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This is regarding the Acuvue Rewards Program. I bought a year supply of contacts and my doctor gave me a $50 cash back rewards flyer. The flyer directed me to this site to then create a login, and pretty much give them ALL of my info. Name, Address, phone #, email. Im sure they got my IP address as well. When I was done, I decided to reach out and ask if I can get a check please (since the $50 will be going towards my eye doctor bill). they directed me to 3 different phone numbers, most left me on hold, promised a call back, and never called me back. I sent a few messages out and they said they could would not honor a check only a prepaid visa card. I do not want this. This left me puzzled. as I begged for them to please issue me a check, they would not honor this request for a loyal customer for many years. I am now letting the public know, DONT bother going through there rewards process! it's a sham! I'm not in the process of filing a claim with the BBB as there are 2 issues here. 1) false advertising (no check). 2) they have almost everything they need to capture my identity, and they will be profiting off of it. (selling my information). If I receive a single advertisement from them in the mail, I will probably think about legal council as now it's harassment.

Apr 17, 2019

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