Air Chinainconveniences during travel from manila to london (26 may until 28 may 2019)

To Whom This May Concern:

We would like to make complaints regarding the services of air China:
1. We travelled on May 26, 2019 (Sunday) from Manila to Beijing at 6:25 am (flight CA180) but it was diverted to Tianjin airport due to severe weather condition, we arrived there at 11 am and was stranded there until 4 pm. If there was severe weather condition, then why would the flight has to continue - due to ?communication problem, it was taking risks for our lives. It was really heavy turbulence on our way to Tianjin and/or Beijing, it was really scary,
2. Finally, we arrived in Beijing at 5 pm (May 26) from Tianjin, flight CA180. Unfortunately we missed our flight to London, CA937 @ 1410H, if they could have waited for us because we were not able to get back to work for 2 days. We stayed at Beijing airport until 12 am (May 27) because we are only allowed to have temporary entry for 24 hours (sad moment), we did not have dinner - we just had the biscuits that we put in our handcarry luggage. Very few staff are working and they are not helpful and no coordination. They say that our flight to London will be Tuesday, May 28. Not all staff/crews can speak English, I don't think this will help the international passengers to travel with Air China.
3. We were able to get temporary entry pass and a shuttle bus has brought us to Reward International Hotel around 2 am (May 27) which was 45 minutes away from the airport, we have to communicate with staff using a translation app on mobile phone (iPhone) just to understand each other. We did have breakfast but we missed our lunch, so we have to buy food at the hotel at our own expense, again lack of instructions from the hotel staff or air China crews or staff. We were able to have dinner though (packed dinner), no soda drink included or not even water given.
4. Beijing airport has very poor, very slow internet services, we cannot communicate with our families abroad, how would they know if we are still alive, even internet services at the hotel was very poor, very slow, so depressing to let our love ones know our situation. How can Air China or Chinese people can provide good services to tourists.
5. We woke up early at 2 am (May 28) to wait for the shuttle bus at 3:30 am, the shuttle bus did not arrive. Again, by communicating with the hotel staff via a translation app, we managed to get a taxi to Beijing airport and we paid 100 yuan at our own expense. We were to get a flight back to London at 8 am, flight CA787. There was no coordination with air China staff with hotel staff, staff with good English language could have help with out needs from air China's services.
6. All passengers were NOT happy of air china's services including us, we are asking for claim for all the inconveniences we have experienced.

We hope to hear from you very soon.

Sincerely yours,
Jason Pampolino Arindaeng &
Rayvan Calaguas Balza

May 31, 2019

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