Al Futtaim Groupcar service - quality and bad customer service

E Oct 07, 2019

Dear Team,

on 10.09.2019, we took our Toyota (office car) to the regular service check-up : at the time, the car had no issues at all, it was just another regular car service check-up.

Upon checking the car, Al Futtaim team informs us that the engine belt is old and needs to be changed. We agreed and accordingly the engine belt was changed and we covered the cost of this.

After the service was done, the driver picked-up the car. Upon driving, the driver noticed a sound coming from the car and called Al Futtaim team accordingly, informing them of the issue. He was advised to wait for a call back from their team, as they needed to check and assign an appointment for him. They never called back. Yesterday, 09.10.2019 we still received no call from Al Futtaim. The driver straight to the service center, the car was checked and we were advised that yet another part needed to be changed.

Considering the car was in a good condition when we took for the service check-up, how come the team did not notice that another part needed to be changed? When they changed the belt, how come they did not take the car for test drive to check if everything was okay? Why did we never get a call back?

This is clearly a case where the team damaged another part when they were changing the belt and did not even know about it.

This is completely unacceptable and we would like to replace the part for free: We won't bear any cost due to a mistake from your team. It is definitely not our fault if your team damaged a part of the car due to lack of knowledge and experience. it is a shame that you actually hire such unprofessional technicians. And when we were trying to understand why this happened, nobody could explain it and immediately blamed it on the car itself, that it is 142 KM and this is normal to happen. Nothing was wrong with the car before the service was done!

This is totally unacceptable and the team is refusing to open a case and check what actually happened. This is a really really bad customer service.

We expect a reply back from you and we expect that the car be repaired and the part be changed, free of cost.

Since we bought the car, we never took it outside the agency for repair and we always purchased service contracts from the agency.

This case is totally unacceptable and needs to be solved immediately.
Attached is a record from Al Futtaim.

Al Futtaim Group

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