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Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / failing child support

Oct 03, 2019

June 14th my child support payments were reinstated by Judge Perryman, and I directly delivered such paperwork to dhr and asked if there was anything else I needed to complete in order to get my payments started back promptly. Four months have gone by and I have called and visited the dhr...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / neglect

Sep 28, 2019

Hi I'm the mother of two children, two daughters to be specific. I have made numerous complaints against my ex beating my daughter and even have begged for a dna test and ever one keeps shooting me down. The first offense I reported in January 2018 where my daughter came home with...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / dhr cps caseworkers

Sep 25, 2019

Case Worker Jessica Hindman trying to take my grandson. My daughter let a friend use her car to take her cousin and her two children home . They got stop by police . They saw her cousin shove something under her seat. The searched found a meth pipe . The cousin lied she was arrested . They...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / the caseworker are protecting the abusers

Aug 22, 2019

Marengo County DHR in Linden, Alabama is notorious for not reporting physical child abuse to the police, leaving children in the hands of their abusers & the abusers enabler, ignoring factual proof & video evidence that abuse or neglect has occurred & disregarding the rules of...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / a old year baby girl

Aug 21, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govMontgomery County Dhr caseworkers concerning babies/ children are lazy and unprofessional. This guy George Lavelle Cottrell who is a murderer rapist and drug addict was giving full custody right off the back in a hurry to a one year old baby girl cause workers felt sorry for the lies he...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / social worker

Jul 18, 2019

For some reason I give birth with criminal charges is what I am supposed to do. Dhr gave me no rights to speak when leaving the hospital and now never did much but a safety plan. I guess I didn't have any parental rights for two months. But I have my aunt to help me for two months, and...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / failure to provide a reason to why my children were removed.

Jul 13, 2019

16 years ago in September 24, 2003 i was dropped off at a safehouse by the camden police and my case worker ms Mechelle bridges who told me that my 4 children will be transported out to me the next day September25, 2003 when that day came my children wasn't transported. So the director m...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / dhr worked disclosing confidential information

Jul 10, 2019

My case worker told confidential information about my visitation schedule amount of time I receive with my son in order to intimidate and embarrass me in front of my child's Dr. Wendy Yousef, at my child's DR appointment said to her and the nurse that they have custody and that I get an...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / Covington County DHR

Jul 02, 2019

At the start of the year I submitted a complaint regarding my daughter's father and the treatment of the children he keeps. She cane home one day upset because he had spanked a small child for crying while her foot was stuck in the car, and had supposedly smack another child for just...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / child services/endangerment/negligence

Jun 30, 2019

I contacted Madison County DHR regarding many concerns involving my infant son. They investigated and viewed my videos. My son had allergic reactions to a few foods so his pediatrician typed a letter stating what to avoid which I presented to DHR worker along with a video where another...

[Resolved] Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / dhr case workers and reporting child abuse and neglect

Jun 06, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govOn March 23, 2018 My Babygirl Was Born I've Been Raped By The Father So I Decided To Give Her To Safe Haven Which Was My Personal Rights. One Month Later April 2018 I Was Willing To Forgive And Was Ready To Take Care Of My Own Daughter Myself So I Reached Out To A Supervisor Over Foster...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / dhr * child custody

Jun 04, 2019

Well i will try to make a long and somewhat confusing story short and make some since...I was introduced to dhr in a whole new manner august of 2018 ...It started with a random phone call from katie cluck a dhr social worker stating that some random individial called and stated i was using...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / russell county dhr

May 31, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govMy name is Jessica Livermore and my children were talking by Russell county dhr on false allegations and me nor my children are residents of Alabama we reside in Georgia. My kids have been gone for over a month and I want them home or I am filling a lawsuit because I am been done wrong...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / ozark dhr and brandy murrah

May 12, 2019

To whom it may concern, In August 2018 a parents of two children were arrested with charges of chemical 's endangerment of a child after the DA was presented with allegation of positive drug screening from DHR. I believe this test was falisfied to cover DHR's mistake. I am an ex-worker...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / child support case

Apr 25, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govI was put on child support in 2004 and my case was dropped cause my baby momma didn't not show for court which at the time I was staying with my daughter taking care of her at the time the case worker dropped the case and told me she couldn't bring back up the cars I got married in 2009...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / false domestic violence allegations

Mar 19, 2019

I had an open case with lawrence county dhr and it was supposed to be closing around the end of this month and was supposed to be getting my son back but since there was a well fare call to dhr by my mother on my behalf, my case was extended without notice and my 5-month-old son'...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / neglect

Feb 03, 2019

Date 2/1/2019 yet another day my mom is in bed, never has a bath, reuse of the same instrument to keep trach suction and cleaned, family concerns being ignored, not enough staff to residents, phones not answered when trying to check on mom, nothing to prevent feet from continuing to drop...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / jefferson county dhr child welfare

Jan 31, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govI told her I didn't have time to track it all down again while I was getting my child dressed and fed for school, that I had already given her this info, but I would do it as soon as I got her to school. She said to me at that point in front of both my mother in law and my 9 year old, "I...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / my rights as a mother have been violated.

Jan 19, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govThe father of my child who has no established paternity kidnapped my child. Law enforcement stated it was a civil issue until I had located their address. That changed when I finally located the home and the conditions. Upon being invited in the house by the homeowner an 80 year old man... / dhr supervisor in dekalb county alabama

Aug 24, 2018

Just filed 2 police reports against Angela Eunice Bell. For assaulting my 20 year old daughter, and my husband! She has also attempted suicide 3 times. Had a domestic violence incident with an X-boyfriend by the name of Scottie Harriston of Sylvania. Now tell me how she's supposed to... / cullman county dhr

Aug 03, 2018

My wife and I have been fighing for or daughter for over a year. We both grew up in Cullman county dhr. Morgan county dhr worker came to the hospital where my daughter was in the NICU we lived in Morgan county at the time. They removed from the hospital by police escort due to a juvinel... / child neglect

Jul 06, 2018

I know a mom named Angela thibault and she just got her kids back a few months ago and I've seen her son and daughter smoke weed bc I have physically seen them outside doing it and I heard that she is also doing prostitution she already has a dhr file too. her kids are decide kids and... / journey preschool in prattville al

Mar 14, 2018

1)the director son bites other kids they don't do anything about (2) the first 4 rooms smell like pure fish n dead dogs(3) kids running fever, strep, flu, diarrhea they want call parents then when u call some parents want come until 3hours later 4)parents drop kids off at 630 n want come pick them up until 6 when daycare closing they need some help / customer service /human resources

Dec 15, 2017

It is VERY difficult to get in touch with anyone via phone or website. I've called over a dozen times, left voice mails, and haven't heard anything back. I'm trying to correct an issue with my child support but can't get anyone. I need someone to respond. Website and voicemail i... / rae brian

Dec 08, 2017

I have been fighting for my daughter for five years now .. rae Brian was my social worker who has not even in five years some a home inspection on my home . She has done 5 hair samples on three months which will show the same test answers​for a year . I have done all my classes they have asked... / dhr

Nov 10, 2017

Dhr took my daughter away from me back in October 2016 because they said police officers said i put my daughter out of my car and said I didnt want her anymore. The police never wrote up a case and have told me they never told dhr anything like that...My daughter has been abused by social... / child care services

Oct 30, 2017

Monroe county AL. On June 8 2016 a call was redirected by the after investigating our home i was told case would more then likely close. I asked Mr frye prior to departure if it was OK to leave state to go to TN for will with kids and husband. He said yes. I spoke with frye while in TN. A...

Alabama Child Support Enforcement Division / fraud / scam

Mar 30, 2014

Alabama Child Support Enforcement DivisionWe paid off our Child Support on 03/20/09 we have the receipt showing we don't owe $0.00 they failed to stop sending the statements after we paid it off. Even on the statements they send it says amount Due is $0.00 and an amount owed is now after five years has got up to $1, 199.58 we...