okay. The second bill we received was an actual reading for $153. The next bill we received was an estimated reading for $117. The estimated reading was actually more than the actual reading from the previous month, yet the bill was $36 cheaper. Then, we get this month's bill which is another actual reading. Interestingly enough, the usage doubled from the last actual reading we received and the bill is now $279. This is absolutely ridiculous and our habits have not changed. I am gone for over 12 hours a day and my girlfriend is gone for over 8. The air conditioner is not running when we are not here and we are very cognizant of the energy we use. Our computers are powered down when we are not using them. The only thing we have that draws constant power is the refrigerator and alarm clock. So, I have asked for another actual reading this month and I stated to the agent I want to present when the meter is being read. We will see if that happens.

    I have rented a larger, 2-bedroom end unit apartment in the past and a 3-story townhouse and have never paid more than $120 a month for electric. Unfortunately, our hands are tied because we have no other options in this area so someone needs to step in and hold power companies accounting for raking their customers through the coals. We all work extremely hard for the money we make and it is shame we have to spend so much of it on power.

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  • Cr
    CREBOYD Sep 17, 2009


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  • Ho
    Honey30 Jan 23, 2010

    I know what everyone is talking about. The electric bills are outrageous!!! It is absolutely ridiculous when you get an electric bill in that is just as much as your rent. I have heard so many different excusses from the electric company over and over again. You can use the same amount of electricity every month but the electric bill goes up and up. Your using " more", how???? When you are doing the same and using the same appliances every month. I have changed light bulbs to energy saving, not leaving any lights on including my front porch light, unplugging things when not being used, etc... And no change; the bill just keeps getting higher. Personally, I think that the electric companies are literally taking advantage of people. These companies are just getting richer and richer off of us. If any average person would steal or "scam people" they would be sent to jail for robbery but these companies get away with taking advanage of people all the time; They just get away with it. The poor and middle class people are "slaves" to the rich class (companies) .

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  • Gj
    GJW686 Sep 20, 2010

    Allegheny Power is the greediest company in the world. We have been paying our bills on time with Allegheny for 20 years. They have gotten every penny for their over-priced service. My wife and I have both lost our jobs, and we're scraping to get by on part-time work. We're a couple-hundred behind on payments to them for the first time in our lives. So - benevolent company that they are - instead of understanding our plight, they slap a $250 deposit charge on our bill from last month on top of the monthly charges. Yeah, like we can afford a $450 bill right now. We call them and tell them we can't afford their extra charges, and appeal to their conscience. Oops, they don't have one. They won't pull the deposit requirement. We can't afford it, so we make our monthly payment for the electricity. Then, the [censor] apply the payment to their IMMORAL service charge, and say we haven't paid our bill. THEN, they send one of their schmucks to our house to disconnect our power unless we pay the whole thing in full on the spot. THAT'S EXTORTION, and if I did it to someone, I would be arrested. But, of course, Allegheny Power owns all the politicians. So, now my asthmatic daughter won't be getting her medicine this month, and we'll be eating crackers and water while the FAT CAT [censor] that run this company live the high life in their mansions. New corporate motto: ALLEGHENY POWER: WE'RE WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICA!

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  • An
    ann perrotta Oct 11, 2010

    I see i am not the only one. my husband passed away 2 years ago and i moved into a smaller place. it is electric heat, the worst ever as far as cost. i have had trouble paying the high bills, but i have been doing my best. I have applied for liheap but didnt get all the information in on time. allegheny had me on a budget but when the liheap didnt go through, they took me off the budget and I got a late notice even though i paid the bill on time. the bill i got said i had 3 shut off notices and i owed them a secuirity deposit of 280.00. I thought it was a mistake, i was furious and i called them, the woman said that because i did not get liheap even though i paid my bill on time, it was considered late. Prior to this I had been calling them trying to get some help in some way. I told her what my situation was, I have been calling trying to get some help from allegheny power and it just keeps getting worse, I am not getting any help. my bills are very high even though I havent been using heat or air conditiong at all for a month. I keep thinking why havent I caught up on this bill yet. I have paid them over $ 1600.00 over the past 4 months. my bills are not going down yet. I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE FROM ALLEGHENY WILL EVER SEE THIS, I HOPE THEY DO. They dont care that they are dealing with people. There is something wrong with the board of directors. if i could live without heat i would, I have 2 children living at home with me. Ann Perrotta 64 leith st. Uniontown pa. 15401

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  • Ge
    gerryteret Apr 20, 2011

    So hard to deal with these custy service people.

    Here's phone numbers for supervisors, call them instead of the 800 number. The squeaky wheel gets the grease:


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