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Nov 23, 2018

I have unknowingly been joined to affiny dating site which is linked to I have tried numerous times to change my password as it will not let me access my profile. When i do change it, it still does not let me access it and says 'failed attempt'. I desperately wish to cancel the... / MatchAffinity / being charged a fee when I haven't signed up to anything

Sep 07, 2018

I have been charged £74 from your company that I haven't agreed to. This is fraud! My email [email protected] This is fraud! I expect a full refund. I wish to unsubscribe from all your sites. I want a refund I want to unsubscribe I want a refund I want to unsubscribe I want a... / MatchAffinity / my password

Aug 29, 2018

I am not able to unsubscribe because I can't remember my password, would you be so kind as to send it to me or simply unsubscribe me, thanks. Richard Everitt. By the way, this is not a complaint, rather it is a request, and would appreciate your cooperation as the matter is causing...

Matchaffinity / transaction

Aug 22, 2018

I was charged £143.40 to my account. I have not taken out a subscription and therefore want refunded. I had subscribed to match affinity for two separate 1 month subscription last year however I have never taken out a yearly subscription and have had no contact with the site for approx 12 month...

Matchaffinity / match affinity

May 01, 2018

I have had £157 taken from my credit card to pay for match affinity. Match affinity has taken money for a year subscription when I have previously only paid for a month at a time for over a year. I have not purchased a subscription. Please contact me on [email protected] and tell...

Matchaffinity / subscription

Apr 04, 2018

You have taken £74 from my account to renew my subscription even though I cancelled it. I want my money back it's a lot to pay. I can't contact anyone you just keep moving to different links. No one will speak to me about it. How do I get my money back . You did exactly the same with...

Match Affinity / renewal of membership after cancelling automatic renewal

Mar 29, 2018

I cancelled the automatic renew of my membership after signing up to the wrong dating site. I paid £54 originally on an offer which I thought was for I immediately cancelled the automatic renewal but in the last two days you have take. £101.40 from my account without my permission. I would...

Matchaffinity / right to cancel

Mar 29, 2018

Transaction reference:CRD_HD_I1522333576.6560 membership number: 57419748 I joined Match affinity but after trying to navigate the site found this was not for me. I tried to download the cancellation form but this was found on the site. I wish to cancel my subscription and receive a full...

Matchaffinity / lack of ability to reach customer care team

Nov 12, 2017

Each time I have attempted to reach the site the software cunningly switches my efforts and by passes my entries... Clever stuff. Anyway I cannot confirm my wish to cancel my subscription taken out on 11th November with immediate effect... It is within their ‘cooling off condition' and they...

Matchaffinity / subscription cancellation

Sep 12, 2017

I have been trying to cancel a subscription. There is a 14 day cooling off period and I am not happy with the service provided by Match I will be writing to the Financial Ombudsman today and suggest anyone else on this thread does the same. It is a disgrace that these people...

Matchaffinity / unauthorized credit card charges

Aug 07, 2017

31.08.16 I signed up for a month of Match Affinity. Price: NOK 99, which I gave authority to pull from my debit card. A month later, 30.09.16, I expanded my membership to be able to read messages from people who had contacted me. I also extended the membership by 3 months. Price: NOK 747...

Matchaffinity / My right to cancel under the 14 day cooling off period

Apr 19, 2017

I have been trying for 2 days to contact your service team to invoke my right to cancel under the 14 day cooling off period. I try to email however ReCaptua will not work despite the fact I put the right words. I am starting to think this is a con to prevent me from cancelling I want to...

Match Affinity / Refund

Apr 06, 2017

I joined and paid for a one month subscription. I decided immediately upon viewing the profiles that I wanted to cancel. Your T&Cs say I can do so within 1 month and receive a refund. Every time I go to the cancellation page it takes me round and round in circles without letting me cancel...

Match Affinity / Service

Mar 17, 2017

I am a cancer patient and cannot work, I wanted to sign up for one month to see what this online dating was like. There was a problem with the site and it through me out and then I tried again only for it to take a full years subscription costing me a £143.40, I am now unable to pay my rent...

Match Affinity / Subscription

Dec 08, 2016

Account No. 66614060 There was a special offer for one month of £9.99 in November 2016. I thought "why not?" but then was hammered with a much larger £44.95 bill the following month. I was under the impression this was purely a one month trial. Dreadful experience. The contact us tab...

Matchaffinity / The site isn't offering what it says it offers

Sep 27, 2016

i have now been on this site since the 21 st August and I am extremely disappointed with this site . It states it will find suitable matches and it is not doing what it says even with a 50 mile radius which is far more than I want . As this site is not offering what it states I want to... / Abusive payment

Jul 18, 2016

Hello, I am one of Match(, customers number 540971930) .. I just observed another dating site took from my account the amount of 67.42£ for two months( May-22.47£ and June-44.95£), without my permission. I never agreed to use Matchaffinity...

Match Affinity / absolute waste of money

Mar 13, 2013

This is copy of what I have sent to match affinity - please tell me how I can stop them taking the further installments. To whom it may concern I am really not at all satisfied with this dating site - and to think I subscribed for 12 months. I would like to know how I can my money back -...

Match Affinity / Lack of Customer service

Oct 21, 2012

I cancelled my online renewal which didn't work, and £120 was automatically taken from my account. As I had no proof of cancellation, Iapparentlyy had no case. My email to them, and there response... useful?? I think not. No complaints option!! "This is not a question, it is a... / Matchaffinity still withdrew the money from my account £89.70

Sep 10, 2012

I subscribed to Matchaffinity for a month which cost £14.99 I used the site which works by matching people using psychological profiling - not to impressed with this and very few people on site. I decided to cancel my subscription within the 48hr period before renewal only to find that...

Matchaffinity / subscription

Dec 05, 2011

Back in October I was offered a months trial on Matchaffinity dating site for the sum of £14.00, In November I checked my bank account to find they had taken £104.70 from my account, this was an automatic subscription renewal for 3 months that I did'nt ask for. I have...

Match Affinity / Scammers and poor service

Sep 17, 2011

Hi I have just singed up to Match affinity in the hope that it would do what it says on the tin and put me in contact with users in my area who have similar traits and personality. I set my range to my area and 20 mile radius and the people it brings up are either up ti a hours drive away...

Match Affinity / Scammers?

Sep 11, 2011

I joined this site and paid £180 (paid in £60 installments over 3 months) the site is effectively useless to me as the only users that it brings up in my area have not logged on for over a month. I therefore complained and was told because i had used there services i...