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I was on a volunteer exchange in Mexico city. my program was supposed to last from July 2nd until August 13th, 2018(according to the project page on Aiesec website). My program ended on August 3rd. (only 5 weeks).
The communication with the Mexico city office was absolutely terrible. I asked for information about: the project details, which airport I should arrive in, information about my accommodation and airport pick up.
I never received respond on which airport I should book my flight ticket to. I got the information about airport pick up when I was in Mexico city airport. I received information about the project and expectations from the project on my way to Mexico City. I never received information about the accommodation until I got an email from my host family the night before I left my home country(Denmark).
on my first day of work, I didn't know what time I should be at work.
doing the last 3 weeks before my trip it was almost impossible to get in touch with the Mexico city contact (David) I ended up, instead of having an actual conversation with him, just receiving 2 sound files on whats app.
when I landed in Mexico city international airport I didn't even have enough information to fill out my immigration form.
on the first day of work a guy came and gave me a hug but it wasn't until he left 30 minutes later without talking to me at all, more than a hey that I realized it was my contact from the Aiesec office.

on the second Aiesec weekend event, everyone was so uncomfortably drunk and a lot of people were smoking all different kind of illegal substances. I don't drink alcohol and one of the aiesec girls(working for the Aiesec Mexico office) got very offended and refused to talk to me because I don't drink alcohol. she told me: "I so cannot talk to you" and no one from Aiesec spoke with me or contacted me after that event. I was in Mexico city for 3 more weeks after that but no contact with aiesec.
my opinion of the Aiesec Mexico city office is very unprofessional and I am not very satisfied with my experience. I loved the project I was a part of and I loved my host family but everything that had something to do with the Aiesec office was so unprofessional. the events were so badly planned and usually, we ended up being 3 hours late and you never knew until 30 minutes before the event was supposed to start where you were meeting or what the event was.

I am really unhappy with my experience and thereby request a full refund since I do not feel like Aiesec lived up to what they promised me

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      Oct 18, 2018

    Hello! I'm a french student and I had a very bad experience with AIESEC as well. I'd like to know more about what happened to you. Would you get in touch?

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      Oct 18, 2018

    @Mia.M yes with pleasure

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  •   Nov 14, 2019

    did you get the refund?

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