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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Advanced Disposal Services, Inc.

90 Fort Wade Road, Suite 200
Ponte Vedra
United States - 32081

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Advanced Disposal Services / pick up of recycling

Jul 23, 2019

To begin with my recycling wasn't picked up on the day it was supposed to so I had to make an extra call for them to come out the next day. When I got home the next day, the recycling can was tipped over, empty, but there was a bunch of my recycling scattered all over at the business next...

Advanced Disposal Services / service

Jun 14, 2019

My family had been using advanced disposal for little over a year now. Up until recently things were good until they claimed we had not paid them in over 2 months, which was an outright lie! We even pay over the phone and get a confirmation number back! We had to go to our bank, have them...

Advanced Disposal Services / customer care incorrect

Jan 22, 2019

I requested a bulk pickup of a couch and received a confirmation e-mail from their company on the same day (15 Jan 2019) stating they would pick it up on my next scheduled pickup date. Found out that TODAY they did not pick it up because it is not in their contract nor were they willing to... / new service

Feb 28, 2017

Hello I am a person that is so unhappy with you all service and I am going to get a lawyer because you all have charges on my account that is fraudulent charges. I order service and never received equipment and you all have it on my credit. I tried to explain to you all rep and she is one...

Advanced Disposal / I have been overbilled for over 2 years

Jul 27, 2016

I found out recently that my neighbor only pays 42.50 per month for a residential dumpster. I called Pleasantville township, in Pa which is where I live and was told they only pay 55 a month for a commercial account. I called Advance and they had me under commercial, so I talked to the...

Advanced Disposal / investigation


This company is a complete joke. They came to SC in Sept 2010 and fired an abundance of employees who worked for this co for years just to bring in their "own" employees. They say you have health insurance and take it out of your check every week but then you go to the dr to be told you do...

Advanced Disposal / discrimination


This company discriminates againsted women drivers...2 of the 5 women drivers have filed complaints with the e.E.O.C. And two intented to file a complaint but missed the 180 day deadline but stand as witnesses for the other two women.This company should not be as big as they are with such...

Advanced Disposal Services / they billed me for no reason


I received an invoice for $61.35 for quarterly billing from 1/1/2009-3/31/2009. Advanced Disposal Services of Gwinnett sates the Gwinnett County will initate a new program for handeling residential solid waste in unicorporated Gwinnett County. They have along drawn out letter telling me to...

Advanced Disposal Services (of Gwinnett) / charge customer and force customer to accept new service


Advanced Disposal Services (of Gwinnett) in Georgia has send me an invoice for garbage pickup service that is going to start in January 2009. However, I 've never requested for their services. I have not had any pickup services with any other companies for a number of years. So, when...