Aflaccancer policy ps281918 - nancy watts and b3398336 victoria phipps


I have been calling on this same issue since June 6, 2017. I have a cancer policy that was family coverage with my daughter. She turned 26 in August and was no longer eligible to be covered under my policy. I wanted to purchase a policy for her. After 6 phone calls and completing several different forms I got someone to send me the property form and I was finally able to get someone to provide me and set up the policy for my daughter's account. A check was sent for $169.26 that cleared y account on 8/28 which was to cover a 3 month period for my daughter's policy. My policy drafts on the 15th so when the draft did not come out on 9/15, I called again. Turns out the amount sent was applied to my policy. I was told the amount would be reversed off and applied to my daughters policy. This did not happen. I placed another phone call and did another recording to authorized you to draft my account (I have had to do the same recording several times for other issues). Again the draft did not come thru. I got a notice saying my premium had not been received. I called again on 10/19. My daughter was with me and I was told the reversal had happened and that the premium was properly applied to my policy. I again had to give my bank account information and was told my account would be drafted for my premium for the September and October amounts due on Monday, 9/23. Yesterday, I receive a check in the mail made payable to my daughter for $84.24 as a refund for my daughters policy. Keep in mind, I paid $169.26 for a 3 month premium for her policy. I call tonight as my premium is yet to be drafted. The person I talked to, was very condescending and talked to me like I was stupid. I admit I totally lost my cool as I have been trying in June 6th. All I want to do is to have my policy drafted as it should and make sure my daughters policy is paid current an in effect. I seem to not be able to get this done. My time is valuable and to have to keep calling to get this taken care of is poor business on your part. I have been pleased with the service I have gotten with AFLAC in the past; however, it appears as if you are not interested in my business. I just need to know what I need to do to get this issue resolved without having to call another 12 times.

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