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marketing calls

Airtel has been harassing with marketing calls. I am registered on a Do Not Call List. Despite this I am getting numerous calls. After politely telling them multiple times not to call, I started asking to speak to the supervisor. The first two times (on 4/24/09 and 4/28/09, caller Anand), the supervisor promised to remove my name, but didn't. So we also called their Customer Service - who said they would forward the complaint. I continue to get these calls. The last time (5/08/09), I asked for the supervisor. After much hesitation, and after my persistence, the caller hung up on me.

How can I make them stop?!! This is despite being on a DO NOT CALL registry.

  • Pr
    PremKumar82 Aug 25, 2009

    The Airtel team is really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will take up this issue with the tele-calling department and get back to you soon. It is requested that you share with us your Phone Number and Email ID so that we can ensure that your details are properly updated in DND registry.

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  • Ma
    Manivannan Jayaraman Jan 08, 2010

    Airtel calling card marketing guys are keep on calling and they are talking abused words and torturing us. I already registered Do Not Call list but still they are keep on calling and talking filthy words and abused words. Shall I file a police complaint?

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  • Sa
    Sai Ki Apr 16, 2011

    AIRTEL IS A DEFINITE FRAUD. BUYER BEWARE!! Here is the background and I am giving a compare and contrast between another card and Airtel so you can appreciate the differences. As a consumer who has lost money with Airtel, I am totally frustrated and the customer service is totally helpless!

    * I have used both reliance and airtel in the past. Reliance is very organized. You can view your call details etc anytime you want.
    * Now coming to airtel, it is is like "use it or lose it" (well.. that is how most of their product offerings are). So, if you are signed up for that type of calling card... that is your choice. But you should be able view online what you used up and what you have not.
    * I called the customer service today since my account was blocked and they tell me I they will unblock it but I will have ZERO balance. And neither can I view the past history or any of those details. NOW WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUYING A CALLING CARD OFF THE STREET AND BUYING IT WITH A COMPANY LIKE AIRTEL, WHICH BOASTS ITSELF AS A REPUTABLE COMPANY and provides information online to track your usage !!!
    * According to my notes, I had put in about $100 USD and I had used up about $22. $78 is a hell of lot of money to lose and I DID NOT PURCHASE THE USE IT OR LOSE IT SCHEMES. Granted I had not used it for about 3 - 4 months now, that does not mean they usurp my money!!

    I called customer care to give me the details and they would not! I asked them if I can view it online once they unblock my account and they said I cannot!! These are not best business practices... as one might agree.

    Buyer beware!

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unavailabilty of network - operator inspite of having active international roaming a

I have two Airtel number +91 [protected] and +91 [protected] from India. I am in US on official tour for 15 days and had my International roaaming activated. From Brussels I could make call back to India . When I arrived in US my phone are unable to get any opertor service. When I do Oparator selection in Manual or Automatic mode - I get a message " NO OPERATOR FOUND"

My Indian collegues have tried calling the Airtel service in India several svereal times but they just keep telling the activation is done but then I am unable to get any operator.

whenI wrtote to Airtel e-mail complaint system I got an e-mail sying my numbers are not correct - This is gone beyond my patience.
I need to start my phone in an hour or two but Airtel is not offereing any help.

"india one" is not 1 cent per minute. its a fraud

Hi, Its a real fraud. "India One" is not 1 Cent per minute. Its 4 cents per minute. You guys are...

local numbers always busy

The local numbers are always busy. You can never connected.. Call the customer service. That also busy 90% of the time. Rest of the time, they promise me that the problem will be fixed in 1 hours. This is happening for thue last 5 weeks. Nothing has changed...

Worst service... Worst experience... I should have stayed with reliance...

  • Ai
    airtel'presence Jan 31, 2010

    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it.
    In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern.We are restricted by the absence of your contact details. We assure you that we are committed to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
    Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at 121 or write to [email protected]

    Vinay chugh
    Airtel Customer Service Team

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the worst calling card service ever!

The Air tel call home calling card is worst I have ever signed up for! The number never ever goes through. If you have all the time in the world to waste, try calling India using this Airtel Call Home calling service, ..really. I mean it is a Bu**s***t ! it is a way to rob customers of money. I mean, who sits for an hour with a phone and keep dialling only to hear '' the number is not reachable"? Such a boring calling card service!

  • Va
    Vaz Apr 27, 2009

    I think you moved from reliance to airel, , I was seeing the same issue as well, , after 3 days i realized that I was not dialing the right numbers.. you have to dial
    00+91+ the india number unlike reliance where you dont have to dial 00

    I was fedup too hearing "number is not reachable" :-) :-) but now i get amazing quality at 1c...

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  • Ab
    abcd123456 Dec 05, 2009

    I've the same problem where "number not reachable" comes up for landline. I dial 00-91-(city code)-(destination number) but same problem.. Left a complaint at Airtel customer service, lets see what happens. By the way, mobile calls goes fine (0-(actual mobile number))

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  • Kb
    K Brar Sep 24, 2010

    We have been Getting several Telemarketing Calls from Connect2world from India, they keep calling and calling day and night.

    Finally, we signed up for $20 with my Visa card. They Promised that they will activate my service within 10 mins of time. It has been more than 25 Days, my service is not activated.

    Moreover, today when i received my card statement, I was a bit shocked to see a $200 Charge by connect2world.

    Now, when I called the customer care number: 1-714-464-7400, no one picked the call. I was more Surprised when a Person by the name of Maksud Received the Call and said that the order was placed for $200 by me. When I said no, he started Arguing with me and later he started abusing me in very bad words.

    Finally, he said that he will block my service and make sure that I do not get my Money Back.

    For my uttermost Surprise, I also had a talk with the Call Center owner and he was just laughing his hearts out.

    I just want to aware all the Indians in USA and Canada, that please do not entertain any telemarketing calls from connect2world as this is my experience with them.

    I have nothing more to say apart from making a complain to BBB and lets see what else I can do to them.

    I did refer my friends to Maksud, I also need to check what He has done to my Friends.

    Connect2world is a Fraud Company, so please beware of Scams.

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  • Ca
    CARD Feb 09, 2011


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international calling

This is not original airtel and don't get confused. These guys are cheating with the fake name as original.

I have paid $ 100 towards my plan and can't use the money to call India.

Please don't give your credit card info to them.

  • Ri
    rinki Apr 15, 2009

    I am the customer of airtelusainc from last 1 year and till now i am not facing any sort of problem. Even the voice quality is better than other companies with the best rates in the market.

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  • Vj
    vjay.sharma2345 Nov 05, 2009

    airtelusainc is the best company. he gives all the facilit what we want. lower call rates best sound quality and connectivity lie time validity. and no hidden chages, no rental, no activation nothing.

    i m using airtelusanic from last 2 years.

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  • Ja
    jagan sree Nov 20, 2009

    Airtelusainc is providing best rates for long distance calling service to India and other countries .i am the customer of airtelusainc from last 2years and i am very happy with this service .

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  • Ai
    airtel'presence Jan 31, 2010

    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it.
    In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern.We are restricted by the absence of your contact details. We assure you that we are committed to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
    Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at 121 or write to [email protected]

    Vinay chugh
    Airtel Customer Service Team

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  • Vi
    vivek10085 Apr 15, 2010

    hi am vivek... airtelusainc offers only 1.5c/min to speak india now for mobiles ... to get a new connection contact [email protected]

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  • An
    Anonymous-2 Jul 30, 2010

    This is by far cheating group. They NAG and NAG and NAG to make you buy, promising lower rate next week. I gave in and purchased, after getting that in writing via email. Following week, no response to my emails. When I wrote strong emails to have some one call me back ASAP, I received a call. The same story, wait 10 days, they say. The cycle repeats until your $100 disappears. They call and call and NAG again to re-charge promising and sending email to give you certain rate this time for sure, and you are suckered by it all over again. Finally, it is not the rate that you did not get, it is not even that much different between what they give and not give, it is the way they make you feel like a stupid idiot to fall for it. WOULD NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AT ALL!

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human resources

Please forward this to all the officers concern

Hai airtel !!!

Truely from my heart

I’m a freelance writer and reporter from the central province in sri lanka. I too was looking forward to the launch of airtel in sri lanka and thought it would come with a & ldquo;bang” with all its promises.

But by now the outcome may be experienced by you. Here I do not comment about your turnover but the murmur of the sri lankan customers and the dissatisfaction of the employees.

As a part of my job, I happened to overhear some airtel staff lamenting. So I fell into a casual talk with them and came to know the following. I wish to bring this to your perusal for you to know the impact of your sri lankan workforce.

Many top people and others were bought from other networks in sri lanka. There is nothing wrong in it. But some of them were deceived of the offer promised at the interviews. The wrong does not lie on them because they were given their appointment letters much later after joining airtel. Who would imagine a world widely reputed company would lie. By the time they received their appointment letters they had already resigned from their previous work place. As a result there’s resentment, frustration and agitation among the staff. (Greener pastures?)

No salary increments or promotions indicated in the appointment letters. No future prospects mentioned.

Proper uniforms and basic facilities which are the landmark of indian airtel staff are not provided to the employees here working in the stores. But the brand shop is getting all the benefits (Step mother treatment?)

No uniformity in payments to the same category of people.

Proper training is not given and no information is passed on to the employees by the superiors. Rather they bother about filling their pockets.

Store to store, variable treatment to the employees is shown by the distributors and partial treatment within the store employees themselves also is severe which is an unpleasant environment to work in.

Irrelevant cadre is created for friends and family and they work as supervisors doing nothing and are paid, hidden to the head office. No reward for hard work superiors enjoy all benefits at the expense of the employees working under them.

Ladies at the stores are forced to wok extra hours unstipulated by the labour rules and regulations of sri lanka even after 6 p. M with no extra payments. Some superiors try to take advantage of the girls. Working atmosphere is not there for them. (India respects ladies like goddess?)

Much to the blemish of airtel very low salaries are paid to front and back office staff working in the stores who have come from other networks after a promise of grand reward. No commissions for front and back office staff who toiled and faced many hardships at the peak of launch up to now with the contribution to bring in a vast income to the company. Outof the whole airtel staff from top to bottom, only the front & back office ladies (Stores) are not paid commissions though they are also in the selling team. Commissions are not divided relevantly and no account is available in the office regarding this where some pioneer employees never enjoyed the stake of commission that came in so far.

Much to the surprise, some offices pay without employees’ signature and when investigated, signatures were forged by the top people with higher digits than what was paid and the details of salary is not given to the employees.
When a team visits from the head office, (Specially indians) information is passed on from centre to centre, and the higher authorities run off the centres and escape, unable to face them, and instant camouflage facilities are established. Some unbefitting people even hide in the toilets. (Sorry to reveal this)

The brand shops enjoy full fledged benefits and full attention is paid to the employees there so they tend to cover up for the people concerned.
They wish sudden visits of higher authorities to the stores. As a citizen of sri lanka I feel that enquiries about true situation should be requested from individuals from the grass root level human resources with no presence of the superiors, to eradicate the unrest among them who work for airtel.

Finally, not all the centres are what I have unveiled and ardently hope that this would not harm anyone,

Go forth airtel ! But take care of your sri lankan workforce.

I’m saman alahapperuma from dinapotha ([protected]

  • Ja
    janith7 Dec 01, 2009

    airtel is 100% FAKE. the customer care tell lies all the time. they sent sms to customers and said ' reload 101 rs and get 101mb+100sms+special night time rates. i called c'care and confirmed about the package. they told me ok. i reloaded 2 times, but it was fake. they had gave me without notifing 5 for 50 sms. this is so stupid... what to do if dont need sms...

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non functioning of world wide roaming

I have paid worldwide roaming charges on my mobile [protected] on 26th Feb'09 but this facility
is still not functional on the mobile. Pl make available roaming from USA. Pl e mail [protected]

Mahendra K Rehani

  • Vi
    vinay kumar Mar 28, 2009

    iam vinay kumar my number 9701060355 please remove my hello tone from my number iam requesting you yto remove immediately .number 9701060355

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since I cleared my due amount, but outgoing call barred

On 30th jan 2009 the out going call barred accordingly I have paid the due amtrs 1300/-vide receipt no:[protected] and rs.300/- vide receipt no:[protected] dt 31.01.09, till now not allowing my sim to out going why???
When I contacted to ur agent they told me that after 4 hrs u will get the service, when I didnot get the service I contacted to ur customer care again they are saying 4 hrs... What are the reason???

  • Vi
    Vin J R Sep 27, 2009

    I fail to understand the standard of service these companies provide to their customers. I've had bitter experience but I make it a point that I give them a bad time as well(it nothing personal to the person on the other end but the company). If I were you I would have asked for someone who is in higher authority like a floor supervisor or a manager to get things done. This is nothing but crappy service.
    They have their own policy and procedures and it all ends up with nothing but frustration to the customers.
    My advise to you is if this thing happens again, do not hesitate to visit an Airtel shop or ask for a higher authority when you call customer care!!


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I have been using Airtel USA INC for 4months and am very much satisfied with the quality and service.. I wa...

very bad customer service

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 wrote : Hi, I am the Airtel Customer, since 6 years i was using Mobile Service from...

screw the airtel

I'm from ny and i knw that airtel customer care is suck.. They knw nothing they can only suck people...

airtel network is ###

I have been using AIRTEL connection for past 1 year, while in the call, it keep getting disconnected frequently (2 times per minute) most of the time its is disconnected @ 1.1 to 1.10 seconds. I'm fedup with AIRTEL connection.

I would not recommend anybody AIRTEL connection, ### connection. they are cheating people.

Want to know how can I file the case againist them.

Before that I was using BSNL connection, it was really good.

  • Nt
    N.THYAGARAJAN Apr 03, 2009

    I have a complaint to file with the way the Airtel network is operating. Last week, I was surprised to see a message which stated that for receiving 'Love Pack' I should press a button. The letter also stated that a Re.1 will be deducted everyday for their services and they took immediately Rs.5. After reading their letters and poems, i thought it was not worthwhile to continue the services and hence I wanted to cut down the services at ones. But the number which they gave to me in their SMS from where I should inform, has been changed and I got the new number. When I wanted to contact them in their new number, the new number did not work out, but a sum of Rs.6 was deducted from me. This happened on several occasions. I don't know how to cut down the Love Pack services. As many mentioned in the letters my faith with the Airtel began to deteriorate and I am thinking of switching over to some other network which is genunine.

    Hence, the readers of this mail should be careful before availing themselves any services from the AIRTEL Network.

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closed my account with balance in it

I had balance left in my Airtell Call India Home account and that account was deactivated without any prior notification. SO today when I tried using that account, I cant login to my account, I cant use my account to make any calls etc.

On speaking to Customer care, they are confortably saying - that account is gone!! and so is the money in it!! The reason Supervisor gave me is that it was becoming difficult for Airtel to maintain such a huge database, so they had to deactivate the accounts not used in last 6 months.

What crap is this? I do agree I didnt use my account in last six months, but I had money in that account. I paid for the account with my hard earned money, they just can't strip me off my balance on the pretext of **No Activity** who does that??

I am just so disappointed there anything we can do about it?

fake proof for sim

hello sir,
i bought a sim card on 28th of last month . i submitted my address proof 1) driving license and 2) college id. they gave me a sim card of 3 years of validity card . i got it activated immediately. but later only i came to know that "they registered it with some other name". few days airtel people said that ur proof is not valid resubmit the proof. but i did that to . mobile number is blocked now . its displaying "SIM REGISTRATION FAILED". I AM SUFFERRING BECAUSE OF IT AWARE OF IT THAT I SHOULD NOT BE REAPTED AGAIN SIR "

issuing 2 sim cards in same name and breach of contract

To Date: 29.11.2008
The Managing Director
Bharti Airtel Limited
H-5/12, Qutab Ambience,
Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi- 110 030.

Sub: Response to legal notice No. LL/09-08/0215 dt.13.09.08 w.r.t A/c-115-[protected] mobile
No.[protected] of Mr.Dipayan Ghosh
Please find herewith a response apropos of your legal notice no. LL/09-08/0215 dt.13.09.08 w.r.t A/c-115-[protected] mobile No.[protected] of Mr.Dipayan Ghosh issued regarding recovery of outstanding dues of Rs.1015.44 [Enclosure 1]. In this context, I, the undersigned, would like to draw your attention to a few pertinent facts which have been omitted in the aforesaid notice.
1. It is true that I have been called up by one Ms. Sonali from Airtel Customer Care, City Center, Salt Lake who offered me a postpaid connection [Full Value 199 Plan-KOL] in a “limited period offer”, wherein I was promised a full talk value of my rental, no security deposit, no CLIP charges & the option of calling any phone anywhere in India @ Re.1/min. Since the offer was lucrative, I grabbed the offer at the first instance and was offered a SIM & allotted a customer account number with my due consent after completing necessary paraphernalia.
What I was NOT informed was that-
(a)The aforesaid mobile no. was already been allotted in the name of one Mr. Arnab Ganguly.
(b)That I would be repeatedly pestered during my busy schedule by incoming calls and sms from various private banks and financial companies threatening me with dire consequences if I do not reimburse/repay some credit card dues and/or loans incurred by the same Mr. Arnab Ganguly, thus causing me to suffer from intense humiliation and psycho-social trauma due to the utter callousness & negligence of Airtel Customer Care-providing the same number to two different customers and remaining complacent to sort the matter out despite repeated requests & complicating matters further by issuing a legal notice, whence a letter of apology was perhaps the need of the hour.
(c) That CLIP charges of Rs.50/- per month would be levied on & from the 3rd month and that too, would be charged separately and not from my unused talk value.
(d)That from the very first bill I would be charged @ Rs.1.20/min instead of Re.1/min as was promised by your sales personnel [Enclosure no.2].
(e)That the option of calling any phone @ Re.1/min was limited to the West Bengal Circle only & STD calls outside circle to any mobile in India will be charged at a much higher rate.
2. It is indeed a shocking realization that in the event of such non-transparency regarding allotment of new connection, hypocritical marketing strategies, and despite my repeated requests for change of number and blocking of promotional calls [through DND activation] falling into deaf ears, you were prompt enough to issue me a legal notice in lieu of a letter of apology on your part without even making a formal enquiry towards remitting my grievances.
3. In view of the above facts, I, a Grade-A Gazetted Officer in West Bengal Health Services, as a customer, would like to emphasize that if you insist on this undue and unjust payment for a service that was not at all allotted to me and the services of which could not be availed by me properly over the last few months, you may initiate legal proceedings as deemed appropriate by your legal cell, wherein, I shall have no option but to see that the controversy be settled by the Consumer Forum and the TRAI-since I feel that it is high time that a reputed corporate like Bharti Airtel should stop playing such cruel pranks on innocent customers like us.
Sincerely yours,

Consultant General Surgeon

false commitment in airtel outlet

Dear Sir,
According to procedure in airtel .I had paid the security deposit of 400/- against ECS cancelation, and they had given me false commitment in airtel outlet. They told me the ecs going to stop within 7working days, but it`s not happen. After few days they had send me a message to my mobile no., stating that they are going to present the ecs. Then I called up to airtel customer care and launch complains against. They had given me assurance within 48hr they going to resolve the problem. Next day i had received the call from airtel customer care stating that the ecs has stopped. Then i asked for sending me the mail confirmation to my official E-mail ID. He had told me that within 24hr the mail will come to your ID. Next day the mail had not come then again i called up to airtel customer care. Then again they had given me new complain no stating that they are going to stop the ecs and sending the mail confirmation. But it’s not happen and next day morning they had taken the amount from my a/c, now i am asking the amount has to revert back to my a/c or else I will definitely take them to consumer court.
Arvind Kuamr Soni

  • De
    devendra Jan 30, 2009

    Sir Mera No. 9799927492 hai is no. pe 26 jan. 09 se ab tak 6 time hello tune autometic activate ho rahi hai aure balance me se 30 rupees didect ho rahe hai plz stop this problem and refund my balance
    thanks devendra kumar shrma

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  • Sa
    satyapal Mar 29, 2009

    Mera no. 9971041204 hai is no. pe kal evening se aur aaj morning time 09:12 am pe wrong call aaya jiska no. 5432165663246 (retype no.5432165663246) hai jo phone pe gandi-gandi galiyan diya hai. so, please aapse request hai ki mere phone no. 9971041204 pe is no. 5432165663246 se call ko please band ker diya jaye. request for please quick apply my request...thanks sir

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  • Ka
    kaleel Aug 20, 2009

    i am ibrahim, plz activate AIRTEL ONLINE to my karnataka mobile number 9980464574.plz as much as possible

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  • Ds
    d shrirame Sep 25, 2009

    I m coustor of your psot paid card since last 4 months.
    my no. is 9766608880.
    I wanted it to be activated under ns-199, but it got activated under 299 scheme.
    i had filed u a complaint earlier, but again no action was taked.
    and also, my outgoing calls are disabled, which is causeing me a lot of trouble.

    I againg ask you to convert my bill, with respect to ns-199 scheme, only.

    so kindly look into the matter, and take actions as soon as possible.
    Or next time i will fill a complaint in the consumer court.

    my optional contact no:= 9028385452

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  • Ka
    Kailas s Rewadkar Jan 28, 2010

    dear sir I have lost my mobile on 02/01/2010, so pls cancel my account no from airtel

    cell no - 9970067125

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  • Ni
    nitish Christopher May 10, 2010

    I talked with a airtel CCE .. his way of talking was vry bad... my name is nitish Christopher

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surrender of phone nos

I visited the airtel galerie at shivaji Park on 10 sept 08 and asked for both my numbers to be disconnected. I paid up all the outstandings as of that date. Rs 632.00 on Number [protected] and Rs 1.00 on No [protected] as per instructions of the gallerie staff. I find that even though I have discontinued using both phones. you are sending me billls. After I have asked for my phones to be disconnected it is your responsibility to carry out the same. the present bill received by me contains calls that have not been made on my phone at all. I positively refuse to make any further payment subsequent to the payments made by me on 10th Sept 2008. Please take immediate action to disconnect my services as of 10th Sept 2008.

  • Ka
    kathang501 Jun 26, 2010


    I am really irritated by messages from 5432168718010 sometimes other airtel nos.I am a airtel customer both internet & cell phone.How to avoid this messages from airtel.

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  • Ra
    ragv1990 Jun 28, 2010

    u can register ur mobile with ndnc.
    just message with it.

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not getting connected from india to algeria

Airtel customer service,

I am having mobile sim from your company.My no. is [protected] in India.It is unfortunate that my family members in India can not contact me to Algeria as I am supposed to get.I am having more than 15 connections in my family, By failing your service which u are supposed to render, I will be bound to cancel all your connections.
Pl. treat this complain very seriously.

With regards,

Kaushik Ray

  • Fb
    Fbb900 Sep 08, 2009

    i want to know about the adress of this company in algeria? if it was !

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can't use the service & have already paid

I paid $25 using my Mastercard on 7/21/08 to this company's agenmts named Rahul & Ajay Kumar. They provided me phones # [protected] or [protected] to make international calls to India @ 5.6cents/min. They provided their customer service # as [protected]. I wanted to use the servive today & couldn't use it. I tried calling the agency who charged my credit card at phone # [protected]. I hear a recorded message that this Sprint voicemessage center, pls leave a message. I believe this is some kind of scam, they charged me the money & I am not able to use services. Can you pls let me know what help can be provided & how soon.

Thanks so much.

  • An
    Anurag Dhariwal Feb 23, 2009

    I am sure that you got a call from a company who are using there name, because i am using the same services from AIRTELUSAINC and very happy without losing any penny, there services are great and i am very happy.Moreover i provide them several refferences of my friends and relatives and also they are enjoying the services and never face any problem as if now.

    I started my services at 4.38 cents per min. which is now 3.2 cents also i am getting free minutes on every recharge and refferal.

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Sethi Feb 26, 2009

    I totally disagree the comment because i am using the services from last 5 months and i am very satisfied with the services.Guys please lemme tell you something here Airtelusa and Airtelusainc are two diferent companies i am using the services of AIRTELUSAINC and i am more than a glad to have there services, i was using reliance before and then i used Airtel Bharti and now i am using Airtelusainc and believe me the services are wonderful.

    And about there calling qualty its as good as Reliance and Airtel home calling not because i am using there services but because they are really good.

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  • Jo
    John Lee Mar 24, 2009

    Ya I agree with comments of Mr.Pankaj Sethi i m using AIRTELUSAINC and very much satisfied with service.Guys that is true that AIRTELUSA
    and AIRTELUASINC are two different companies, but i wan to add something to that they are totally different and now we will trust on AIRTELUASINC blindly.Really i mean that.

    AIRTELUASINC services are very wonderful and reliable.

    SO guys i will like to tell u please make use of that because it's really good and very reliable as well.Guys make good use of your money.

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  • Ju
    justin morris Mar 30, 2009

    I just want to inform that AirtelUSAinc and USAAirtel both are different company. I myself is useing the calling plan from Airtelusainc to call my family in Brazil and I am happy to use their service. Their may be some technical fault sometimes ( which is acceptable ) but they never cheated me. And I am getting what I am paying for.

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  • Ju
    justin morris Mar 30, 2009

    I myself usa airtelusainc service, and I am happy. Never got cheated, not fraud.
    Airtelusa and Airtelusainc not same. Dont get confused.

    I am using Airtelusainc service since last 4 months and very happy.

    They give good service and I am getting what I am paying for.

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  • Ro
    Roja Apr 14, 2009

    I am in Canada and a marketting guy from called me and got my credit card details and I thought it was original airtel. Then after that I realized it is fake then I called and asked them about it. Their answer is not satisfactory.

    I have paid $ 100 towards my plan and can't use the plan because of their poor service.

    It looks like fraud and I have asked them to return my money and still waiting for their reply.

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