Account Services, Inc.service

I received a text message from people claiming to work for your company name is Mike Wilson or a Kevin Jasper. Phone number for them is 347-377-8183. or 315-809-2732. They sent me a text message stating that I was approved for a Loan in the amount of $10000.00 without any up front fees . Well I texted them back and told them I was only interested in $3000 and then they said they were going to deposit 490.00 in my account and when the check arrived it was a fraudulent check so thanks to them my account was credit the 490.00 because I thought they were a legitimate company so I followed there directions and bought a Walmart gift card in the amount of 490.00 and then they told me to buy two google gift card for 160.00 which I didn't do. So i was informed by my bank that the check was fraudulent so now my bank account got closed because of your company scamming me. So just want to let you know I will never trust your company ever and I will tell people about being scammed from your company.
CArol Clough

Sep 30, 2019

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