Ace Hardwarethe store in toledo oregon (97391)

E Aug 14, 2018

I purchased a drip hose for my garden from the ACE Hardware store in Toledo OR. I unrolled about 10 feet and connected to my water hose. It was not dripping, it had holes everywhere and the water was squirting up and everywhere.
I returned this a couple of days later as they are closed on Sunday and Monday.
It appeared to me the house had been sitting on the shelve too long and it may be dried up.
I walk into the store on Tuesday morning with my receipt on hand and I asked the female clerk to exchange or refund the item as it was defective. She became very defensive and concluded that it was my fault as I did not know how to use it. I dont't
know the clerks name; she an older lady with long grey hair. She turned around and talked to a man that was standing behind her. He said to give me a store credit! I did not want a store credit as I need to buy another dose. I requested my money back. The clerk told me the other man was employed there for 6 years and he knows what he is doing. Again I asked kindly for my money back and she got all upset. Not the type of friendly retailer. The owner happens to be walking in at that time. The clerk told her about the situation, the owner, very disgusted said: give him the money back and let him get out of here. I am a Senior and a Veteran and have been in the Customer Service business all my live. I have never seen any such attitude about a $9. drip hose. I know these stores are not corporate, but someone needs to instruct this female owner on the way to treat customers. This was a disgusting and demoralizing experience.
Ed Haendel/ [protected] [protected]

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