Alibaba Group Holdingfake rfqs/scam

There have been more than 150 fake RFQ/scams with the fake RFQs on Alibaba impersonating our CEO/company.

They are so obvious that we get inquiries every day by Chinese companies and companies from all over the world.

It is pretty much the same text within the fake RFQs, spread over different countries Alibaba's support is totally incompetent as if they are all bots.

We have sent them everything which proves that these are fake/scam RFQs. All the links, our business reg. no., our website, official state company register, even emails by suppliers that were scammed.

Alibaba refuses to take them down, chatted/used email, hours and hours. The only explanation for this is, because Alibaba makes money by publishing fake RFQs so that those bidders (suppliers) pay money to Alibaba to quote on fake RFQs.

Hence, anybody quoting should know that many RFQs on Alibaba might be fake.

Oct 08, 2019

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