Air ConciergeDishonest travel agent


I contacted international travel network/air concierge/ ASAP tickets in hoping to get a good deal on a plane ticket to Cebu, Philippines and a slick woman name Kelly helped me out. I did not buy the ticket because I wanted a return ticket with the longest possible date and their computer can only go as far as 11 months so I decided to wait a month. But the following week, Kelly emailed me and gave me a very good deal from Florida to Cebu(round trip) for $1, 202.90. She emailed me the details including the lay overs, etc. Once I paid the ticket, it was not from Florida to Cebu BUT from Florida to Manila. Theres a 1 hour by flight difference. This woman is very slick and dishonest, she made it look like a very good deal so I will buy it when in reality the ticket to Cebu costs over $140 more. After I paid the ticket, I found out that it was to Manila, not Cebu. So I immediately dispute it within 2 hours since I paid by paypal. The company didn't reply thru paypal but Kelly emailed me a week after stating she's sorry for the misunderstanding and theirs nothing she can do because it's already over 24 hours. I explained to her that I refuse to go to Manila due to safety reason, the arrival is at night time, in order to change flight from international to domestic, I have to take a taxi with 2 60pounds boxes, safety reasons because I don't want to get rob or even killed and this past 2 weeks, their are numerous news that airport workers have been planting bullets in passenger bags so when they go thru airport security, the bullets would appear and the workers can ask large amount of money in exchange not to file criminal charges. Basically, Philippines is a very dangerous country and specially in Manila. Me and Kelly had been emailing back and forth wasting my time and at the end, she decided to indirect tell me that theirs nothing she can do about it so I filed a complaint to the better business bureau. Within the next day, she emailed me and tell me that the company will reimburse me for my round trip ticket from Manila to Cebu, plus taxi fare and the kilos for the boxes I am carrying BUT only if I can provide the receipts. This woman is so insulting, this is not about money, this is about safety!

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