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I am a loyal customer of al-futtaim enterprises..
I also ensure my car is always sent to them for service on regular intervals..
I have faced severe service issues with them.
I own a honda accord 2007 option 1 with completely topped options.
Since my car was due for service as well as I had certain bodyshop job's pending so I went to their umm-ramool branch and had my car dropped off. This was approximately on the 16th of october 2008.
I spoke with mr. Praveen, the bodyshop advisor who suggested I collect the car from the bodyshop once fixed and send it to the service centre once the repairs are done.
This mr. Praveen, who fails to understand his client is about to face problems with transportation did not agree to take the car right behind the bodyshop where the service centre exists..
Moreover.. I had an expensive pair of xenon lamps installed on my car which was perfectly functional when I have delivered my car to this bodyshop. I have also made specific note in the section that my lamp may have to be replaced so please ensure you keep my xenon's aside so I can have it collected along with the car. They decide to dispose my previous light as well as the xenon and have convieniently installed a new yellow lamp which hardly costs 50dhs in the showroom.
When I spoke with mr. Omer from the body shop and I requested him to send my car to the service centre.. He said it will be sent within one day. I fixed an appointment and they completely forget about the whole request. For another week I was not in the country and I return back to see my car is not yet ready from the service centre. I was surprised and shocked to see my car was not served in the right manner.. To top it all its time to collect my car on the 28th of october or so... And all formalities cleared, I receive my car with one yellow light and one white xenon.
I spoke with mr. Paul from the service centre who at this point decides to tell me that I have nothing to do in this please consult the bodyshop. They have replaced your light not me.
I now go back to the body shop and there I speak with mr. Vijay who co-incidentally is handling my bodyshop file now since praveen left the company last week... What?!?!?!
Okay so somone takes my car into the showroom, leaves the company and doesnt bother informing them about my lights.. So mr. Vijay also decides to pass the buck on to the next day and he says please call me back. I have placed nothing less than 50 calls to get in touch with this one person vijayraj or whoever he was, and the next day I inform the operator.. To ensure vijay is in the company so I can speak to him. I walked up to this person to inquire about my lights and he said I cant do anything I am sorry and walks off. I went to his desk and patiently waited till the coast was clear for me to speak to him. He walks around the whole showroom like I never existed and starts making calls. I agressively asked him to help me with this issue or I may have to raise a point here.. Then he diverts my issue to some so-called-manager mr. Faisal who immediately has my car checked and calls the conserned mechanic who handled my file. As per the company policy.. Any damaged or non-working item is placed in the boot of the clients car.
However mr. Faisal promises to get back to me within the next day. Assuming he wont, I ensure I take down his number so I can make my regular attempts on inquiry.
So mr. Faisal as expected doesnt call me the next day and when icall him up.. He says the mechanic said the light was not functional and it was disposed. However he claimed that it is not assured if the item was disposed because as per company policy it is still supposed to be disposed in the boot of the car.
Till date 10/nov/08... No faisal has called me back over the same issue
If this is where customer service is going of such a huge company... What can we expect from smaller garages? They may probably flick another 2-3 engine parts not bothered about clients safety or cliental value.

I will ensure I place this complaint on as many blogs as possible.
(note - if any of the telephone numbers / contact details of alfuttaim employees are required for reference... I can have them availed since I may have called them atleast 10000 times...


  • Ha
    Hasan Alhammadi Jan 22, 2020
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    Had car accident on 16-10-2019 and found Front bumper comletely damaged plus hood. Air bag not activated at all. I requested Al Futtaim technical team to make report and send me copy of it. Unfortunately. No response from technical team.


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  • Sh
    Shymon francis Jan 19, 2020

    I had an air bag change with AL Futtaim al Badia branch and while fixing it the Dashboard of the vehicle was completely damaged by the staff. They have not yet fixed it even after 2months. Vehicle plate no V97334.PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL ASAP. Mob no- [protected]

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Mokhtar77 Nov 02, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Worst customer service in UAE arrogant staff at your branch in UAE ABU Dhabi Yas Mall branch. Honestly a shame. Had to leave not buying anything and won't return back. A disgrace to marks and spencer and Al futtaim.
    Never seen a treatment as this didn't make us feel welcome, rude and super arrogant.

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  • Ts
    tsrinivasan May 22, 2019

    my car Dubai, I 40897 four days before given for warranty front boot replacement, but in reality returned without boot replacement. No proper support from the sales coordinator.
    please help in replacing the warranty front boot.

    Thank srinivasan

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  • Jo
    Joe1981 Apr 28, 2017

    I am so worried now. I just bought a Honda CRV from Al Futtaim .. :(

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  • Wa
    Waqar Kazmi Jun 22, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I Almost read every comment in this forum, but imagine my one is absolute blunder from HONDA !!!
    I Booked a new Honda pilot 2016.Took paint and interior protection, gap protection, Protect plus for tires and key and spent additional about 10000/ aed to protect myself for this expensive top of the range touring model.But guess what ???? I took the car out of the showroom of DIFC at 11:30 pm, drove about until ansar mall sharjah towards my home near Sharjah Clock tower and found Low Brake oil sign flashing in the dashboard, then steering sign abd traction off sign.??? It took some time to realize that what is hapening with my beautiful brand new top of range 2016 honda pilot until in 10 mins i was at my parking space .Assuming that may be they forget to fill up the brake fluid upto full, but seriously was confused on the other hand what could happen with a new car driven less than 50kms (23 when i received +27 i drove to reach my home).Any way the happiness of buying the new car was spoiling so i thought i will check with the showroom tomorrow morning .
    I called my parents and my wife down to the basement to supersize them, we were really happy and i drove my parents with me to take my old car from DIFC Honda parking lot. Again i came back to sharjah and slept that night in tension of what can be wrong with my new SUV. In the morning i headed towards the showroom straight but as they open late and due to traffic conditions i ended up on sheikh zayed road, The moment i reached near financial center the brakes which were already spongy, now even on full pedal were responding very less . i was afraid of the accident so put the hazard light on and drove at 10-15 kms to reach the sheikh zayed honda service center Odometer was at 138 kms Just ?? I .Showed them the car and they confirmed that there is almost no brake fluid.The technician put some 500ml of brake fluid in order to take the car in the Service area as he can not drive with NO BRAKES and and the manager came and was also surprised of this ADVENTURE OF MINE WITH THEIR RELIABLE BRAND THAT COULD HAVE COSTED MY LIFE !!!
    They gave courtesy car and told me to go to work and will update me, Till afternoon No body called so i traied calling both the MANager nad technician about 20 times but nobody picked up the phone . I left messages at the desk even .In the afternoon i went to the Service center leaving my office early to confirm myself and found the technician dealing with other IMPORTANT CUSTOMERS AND PROVIDING BEST CUSTOMER SERVICES .!!!
    he told me there is leakage !!! what !!! I went to the service manager and asked him he gave the technical details that the ABS modulator is seeping the fluid they have TAKEN THE PICTURES AND ARE WAITING FOR INVESTIGATING TECHNICAL TEAM TO CONFIRM AS THEY CAN NOT TOUCH A NEW CAR LIKE THAT >I asked them ok so when they will reply to which he said they are in training so may be tomorrow .AND AFTER THAT If the parts needs to fixed we will fix it otherwise replacement would take may be 2 WEEKS TO ORDER THE ART FROM JAPAN !!!My frustation at that moment was on peak, but i can not say anything to him as it was not his fault .I staright away went to DIFC SHOWROOM, the sales guy and Manager were aware of this from service center .Manager told me its a MINOR ISSUE (My life endangered ) AND OFTEN HAPPENS AND EVEN HAPPENED WITH HIM !!! !! they have provided me a courtesy car (for 175000/AED paid to them less then 12hrs back ) so thats what they can do about this and advise me to be PATIENT AND LET THE SERVICE GUY DO THEIR WORK .today is the second day no calls yet l?? i Know they will not call !and tomorrow is holiday !!! and guess what i am driving an old honda city for 175000/- Dirhams !!!

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  • Ia
    Ian Stephenson Mar 25, 2015

    I am worried/ regret now! Booked a Honda City 2015 model from Al Futtaim! Paid the down payment on Monday! Representative said he will try his best to deliver the car by Tuesday evening. Waited patiently, then called him on Tuesday afternoon, he said that it would not be possible but for certain on Wednesday afternoon or probably a bit later in the evening. Gently agreed with him. Today is Wednesday, I call him and he casually says, today may not be possible!
    Reason given by him: Request has been placed from the stock yard in Jebelalli, but they have failed to send the car! Do you want me to believe that?? Do I have a choice???? I have invited my friends over for dinner today to celebrate my buying a car! Going to make a fool of myself! Many of my friends advised me against Honda, but I was sweet talked into it by the sales person. Hats off to your staff, they can sell your products, but be assured that its ruining your reputation!
    Unfortunately, I am getting no extras or brownies from HONDA!!! No free insurance, No 3M sun control, no colour choice too!!! Nothing nothing nothing, was all the sales rep could tell me. All the other auto companies do give some perk to the customer to make him feel good for the purchase he has made! Really regret it now! Could have gone in for Toyota, Mitsubishi or Renault, would have got better service and more concrete assurance from the sales agent. The sales agent never seems to make any attempt to help with anything!! Either, he is advised by his incompetent managers not to come asking for any perks for his customers or he is saving for HONDA/ AL-FUTTAIM. Thank you for making me feel this way even before I have seen my car, leave alone receive it!! I am already feeling sick! I have not even seen what I was paying for!!! My mistake! :(

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  • Ra
    Rania Hadad Jun 21, 2014

    Antony James, Pakistani, living near Sharjah gold souk, cheated me when I was selling my car by paying 13, 800 advance and ran away and resold my car 3 days later for $22, 500. He is thin, lean, bald, tall 5’’9 dark color, one son and wife, pretending that they are a genuine family. He uses Etisalat phone to contact sellers, and du phone to contact buyers. He will test drive your car and will never give it back. He will tell you that he is working in Sharjah fire service and has 7 sons and the car is for the first son and lot of stories like this. He will tell a lot of defects for your car to bring down the price. He will give ask you to write the receipt pretending to give the full money. But will give advance and then disappear. If you report to bur dubai police, no use, who cannot understand when we complain. Be very careful when you sell your car. Antony James talk very sweet, but we wont see that sweetness when it comes to money.
    He is a liar, crook, fraud, thief, cheats people by telling stories.

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  • Mo
    mohamed elsabaai Jan 13, 2014

    Dear Honda :
    I would like to present my complain toward your Egyptian agent, especially their maintenance services located at new Cairo

    I was hunting for second hand car & as Honda is one of the safest well trust brand in EGYPT as well as all over the middle east area

    My name is Mohamed El Sebai and my car number is motor no 5001088 chase 400750 .
    I am working in National Socite General Bank and now ( QNB ALAHLI ) we are one of your main customer in Egypt because all our fleet car are HONDA

    My problem as follow :
    2 month ago before I purchased my HONDA car, I made full checkup report at New Cairo service agency of HONDA with fees 400 egp and it was presented by ENG.Abdel Rahman .
    Based on the report I purchased the car with total amount of 135000 EGP
    2 weeks later I was surprised that I discover a very serious problem concerning the safety belts as well as the front air bag ( which was not detected in the maintenance report )
    I went to HONDA at new Cairo to inform him with my problem and i met again ENG.ABDEL RAHMAN who told me that they will solve this problem
    After they checked the car they told me that air bag system was opened according to accident and the one who sold you the car is putting resistors to redeem air bag lamp
    They told me they have a mistake because the computer system did not show this problem
    I met Mr.sameh nabil the head of customer service to finalize the case with me He told my to solve the problem we should change the 2 safety belts and air bag controller and the cost items is 11000 EGP
    again he told me that HONDA have a problem and we will do our best to solve it
    after 2 weeks he call me back to give me offer discount 15 % on spear part and give me free maintenance and this was the solution of head of after sales MOHAMED FADL
    I was shocked from his respond because they did not know my feeling regarding this problem
    I expected from HONDA to solve this issue as it was not my problem & it was the maintenance report failure to discover such a big issue as safety belts & airbags

    At the end I believe that HONDA means safety first as well as good reputation.

    Mob : [protected]

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  • Li
    listercruz Jul 22, 2013

    I stopped my service at Honda... just wase of money...


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  • Ma
    Matloob husain Jun 18, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Dear All,

    Before I proceed to any legal action kindly reply……

    • Did I made a blunder by choosing your branch and by choosing HONDA??????
    • Are you treating your customers fairly is YES then justify
    • Why Insurance papers not given to me…So called new car ????????????
    • Why Navigator not working from beginning…… So called new car????????????
    • Why Vehicle got flat spot from beginning……… So called new car?????????
    • Why Apple ipad promised initially but not given for two months instead I got voucher after sending so many mails and reminders.

    • Is this new car or used one??????
    • I’m complaining you from beginning that tyres have some issue and you told me to contact service people and they were ignoring in every service
    • Why insurance papers not given to me still????? I have taken insurance from you only.
    • Why navigator is not working after so many attempt from service centre if its new car so called?????

    • Before you agreed to change the tyre from your pocket now why only 50%??????
    • As per you Arul is saying nothing can be done but this 50% Favour is from your side as I am your customer but am I not Arul’s customer????
    • Why Honda has given me wrong report???????????wherein Michellene has different one????
    • I was without car for three days and paid all expenses from my pocket in spite of purchasing NEW CAR from you is this my fault????????
    • I am very much aware that I have to go for servicing from you only in future but you can’t scare me from this truth is I was cheated and I can’t be quit.
    • I am sending this mail to you just FYI before putting a case as you can see no one bother to reply my mail Is this your Customer service???????
    • Kindly read my below mail if you have some time for customer.

    Awaiting reply from each of you at the earliest

    Thanks & Regards,

    Matloob Husain

    From: Matloob [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 10:21 PM
    To: Matloob Hussain, RBG
    Subject: Fwd: Complaint-M 37094 Accord

    Matloob Husain
    Assistant Relationship Manager
    Sent from iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:
    From: Matloob <[email protected]>
    Date: June 1, 2013 11:08:42 PM GMT+04:00
    To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Complaint-M 37094 Accord
    Dear Mr Balraj,


    In reference to my vehicle Honda Accord M 37094, which has a flat spot in the rear right tyre according to the report of Michellene Tyres as you gave me, i would request you to consider my problem and please get that tyre are well aware of the inconveniences I have faced already because of that issue.
    Kindly make me realize that I have not made a blunder by choosing Honda

    Kindly do the needful please.Is this new car or Honda has cheated me?I don't want to go with any legal process as it will kill my time but believe me I was cheated and you know well.

    My request to all of you do respect the customer who always support you gave you customer without anything.In my office only we have taken 5 accords within 2 months time

    Kindly note that from the day one I'm complaining the same to resolve this issues

    Navigator issue still not yet resolve in-spite of you changed this.

    Now I have a fear that I got a car with problems.kindly change the unit as it's giving me a lot of problem

    Awaiting for your affirmative reply

    Matloob Husain
    Sent from iPhone

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  • Fa
    FazalAkbar May 26, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I have recently bought a 2013 Mid Option Accord from Alain, I was been promised that I will have spoiler fixed but this never happened, salesman Mahdi had made false promises that i will get free bluetooth and tinting but It never came true and finally when i got the care from the showroom, the front dash was slightly chipped off and when i made a complaint It was dead slow.

    Salesman Mahdi is dead slow to respond to my call or complaints.

    I think Accord also has some noise issue when driving at 100 Km/h, so i recommend that Its worth trying for Camry or Nissan in the same price tag.

    My email is [email protected]
    If you need more information about accord do let me know, as this is my biggest regret that I paid almost 105K for this kind of car.

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  • Mo
    MohdAsad May 13, 2013

    I have left the complain with details to Customer care Mr Afzal date 13May.13. pls get intouch with your Mussafah corniche branch as he requested me to send the car 14May. i hope they will fix...Ali Saleh

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  • Jo
    John Q. Jul 20, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are absolutely right ChandKing. The only way to deal with those immoral, unethical so called "customer service" representatives, is to be tough with them and demand that all issues gets fixed at Honda's expense. Never allow them to convince you on something that is already wrong! And always be the smart knowledgeable person about cars spare parts and what needs to be changed, fixed, repaired, and what doesn't need to be replaced, etc ... we normally end up paying so much for a job that can be easily done by an expert mechanic outside their service center. New cars are tune-up free for the first 100, 000 miles (not KM), but they never inform that to the customer as they want more $$$$$$$$!! I had so many issues with Honda (both sales and service center) but I made them extend my warranty to 5 years instead of 3, and provide 8 free services. And FYI, you have every single right to ask what repairs have been done to your car, because at the end of the day it’s your car and not theirs. And despite being under warranty, this doesn't mean that they can hide the list of repairs!!! May I also take this opportunity and remind everyone, pleeeeeeeeeeease be careful when they tell you that they have cars driven by "managers", those cars are in fact DEMO cars. And I am sure you all know how Demo cars are driven!!! Cheers.

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  • Ch
    ChandKing Jun 25, 2011

    well on treating new customers by these car dealers is pathetic. We wanted to buy Toyota vehicle. we went to the showroom and requested the sales person for details and explain the vehicle. Imagine, the sales person told us that this is the vehicle there, and went back to her desk. We after viewing the vehicle went to her and she gave us the quotation, no explanation, asked for advance and left for somewhere. My family, we were all looking at each other. This is before recession. we bought Ford Edge.
    Then we decided to go for camry after the recession. The change in the sales persons of Toyota were apparant. They attended our every detail.
    This monopoly of car dealers should be broken.

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  • Ch
    ChandKing Jun 25, 2011

    You are not the sufferer, this is the problem in UAE. there is a monopoly, and the car owners are exploited. I had three different brands, one honda accord, nissan sunny, and then Ford edge. My ford edge carried a warranty three years, even nut & bolts were gurranteed. I sold after three years of warranty expiry, and never had a problem with Al Tayer.
    Honda accord, i had a problem with a/c, radio speakers, steering, imagine new car. They did not do much. I spanked Honda people in Jebel Ali, then these rascals in Al Futtaim took my car in, and gave me a used car for three four days. This used car had a better a/c ec than the new ne. After three days they returned the car in good shape, but never told what changes repairs were carried out. Since it was a new car they should have replaced it. But then after warranty whenever my car used to go for service, a bill of aed900 or so use to come, this is required that is required.
    These malpractises can be avoided if more than one agency is allotted with 3/4 service centres to different people. They are thiefs, pick-pockets. At Nissan arabian automobile, you will not imagime, i got the call at first free service, that they can change the vehicle to LIMITED addition with a feww changes and payment of Aed300.00 dirhams. Imagine new cae and they want to change the light covers etc. I balsted and told them to go to hell. Imagine how thiefs they are.
    The car manufacturers should provide agencies to 2/3 persons, with service centers to 3/4 people. Break this monoply. Pirates will always be pirates. Or do they need another recession to break there backs...

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  • Ma
    m. Ataullah Jun 21, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Dear manager !

    I have bought a HONDA CRV last April, there was issue of allignment since start . i gave the car for 1000 km service and notify the issue
    then on the second 5000 km service, the service center people of SHARJAH tried to convince me that the problem is solved ( they kept my car 3 days in service center). but when the test drive was done by service manager the problem persists.
    now i dont know what to do this, I should bang the car to Honda dealer ? service center or to my head ?

    this is very desperate and disgusting situation

    M. ataullah
    Owner CRV, 16905 AUD

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Rami Mohamed Apr 17, 2011

    I could not imagine that during my terrible journey in trying to complain about my "Honda" i'd see all these complaints posted on the internet
    I don't understand, didn't Honda see all those complains every where,
    I have been tricked when i bought my "first & Last" Honda that i found it's the most [poor quality viechle that i've ever seen and the worst after sales service that can ever happen
    I'm sorry for all of you and for my self,
    and i wish if someone can guide me how can i complain directly to AL-FUTTAIM ENTERPRISES

    Thanks alot
    Kind Regards

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  • Jo
    John Q. Feb 02, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. Mohd,
    Good Day,

    Assume that you have 100+ shares with Honda?

    Allow me to explain something which might enlighten you a bit. My experience with honda with the after sale and sales team was absolutely terrible. When someone promises you that the car you are buying is free of defects and is in an excellent working condition, and tries to convince you that the relationship between the customers is based on mutual trust and makes you feel so confident that the car you intend to invest 100, 000+ Dhs is far better than its rivals. And then on the day of delivery you find out the car has some vibration issues and some other major mechanical issues as well!!! This is by far is not and will never be acceptable under all circumstances. And what makes my case worse, is that after I complained to the sales manager about these issues, he clearly told me that we are facing with some problems with these specific models!!! WHAT!!! Shouldn't the customer be informed about these issues prior to selling him the car? Despite their promises that they will get the car fixed, I have had it in the service center for more than 8 times, and precisely at the Um Ramool center, and they weren't able to fix any of the issues up to date! The car has been driven for 33, 000 KM so far!

    And by the way, Honda is not the only manufacturer with defects, but they are the only agency with unfaithful sales people who deliberately deceive the customer into buying their models. At least with other brands, the sales person usually allows you to test drive a car and in case of any problem, they usually either reduce the price or they try give you an extended warranty for free. At least they will compensate you for the defict in their cars.

    And FYI, my case has been already raised to court, and hopefully I will be able to get my money back.

    And FYI as well, I have been driving Hondas for the past 14 years, and haven’t had any problems with the old models! Just in case you think I am new to Honda.

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  • Mo
    Mohd. Al Mayer Jan 17, 2011

    I have a Honda and I am surprised at the naivity of you all. Do you think that Honda are the only manufacturere that has a problem with cars? That is why all new cars have a warranty. Now if you have a genuine problem with the service department you shuold disuss it with the aftersales manager, not someone you haven't met on a blog. I had an issue with my car once and it was resolved to my total satisfaction by the service depeartment at Ramool. 5* service.

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  • Ab
    Abdul Hameed Kathalathodial Dec 29, 2010

    I have Honda City and my experiance with them of last 1 year is not very good either. Whenever I service my car I receive it UNCLEANED. Everytime I complaint, they say they will clean it NOW. Why dont they clean it when they give me or they just want customer to complain?

    Abdul Hameed

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  • Al
    Ali LLC Nov 20, 2010

    Anyone knows the customer service contact details for Honda UAE? I am facing with lots of problems with the service center and I would like to raise my concerns to the higher management! I believe the biggest mistake I have done so far was buying a car from Honda UAE!!!

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  • Sh
    Shakeel123 Sep 22, 2010

    i was about to give my toyota camry (also apart of Futtaim) for a major service which cost 1, 300 dhs... but i think ill skip it and rather go to a proper service centre where i can pay less and get the job done properly without any unnecessary defects shown by al futtaim.

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  • Jo
    John Q. Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for sharing your problem with us Mohnish. I have to agree with every single word you said.

    I have also had terrible experience with the guys at the service center as well as with the so called sales executives.

    I advise anyone who plans to buy a new/used car to avoid Honda UAE. Even their higher management treats you very badly especially after you purchase the new/used car.

    Hope that someone could listen to our complaints. This issue is getting serious day after day.

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  • Du
    dubaieye78 Aug 31, 2010

    i will suggest the never buy the honday city because this car have Problem in ingnation coils [top of Plugs] most of time i have to change them and change of plugs regurly.
    Honday city have its gear problem which i am facing now, just think my car is 2005 model and its value will be aprox 18000 to 25000 but if i am going to buy its near gerar its value from honda shop is 16000.
    Most of honday city user have this problem and repair very high.
    so if you are going to buy honda city i will suggest you dont buy it.
    becasue my car will go in scrap.


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  • Ar
    Arifkm Apr 10, 2010

    i do agree with Mohnish, the guys at honda are really useless, and they do nothing for the money we pay them. Honda Service SUCKS. Does anyone knows any good service center for HONDA in dubai????


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  • Sa
    sadath Dec 13, 2009

    Very true Honda service really sucks ... Even if your car under warranty they will make you pay some or other way………... Honda warranty is completely fake…. I sold my Civic b’coz of this reason.

    There are lot people have similar bad experience ...I request each of every one to come forward...

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  • Za
    Zalds Oct 10, 2009

    I am planing to buy honda civic, but due to this comment I change my mind honda anymore. better check another brand with good service reputations.


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  • Sy
    syed aamir Sep 12, 2009

    this honda service is worst all relatives are working here so they hide each other and never let any complaint to raise to higher arab management.

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  • Sy
    syed aamir Sep 12, 2009

    Dear All,
    I purchased a brand new honda civic in 2007 which is still in warranty i service my car in same company authorised workshop alfuttaim honda past few months i realised its power steering become very hard due to that i have a severe pain in my elbow i left the car for major service and mention to check the steering thoroughly to service advisor paul but they didnt and even replaced other things and charged me 1200 dhs still car in same condition i make complaint there so one man named Alan ask me to visit and assured me he will do the needfull but one week over when i called him he is not responding then i spoke with Arun he is the senior manager he also gave the same words today i visited them and left my car even after that they didnt call me finally i called them they told it will take 2 days. I am living in sharjah being a muslim i am fasting also in this hot summer without car how tough the life is and they doesnt care as they sold the car now and now i have to bear being a consumer .I am waiting for their call ramadan is there i cant go again and again but still they ask me to visit and leave the car i never understand what they have done when they kept the car for 1 day before Guys when you visit showroom to purchase a new car you never realises when you go for service which kind of problems you will suffer my experience with honda service is worst and i will never suggest anyone to buy honda


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  • Ma
    Mamdouh Jul 26, 2009

    For all, ple stay away from Honda-Alfuttaim (dubai).
    I bought my CRV last year, and since 1st hour I drive the car, I found vibrations in the steering wheel.
    They insisted it is the tiers, and gave me the test drive car till they change it, and even after that, no change I still have the vibrations, and the maintenance center in Rashediya give the same answer the same (the tiers!!!).
    I am now using the car less than 25000KM, and I want to sale it and never think of deal with those guys again.
    I bought Toyota from Alfuttaim before and I did not face any problem at all, but seems Honda branch is real pain.

    0 Votes
  • Ha
    Haseeb Sultan Jul 15, 2009

    I would agree with Mr Mohnish, that they dont call you back at all even if they promise. But I think none of you have been to the Trading enterprise service centre in Sharjah. Trust me, they dont even bother what the customer is saying, in their minds, customer is wrong and they are always rite. I had my last service done from honda dubai and found major difference, a positive one I would say. Though I noticed that after a Max Guard Polish, the car has not to be washed for the next 3 days, but the service centre washed it. That was soo funny, that he was advising me not to wash the car and I opened the boot and the water was dripping, I looked inside the fenders and they were wet. A company is no good if they dont practice what they preach. I have decided to take another chance with the company as my last experience was alot better than the previous ones, but this time I will keep Mr Mohnish's experience in mind, just in case, then I will decide rather to keep my Accord or sell it.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chris May 06, 2009

    goodbye honda civic, welcome toyota corolla.
    you lost another customer honda

    -2 Votes
  • Fr
    fritz Feb 23, 2009

    i have seen what mohnish is writen.i certainly sypmathise with him...this not a way to treat a i have second opinion in buying a honda...or even suggesting to some of my friends to buy one...sorry boss u just lost a coustomer.!!!


    1 Votes
  • Ir
    Irshad Ali Feb 11, 2009

    Dear Manager,

    I have read the complaint from Mr Mohnish, after reading it I have dropped my Idea of buying Honda City which I was planning t o buy this weeek, if you have these type of customer care I am sorry to say this will effect your buisness.



    0 Votes

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