Air Chinaflight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase

A Jul 25, 2019

My name is Aida Maratova, i'm citizen of Kazakhstan. Currently studying in China. My first flight by Air China airlines was last year on 22nd of January in 2019. I had a flight Nanjing-Beijing-Astana. in Astana i've taken the broken suitcase! i was so tired, that's why i kept calm about that situation. I've returned back to China on 11 of March in 2019. Astana- Beijing- Nanjing and when we have arrived in Nanjing there were no our baggages! Air China said our baggage is still in Beijing and we should come tomorrow to take them. I explained that we live in other city, Zhenjiang, next to Nanjing, but also expensive to come to airport. In midnight the worker has delivered the baggage to me. And you know what? one of my suitcase was broken!! Again!
Last and the most terrible situation was 16th of July. I had a flight on 16th. but at 12am i have received a message, that our flight has cancelled because of bad weather. but actually the weather was such a good! I called to air china company, they said your flight rescheduled to 21st of July. Really??? 5 days? not 2 hours, not 1 day. 5 days!!! And actually i'm not from Astana and i had already bought a ticket form Astana to Shymkent for 700rmb, which not refunded. I explained to operator of air china this situation. that it's only yours fault. i'm student and i had to say my parents to buy another ticket from Astana to Shymkent and also send money to me for living these 5 days. and how will return to my famili money?? Whose fault?
They have ignored me. And do you know what were on 21st of July? i have received a message again that my flight have canselled AGAIN! excuse me, are you kidding? second time? And i called to air china and operator suggested to me to fly on 22nd of july. I was really angry and explained the whole situation. And said do anything, get other ways, other airlines. and after a hour he get for us (4 people) tickets with China Eastern airlines.
BUT it's really such disgusting service! i even didn't hear an apology!
i added photo of broken suitcase and screenshots of itinerary. My suggestion is give to me a compensation.

flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase
flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase
flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase
flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase

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